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Parents January 2020

Parents brings you expert advice you can trust to help you raise happy, healthy kids at every age, every stage! Celebrate the joys of parenthood! Say yes to Parents now and get all the family-focused fun, down-to-earth tips, and advice from the heart you need to be the best mom you can be!

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editor's note

Dreaming Big With Small Children BEFORE I BECAME a parent, I had a fantasy vision of what it would be like. (I bet you did too.) But the picture in my dreams was specific: It centered on an ivory glider in the nursery, where I’d read books to my baby, nurse him to sleep, and soak up hours of new-mom bliss. When I got pregnant, the glider was my first purchase. I found it on a message board for used baby gear and picked it up from a family across town the very next day. Two exhausted parents greeted my husband and me at the door. The chair was dirty—three kids dirty—and the older ones were using the cushion as a slide. In the halo of first-pregnancy elation, I didn’t register this…

5 min.
let's get real

Back in the Game Sydney Leroux is the only mother on her professional soccer team. Pulling that off is a huge accomplishment, but this mom of two takes it in stride. She knows she is exactly where she belongs. WHEN THE Orlando Pride women’s soccer team travels for away games, the players sleep two to a room. Sydney Leroux, a forward, is no exception. But she’s had some unusual roommates: her kids, Cassius and Roux, who both traveled with her as infants. “It would be pretty good birth control if a teammate were in there with us to experience the lack of sleep,” she says, laughing. “Everyone wants to hold a baby until nighttime comes!” Leroux, 29, is an Olympic gold medalist, a World Cup champion, and a rarity in professional sports: She’s…

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18 genius products and hacks to keep your home tidy and your sanity intact

1. A Neat Display. Place this Wooden Photo Ledge on your desktop to hold pics, invites, tickets, and cards you need handy. $49; artifactuprising.com 2. Versatile Lids. Farberware’s Food Huggers are designed to cover cut fruits and vegetables, but they also work brilliantly as replacement lids for round containers or jars missing their top. Waste not! $10 for a set of four; bedbathandbeyond.com 3. Next-level Storage. The organizing collection from the Instagram-famous professional organizing duo The Home Edit may seem like your typical plastic bins, but look closer. The bin sides are perfectly vertical (not tapered), the plastic is crystal clear (not frosted), and every small bin or box fits precisely into larger ones. $5 to $30; containerstore.com 4. Simplified Credit. The new Apple Card can help clarify your finances with an easy-to-navigate app interface that allows…

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stand up to bullying

Preschoolers are little people with big feelings, and their ability to manage emotions, understand someone else’s perspective, and resolve conflicts are just beginning to emerge. Maybe you’ve seen your kid hit a sibling who wouldn’t share or yell at a classmate who wasn’t playing restaurant “the right way.” And maybe you’ve watched when she was on the receiving end, like the time her friend got angry and shouted, “You can’t come to my birthday anymore!” But is any of that bullying? “Researchers say bullying involves deliberate meanness that repeatedly targets a specific child over time, and that there needs to be a power difference between the child doing the bullying and the child being targeted. If there’s no power difference, then it’s probably just a conflict rather than bullying,” says Eileen…

9 min.
yep, it’s the flues the flu

INFLUENZA COMES AROUND every year, but you probably don’t think much about it after you get your flu shots—that is, until a family member suddenly doesn’t feel well. “There’s a spectrum of symptoms, from a runny nose to respiratory failure, and while those with certain medical conditions are at greater risk, perfectly healthy people can also get seriously ill,” says Flor Munoz, M.D., associate professor of pediatrics and infectious diseases at Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Hospital, in Houston. Last year, the flu caused up to 61,200 deaths—including at least 116 (mostly unvaccinated) children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Heartbreakingly, many of those deaths might have been prevented with a flu shot. Although a bout of the illness is usually nothing more than…

8 min.
loving your more difficult child

FROM THE BEGINNING, Anna’s firstborn, Brynn, was an “easy” baby. She slept well, had a typical toddlerhood, and today, at age 9, is a go-with-the-flow kind of kid who rarely causes trouble. In Anna’s early years of parenting, she felt confident, as if she and her husband were doing something right. Three years after Brynn’s birth, they had Sophie. “She was a good baby until she wasn’t,” says Anna, whose name, along with her children’s and those of the other families in this story, have been changed. Sophie, now 6, ditched naps early and didn’t settle down at night. She moved quickly from walking to climbing onto kitchen counters. She lunged for the hot stove, hated getting ready in the morning, and threw all-too-frequent temper tantrums. Sticker charts and other positive…