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Parents March 2020

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Parents brings you expert advice you can trust to help you raise happy, healthy kids at every age, every stage! Celebrate the joys of parenthood! Say yes to Parents now and get all the family-focused fun, down-to-earth tips, and advice from the heart you need to be the best mom you can be!

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editor’s note

The Meaning of Mom Boss TRUTH BE TOLD, I almost didn’t go back to work. Holding my infant son in the final days of my first maternity leave, I turned tearfully to my own mom and shared a nauseating calculation: A caregiver would soon be spending more waking hours with Joey than I would. I felt, preemptively, like a terrible mom. “Your situation may feel terrible, but it’s actually typical,” my mom reminded me. Then she added an unforgettable message: “Whether you stay home or go to work, you will always be exactly the right mother for your kids.” I repeat her words whenever I find myself struggling with the pangs of longing and doubt that come from missing school pickup, naptime, and much more. We don’t often talk about traditional “work”…

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let’s get real

Well Said! Celeb parents confront the tricky issue of work and family balance. “Sometimes something has to give. If I’m working and I am responsible for myself as a professional person and then my kids need me, often the time for myself is the thing that goes.”—Maggie Gyllenhaal, to Parents.com“The only way my wife and I survive the pace of our business and household is by being extraordinarily intentional in how we plan. We acknowledge in meticulous detail what’s coming because we’re both equally responsible for raising the children.”—Dave Hollis, in his new book, Get Out of Your Own Way“I overcommit because I can’t disappoint the other person. Someone taught me to say, ‘I wish I could participate in this; I just don’t have the bandwidth right now.’”—Kristen Bell, on Kevin Nealon’s…

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the path of most resistance

PLENTY of times I’ve threatened to take away dessert, leave a restaurant, or even land a commercial airplane in an attempt to cajole my kids into doing what I wanted. Sometimes my threats have worked. Other times I’ve counted to three only to start over again at one. Following through on consequences is hard not only because we don’t want to see our children upset but also because we don’t want to be punished too. It’s annoying to leave brunch with friends because your naked toddler is swinging from a chandelier. It’s painful to forgo your child’s half hour of evening TV because that means more time for him to sit and stare at you. But when we take the path of least resistance—letting kids get away with bad behavior so we…

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your monthly dose of what’s new, novel, and need-to-know

A reco from Parents’ mom boss, Julia Edelstein: The 2020Smart DeckDesktopCalendar +Notepad lets you write epically long to-do lists that never get lost. A yearly calendar at the bottom makes it easy to look ahead. $24; russellandhazel.com Last-minute St. Patrick’s Day fun is in the veggie drawer! Arrange bell-pepper strips as a rainbow on green-for-luck guac; add dippable cauliflower clouds and carrot coins. MUST-HAVE The key to hiding a chipped mani is clear polish with texture! JINsoon Mamagami in Dotty is a nail party that lasts a week. $18; jinsoon.com If your dollhouse obsession secretly rivals your kid’s, no shame! Instagram account@TinyHouseCalls started as a doctor-mom’s creative outlet and has become the ultimate #homegoals. Moms dishing about how pregnancy, parental leave, and relationships affect work life will have you bingeing on The DoubleShift podcast, by journalist…

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get your kids to care about their health

HELP THEM THRIVE IN EVERY WAY AVOID ALLERGY SYMPTOMS OUTDOOR FUN NEW TWISTS ON PB & J “Just as seeds need water, sunlight, and nutrients to grow into flowers, fruits, or vegetables, kids need to eat healthy foods, drink water, wear sunscreen, and sleep well in order to play, do well in school, and have energy,” says Danielle Fernandes, M.D., a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. That’s just one way to talk to your child about health in a nonjudgy, kid-friendly manner. Members of the Parents AAP Panel share other smart tips on how to get kids invested in proper sleep, eating, and exercise habits. Treat Food As Fuel. Your kid isn’t worried about how many grams of sugar are in his snack bar or if he ate enough veggies for the day,…

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your smart speaker can make bedtime easier

1 START WINDING DOWN. In the Amazon Alexa app, create reminders to alert your kids that bedtime is in five, ten, or 15 minutes. When that time comes, your device will announce, “This is your reminder for bedtime.” With Google Assistant, set up a bedtime routine that includes steps like dimming smart lights and playing sleep sounds when you say, “Hey, Google, good night.” Then set a timer for two minutes so your kid brushes her teeth for the ideal length of time. 2 HOP INTO BED. When you say, “Alexa, tell a bedtime story to Joey,” your device will pick a short tale and insert your kid’s name throughout. With select Little Golden Books, your Google Assistant will play sound effects and music as you read to your child. Say, “Hey, Google,…