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Parents April 2020

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editor’s note

What We Can Do for Mother Earth I’VE SAID ALL SORTS of bizarre things in my years as a parent, but nothing compares to the whopper I came up with while trying to explain global warming to my 4-year-old. It was a beautiful spring day, and Joey and I were enjoying a free concert in a park by Manhattan’s East River. My thoughts were elsewhere—running through my to-do list, no doubt—when the event’s organizer stepped up to the microphone. “If we don’t act now, this park will be underwater one day,” she announced. Joey instantly tensed up in my arms. “Mama, what is she talking about? What does she want us to do?” he asked, a quiver in his voice. I looked at my son and saw fear in his eyes—and realized that…

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let’s get real

• COVER STORY Hilary Duff, Evolved Uniting a blended family takes work. So does launching an earth-aware business and giving your lifestyle an eco-makeover. Newlywed mom Hilary Duff is up for the challenge. HILARY DUFF couldn’t stop thinking about the fires in Australia while on her honeymoon in January. “We were in Africa, watching free and happy animals, and across the ocean things were burning down,” Duff says of her once-in-a-lifetime trip with her new husband, Matthew Koma. “We were devastated.” Anxiety about the planet is a familiar feeling to almost any parent. If one form of adulting is thinking, “Someone should do something,” and realizing that someone might be you, the nerve-racking next step is figuring out how you might save the world for your kids, even when parts of it are literally…

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sixteen simple, savvy ways to make your family’s life a little greener

Get Your Hike On. If you want your kids to one day be grown-ups who care about nature, get them outside! The free AllTrails app is good for finding paths and reading real-person reviews. Shop Smarter for Kids’ Clothes. Using hand-me-downs or shopping for used is your best bet. But if you prefer new, try organic cotton. Conventional cotton farming creates millions of tons of greenhouse-gas emissions every year. Brands that sell organic: Hanna Andersson, Carter’s Little Planet line, H&M’s Conscious collection, Baby Gap, PACT. Organize a Swap at School. Meet up with other families to trade toys that your kids neglect and clothes they never wear. Everyone gets new-to-them presents. Shop the Bulk Aisle. Those megatubs of grains, pasta, dried fruits, and nuts offer a way to dial down packaging waste. In the store, your kids…

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explain climate change to your child

HELP THEM THRIVE IN EVERY WAY REAL RISKS OF AIR POLLUTION ECO-FRIENDLY EASTER CRAFTS FIVE FAMILIES DOING THEIR PART It’s an age-old parenting conundrum, felt keenly in times of crisis. How do you reassure your child when you’re scared yourself? The modern version of that dilemma: Someday, our warming world will cease to look or feel like the one we know. Once we’ve grappled with this, we have to explain it to our kids, inviting them into a new reality while quelling the anxiety it brings. Here, climate experts guide us through just-right ways to discuss these issues at different ages without causing fear or confusion. For preschoolers: Show your child that the earth is precious. “Walk in nature and talk about what lives there,” says Jill Kubit, cofounder of the climate-focused project…

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the air out there

IT MAY BE sunny in Bakersfield, California, but the Thorson-Hevle family thinks twice before going outside. That’s because they need to plan every day around the kids’ severe asthma and allergies. Monty, 10, Sebastian, 8, and James, 7, have to wear respiratory masks when the air quality is poor—which is often, because their hometown is one of the cities with the worst air pollution in the nation. The family loves swimming, baseball, and soccer, but when the air is particularly bad, Sebastian can’t be outdoors at all. “It makes us all sad, so we work as a team,” says mom Andrea Thorson. “We stay in and play a game, do yoga, or watch a movie. We try to make it a family choice rather than a ‘sick kid’ situation.” The most…

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upcycled easter crafts

Rosy Rings Use recyclable egg cartons to create pretty petal-and-leaf napkin rings. Cut individual cups from the cartons, then trim each into a flower shape. You can also cut leaf shapes from the carton’s top; fold each in half vertically. Have your child brush on craft paint, let dry, then hot-glue the blossoms and leaves to segments cut from a cardboard paper-towel tube. Cozy Nests A paper shredder can turn brown paper bags into a sweet spring centerpiece. Run a flattened paper lunch bag through the shredder up to the folded bottom (do not shred bottom). Press reverse to remove. Trim the bag to about 7 in. high, and use your fingers or the edge of a scissors blade to curl the shredded pieces outward. Shred extra bags to make filling. Your child…