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Parents June 2020

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editor's note

The Promise of Summer FRESH OUT OF the bath and wearing his favorite PJ Masks pajama top, my 3-year-old son climbs into the toddler bed I’ve set up in the corner of my childhood bedroom. He wraps his arms around me and voices his nightly request: “Read with Dada!” Gabriel and my husband, Andrew, have cuddled up for bedtime books just about every evening of Gabriel’s life. Over the years, I’ve tried to wedge myself into the pile, but after 7 P.M., the two are inseparable. This night is no exception, but the setup is different. I take out my phone, and Andrew appears on FaceTime, holding a copy of The Little Engine That Could. It’s been almost a month since we’ve seen each other in person. The boys and I have…

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we’re all in this together

At Meredith, publisher of Parents and other well-known magazines, our mission has always been to inform, inspire, and entertain our readers. In this extraordinary and uncertain period, we are, more than ever, dedicated to providing you with honest information, stories of inspiration, and the advice and guidance to help you navigate these turbulent times – and to make your life a little easier. We recognize the sacrifices and challenges you face, and we want you to know that all of us at Meredith, through each of our magazines and digital properties, are committed to serving your needs at this critical time and beyond. We are especially grateful for the dedication and bravery of the first-responders and the everyday heroes on the front lines of this crisis. We wish them, you, and your communities…

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let's get real

• FATHER’S DAY Tell Us About It We asked some of our fave guys: “What’s your dad superpower?” “Creativity. My imagination has reawakened since becoming a father. We create new worlds, we love music, and we have dance parties throughout the day to rejuvenate.”—Matthew Morrison, singer, Disney Dreamin’ (an album of Disney cover songs), and father of one“Communicating at the highest level with my kids. In my household, we believe in information and understanding. Talking to one another is what moves mountains.”—Kevin Hart, star of the drama Fatherhood, out this fall, and father of three (with one on the way!)“Organizing, for sure. Decorative baskets for stuffies and larger toys, clearly labeled bins for puzzles and art supplies. I’m a triple Virgo; I’d lose my mind if things weren’t tidy.”—Nate Berkus, interior designer, author,…

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your monthly dose of what’s new, novel, and nice to know

Here’s a bright idea: The key to getting your baby to sleep might be red light, which stimulates melatonin to help the body fall asleep faster, according to research done by Sofia Axelrod, Ph.D., a neuroscientist and author of How Babies Sleep. Axelrod suggests switching on a red bulb during bedtime feedings, stories, and diaper changes. We found a bumper crop of seeds whose names are delightfully dessert inspired, all available at burpee.com. (Once the produce grows and ripens, it tastes sweet too.) • CUPCAKE SQUASH • JELLY BEAN BLUEBERRIES • CANDY APPLE BELL PEPPERS • SUGAR MAGNOLIA PEAS • BABY CAKES BLACKBERRIES Rag & Bone Bindery has reinvented the traditional first-year baby book to suit all parents. Special prompts let families chronicle their stories, weaving in fertility or adoption journeys or family trees with two moms or…

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have a zero sunburn summer

We’ve made it to the season of zipping through sprinklers, collecting buckets of seashells, and slathering on sunscreen. Bottles upon bottles of it. The secret to safer sun care? Covering every exposed area on your child, says Erum Ilyas, M.D., a dermatologist in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Accomplishing this feat requires more than lotion alone. Consider these surprising ways to keep your kid’s skin shielded from UV rays. • Make it a game. If your kids despise putting on sunscreen (all parents everywhere raise their hands), squeeze about half a shot-glass full into short cups and see which kid can spread it on the fastest. Your final inspection can hit any missed spots. Wait 15 minutes for chemical sunscreens to soak in before letting kids go outside. (Active ingredients in these include…

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why good kids like "bad guys"

BACK IN JANUARY, my 5-year-old daughter had her best friend over for a playdate. After drawing together for a while, the girls ran out to our backyard. When I checked on them a little later, I heard delighted shrieks, much banging of sticks, and then a gleeful “I got you!” “Do you need a snack when you’re done getting the bad guys?” I asked them. “Oh no,” my daughter told me with a beatific smile. “We’re the bad guys! We have guns, and we’re shooting everyone in the village dead!” It was one of those parenting crossroad moments: Do I confiscate the sticks? Tell them that village-cide is against house rules? Call the other parents and alert them that our daughters are showing mass-homicidal tendencies? None of the above, according to Jane Katch, an…