Perfect Wedding

Perfect Wedding August 2017

Every issue will inspire you with beautiful photographs from stunning reception venues and exquisite dresses to the tiniest details of your cake and table decorations.

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ROSA CLARÁ Who? Founder of leading bridal brand, Rosa Clará. What’s a complete no-no for you when it comes to bridal fashion? “I’d probably say excess – less is more in my book and a bride’s outfit should represent her in the most authentic way possible.” Take a look at Rosa’s new collection on p96 . LAURA DEVINE Who? Laura is the founder of wedding tasking company, Devine Bride Have you witnessed any wedding day disasters? “Yes, there is one that springs to mind – all I will say is… never move the cake! (FYI – it was the caterers, not me!).” Laura shares her expert wedding planning tips on p127 . YOLANDA PÉREZ Who? Yolanda is Co-Founder and Creative Director of YolanCris. What’s your favourite bridal style? “I’m in love with our boho line…

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top life prep

GET FABULOUS WEDDING INSPIRATION AND HAVE A GREAT DAY OUT WITH YOUR MAIDS AND MUM AT THE NATIONAL WEDDING SHOWS AROUND THE COUNTRY. SEE OUR AMAZING TICKET OFFER ON PAGE 152! OUR REAL WEDDINGS THIS MONTH ARE PARTICULARLY GORGEOUS, AND VERY EMOTIONAL! FROM A COUNTRY HOUSE MANOR TO A SPANISH FARMHOUSE, THERE’S SO MUCH INSPIRATION TO BE TAKEN FOR YOUR DAY. In the course of your wedding planning, I bet you’ve found out just how good you can be at negotiation... or with finding bargains... or at compromising (no, you can’t have a helicopter to drop you at the ceremony/15 bridesmaids/a five-day wedding). Perhaps you’ve discovered that you love a spreadsheet, and that you’re much more organised than you ever dreamt? One of the biggest days of your life can bring out…

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month’s cover

MERMAID GREEN “Achieve sexy siren eyes with a splash of emerald green eyeshadow. This slightly more subtle way of doing a colour-pop eye will work so well for your wedding day.” Nigel Barnes, Make-up Artist GOWN GOALS Go all-out princess in this stunning two piece from Ellis Bridals. Style it up with a gorgeous headpiece and delicate necklace. PRETTY SIDE PONY “I love this fun and flirty side ponytail. If you never usually wear your hair up, but want something a little different, then this is the perfect style for your big day. Curl your hair beforehand for a soft, tousled look.” Kat Joyce, Hair Stylist COVER IMAGE: JENNI HARE; BALLOON: BUBBLEGUM BALLOONS (BUBBLEGUMBALLOONS.CO.UK); HAIR: KAT JOYCE (STUARTHOLMES.CO.UK); MAKE-UP: NIGEL BARNES (NIGEL@REINVENTION.ME.UK)…

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the bride room

Full volume You guys went totally craycray for this full-skirted style from Alon Livné. Now that’s exactly the sort of drama you actually want on your wedding day – right, ladies?! SHOE SYNCING Our regram of this cuter-than-cute snap featuring a bride and her gorgeous flower girl wearing matching Sophia Webster shoes got a whole lot of love. It’s just too adorable! GUEST LIST GOALS WE POSTED AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE A-LISTERS WE WOULD WANT AT OUR WEDDING AND WHY. QUEEN BEY WAS TOP OF THE LIST FOR HER FIERCE DANCE MOVES, NATCH! HEAD ONLINE TO SEE WHO ELSE MADE OUR FINAL CUT... @LIVISTOCKS Now this is my kind of Monday... Spending my time reading Perfect Wedding for inspiration for my own wedding day #colemanwedding 60 % OF YOU SAY THAT YOUR PARENTS WON’T HAVE A SAY IN…

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the wedit

HIGH STREET HITTER All things wedding are beginning to take over the high street and Next are the latest big brand to jump in, with a range of décor, stationery and bridal accessories. There are two main collections – City Chic and Country Barn – and both get top marks from us. THE TRAIN GAME Want to work a strong trouser look, but can’t face the thought of sacrificing a skirt? The latest trend to creep onto catwalks combines both looks in one. Clever. THE FUTURE IS HERE And it’s all over our cakes! Image mapping is the newest buzzword in weddings, and it’s when a picture or video is projected onto a wall, ceiling, or these cool cakes. Photo collages, video messages from absent guests, or a Disney sequence can all play out on…

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the things no one tells you about wedding planning

1 No one is going to be as into this thing as you are. Even if your family are as close-knit as the Kardashians and your husband-to-be is an award-winning event planner, no one is going to be as obsessed with this wedding as you. There is no off switch. Day, night, at work, or mid-yoga… this wedding will be the ONLY thing you can think about. 2 Everything costs more than you think. It’s not every day that you decide to buy twelve floral arrangements interspersed with peacock feathers, so it’s understandable that you have no idea how much these things should cost. And when you tell your husband how much your dress is costing, make sure he has a beer in his hand. 3 Jargon will confuse the hell out…