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Popular Woodworking March/April 2021

Whether it's a solo or group project, a home-improvement undertaking or a simple piece of art, Popular Woodworking lets you into the world of woodworking crafts. Each issue of Popular Woodworking features numerous projects for the expert craftsperson and the interested beginner.

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woodworking in japan

Living in Japan as an American can be a struggle when pursuing a woodworking hobby. Western-style woodworking is what I enjoy but to set up shop, I have had to make some sacrifices in house space and push my language skills so I can build my projects. The wood gets worked the same as in America and several species are comparable, but where to work and how to acquire it were the two biggest hoops to jump through. Most houses in the United States have a garage that can convert into a workshop—typically not a feature in most Japanese homes. Here, houses are smaller including the land that they sit on. I am lucky to have a home with space enough for a shed to store my power tools and wood…

4 min
cutting & carving plastics with a cnc router

Plastics are amazing materials. Their lightweight grain-less structure gives them uniform strength in all directions making it an ideal material for all sorts of parts and projects. Available in clear, translucent and opaque plastics add a whole new level to your workshop’s repertoire. While there are dozens of different kinds of plastics, I recommend you try acrylic and polyethylene. Acrylic plastic is manufactured in either a cast or an extruded form. Both offer good machinability, impact strength and tensile strength. Extruded Acrylic is available in many thicknesses, mostly less than 3/8" and in clear or a wonderful assortment of translucent colors. Cast acrylic is typically clear and available in much thicker dimensions, up to 4". Cast acrylic plastic is tougher and harder than extruded acrylic while extruded acrylic offers more flexibility and…

6 min
new tools

The Multi-Router Returns Woodpeckers recently acquired the rights for the legendary multi-router (originally brought to market by the now-defunct JDS Manufacturing nearly three decades ago). This machine excels at cutting all kinds of joinery with a router, from mortises and tenons, to box joints, dovetails, rabbets and more. The machine features 3-axis movement. The router is mounted horizontally and moves up and down. The table (where you clamp your workpiece), moves in and out and side to side. Levers and stops control the parameters of the cut—most operations require working two levers. Pair the right bit with one of the multi-router templates, and you can quickly batch out all kinds of joinery. Angled joinery is easy to dial in, with the tilting table and adjustable hold downs. You can also upgrade to…

3 min
aspen golann

How did you get started woodworking? Who were your mentors? I didn’t start woodworking until a few months before my 30th birthday. I have always been an artist and a maker but never a woodworker and certainly not a furniture maker. I did take a few functional sculpture classes in college which were really eye-opening for me, but nothing that dealt with hardwood or joinery. My commitment to woodworking began when I enrolled at The North Bennet Street School (NBSS) in Boston, Massachusetts back in 2018. I wanted total immersion in traditional techniques, and I got it! I figured if I learned how to design and make things from raw materials and with hand tools, then I could make anything I wanted. NBSS is all about traditional skills—dovetails, curved veneers, acanthus leaves,…

8 min
mitered dovetail box

PROJECT #2106 Skill Level: Intermediate Time: 2 Days Cost: $50 When my wife asked that I build her a box to contain a growing collection of aroma oil containers and associated accouterments for her piqued interest in aroma therapy, I was thrilled. Besides the house smelling great, I had spousal approval to build something—a win-win proposal. Design The requirements were a single box with enough space to store current aroma oil bottles and any new items acquired. My wife purchased a drawer pull that caught her eye and asked that I incorporate it into the build. The final design was a single drawer carcass with a handle on top. This project was a perfect opportunity for dovetail practice. The outer carcass design was well-suited for a first attempt at a mitered dovetail while the inside drawer was…

2 min
shop dreams

Working from home, my office space overlooks my backyard and garage. When those Zoom meetings run a bit too long, or my eyes glaze over after staring at a screen filled with text and numbers, I find myself daydreaming about my shop. Not my actual shop, mind you. My actual shop is a 1920’s one-car garage that was expanded to a two car some time mid-century. When I moved in two years ago, the walls were solidly out of plumb, the concrete floor was cracked and heaving, it had two, 15-amp circuits, and the roof had a few key leaks. Since then, I’ve added a plywood floor on sleepers to one half, upgraded the electrical to a 60-amp sub panel, insulated and sheathed the walls and added better lighting. I’m always…