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Quilt Sampler Fall/Winter 2020

Go on a virtual shop hop through the pages of Quilt Sampler™. In each issue, you'll get a peek inside 10 top quilt shops and instructions for 10 exclusive quilt projects, one from every shop.

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cherry tree quilts

For a long time, Barbara Gillespie had two dreams—to open a quilt shop and to move back to her hometown. In 2012, both dreams came true. “Summerland holds a special place in my heart, and to have a quilt shop in this town means the world to me,” she says. Her great-grandfather was among the first settlers, and she has fond memories of spending summers with her grandparents picking cherries. Cherry Tree Quilts found a home in a 1912 Tudor-style building on the tree-lined Main Street of Summerland. The interior is cheerful and inviting and beckons tourists from across Canada, the United States, and the world. The shop is known for an amazing selection of modern and contemporary fabrics. Barbara loves designing patterns and producing one-of-a-kind quilts, particularly modern and fiber art quilts.…

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pinwheels quilting

SHOP OWNER Ginger Valenti ESTABLISHED 2015 SIZE 3,200 square feet MORE INFO? pinwheelsquilting.com When Ginger Valenti of Valdosta, Georgia, retired after 34 years in the U.S. Postal Service, she thought she was ready for down time. Little did she know that taking a quilt class with her daughter, Tina, in September 2014, would make the idea of retirement seem laughable. “When I walked into the quilt shop, my jaw dropped, and I thought, I want to do it all!” Ginger says. She had learned to sew during high school home economics classes, but this was her first dive into quilting, and she went deep. “That first Christmas I had 10 quilts going,” Ginger says. “I had set up tables wall to wall in our den.” She (practically) sewed up, over, and around her husband, Nick, who tolerated the quilt-theme…

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homegrown homesewn

SHOP OWNERS Caleb and Abbey Matthews, Diane and Tom Schultz ESTABLISHED 2015 SIZE 2,000 square feet plus an office, long-arm machine service, and class space three doors away MORE INFO? homegrownhomesewn.com The seeds of HomeGrown HomeSewn were sown in January 2015 when Tom Schultz had a lightbulb moment: Diane Schultz, his wife, enjoyed quilting, and Abbey Matthews, their daughter, wanted a work-from-home opportunity so she could homeschool her children. Why not start an online quilt shop? he thought. He picked up the phone in their suburban Cincinnati, Ohio, home and called Abbey, who lived in Tucson with her husband, Caleb, and two young children, to make the proposal. Abbey and Diane loved Tom’s idea, and HomeGrown HomeSewn quickly became a reality. At first, Diane and Abbey concentrated on offering sewing kits aimed at homeschooling families, and soon they partnered…

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twin cities quilting

SHOP OWNER Faye Hoch ESTABLISHE 2010 SIZE 2,100 square feet MORE INFO? twincitiesquilting.com Long before Faye Hoch opened Twin Cities Quilting in 2010, she was paving a creative path. A couple months after graduating from college with a business degree, she moved to New York City to work for one of the world’s largest ad agencies. Soon after she started quilting, she was dyeing her own fabrics to create one-of-a-kind quilts. And when she ventured into long-arm quilting, she insisted on teaching herself. “I didn’t want my quilting to look like everyone else’s,” she says. “I wanted to be different.” Not surprisingly, Faye takes a similar approach to creativity at her shop, which is celebrated for its distinctive selection of modern and contemporary fabrics. Nestled in Roseville, Minnesota (a suburb of Minneapolis-St. Paul), its urban setting near popular attractions…

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b&b quilting

SHOP OWNERS Nancy Brinkley and Lori Beckers ESTABLISHED 2004 SIZE 2,600 square feet MORE INFO? bbquilting.com Shop owners Lori Beckers and Nancy Brinkley have been quilting for decades. It’s in their nature, and it’s how they’ve been nurtured by their family of quilters. As children, Lori and Nancy were encouraged to sew and create with fabric scraps by parents who had learned at home to sew, quilt, and embroider from their parents and grandparents. Now the sisters pass along their knowledge to strangers and friends alike at B&B Quilting. Before they owned B&B Quilting in Buda, Texas, a suburb of Austin, they worked in corporate America and volunteered at a quilt shop. “You meet so many nice people,” Lori says of spending time in a quilt shop. Many of the people they met were impressed by Nancy and Lori’s…

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stars at twilight

Materials Finished Quilt: 80½" square Finished Block: 20" square Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width. Fabrics are Blue, Periwinkle, Night Sky, Moonbeam, White, Etchings Charcoal, and Dovetail from the Bella Solids collection by Moda Fabrics (modafabrics.com). ☐ ¼ yard each solid light blue, solid periwinkle, and solid navy (blocks) ☐ 1⅞ yards solid light gray (blocks) ☐ 5 yards solid white (blocks, border) ☐ ⅞ yard solid dark gray (sashing, binding) ☐ 1¼ yards solid medium gray (sashing) ☐ 7½ yards backing fabric ☐ 89"-square batting Cut Fabrics Cut pieces in the following order. From each solid light blue, solid periwinkle, and solid navy, cut: • 24—3" squares From solid light gray, cut: • 72—5½" squares From solid white, cut: • 9—5½×42" strips for border • 36—5½×10½" rectangles • 45—5½" squares • 36—3×5½" rectangles • 36—3" squares From solid dark gray, cut: •…