QuizFest August 2018

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what’s your secret weapon to finding confidence?

Mostly Blue: Your optimism and positivity! It’s clear to us that you carry your own secret weapon of always looking on the bright side! You work hard to maintain your uplifting spirit, and it pays off because others feed off of your good energy. Mostly Purple: Your friends and fam! There’s no denying that your loved ones keep your confidence up! It’s a special gift that you have a support system that backs you up in the choices you make. Lucky you! Mostly Pink: Your passions and hobbies! Whether it be singing like Ari, cooking, or vlogging, your drive to excel in whatever passion you have is what keeps your chin up. You have a talent that inspires others to chase their dreams!…

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which netflix squad

ON MY BLOCK You have each others’ backs! When the gang finds out that Cesar’s in trouble, they do everything they can to save him, even if it means taking major risks. Your crew is ultimate #squadgoals! ALEXA AND KATIE You support and inspire each other! Like Alexa and Katie, you and your buds find light in any situation — nothing can bring you guys down! Your positive energy is what keeps the group going. EVERYTHING SUCKS! Your crew stays true to themselves! Luke and Kate may not be the most popular, but they don’t mind being the nerds of AV club and won’t ever change who they are just to be cool. Like them, your squad keeps it real.…

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where will you meet your summer crush?

Check! See what the warmer weather has in store for you and a new cutie! During the summer, your friends can mostly find you spending time in the ocean. Let’s be real:You could totally stay in bed and binge-watch Netflix shows all day! You love watching YouTube videos or scrolling through Pinterest for all of the best recipes! Your must-have essentials for warmer weather is the perfect bathing suit and pool tote! You’re usually the first out of all your friends to see movies when they come out in theaters. Your Insta feed is comprised of food bloggers and of dishes from restaurants you want to try! You’d love to learn a waters sport this summer, like paddleboarding or waterskiing. You like being on camera and making funny Musical.ly videos with your BFFs. People would describe your personality as…

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what makes you bubbly?

“My personal motto is to always stay positive!” — Daniella your FRIENDS! You’re never more cheerful than when you’re hanging out with your buds! You just can’t be in a bad mood if they are nearby — it’s impossible. Together, you’re a really bubbly bunch! your CRUSH! You’ve caught the love bug, and it shows! Whenever you’re around your crush, you light up and are super peppy and smiley. Being around them brings out your bubbly nature! your HOBBIES! Nothing makes you smile bigger than doing something you love! You feel beyond happy when you’re in your element and people can see just how good it makes you feel doing it.…

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which side do you hide?

YOUR SILLY SIDE! Your goofiness only comes out when you’re comfortable! Sometimes you hold back, but your friends know the truth — under that shyness is a super-funny girl. YOUR BOLD SIDE! You’ve got dreams that are out of this world! You may feel timid to express your seemingly-impossible goals, but go for it, girl. If you can dream, you can achieve it! YOUR QUIET SIDE! You have a vulnerability you don’t show most people! You may be known for being loud and outgoing, but you secretly enjoy your quiet alone time.…

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what summer book should you read?

TO ALL THE BOYS I’VE LOVED BEFORE Hello, summer romance! Like Lara, you dream of falling in love with your crush. And who knows, maybe you’ll find the Peter to your Lara this summer, too! FROM TWINKLE, WITH LOVE You’re a true dreamer! You’ve got a big imagination and goals to pursue, like Twinkle, which is why you have aspirations that are out of this world. MONDAY’S NOT COMING Like Claudia, you’re determined! When you put your mind to things, you’re a great problem-solver and can overcome any tough obstacles in life! PHOTOS: MICHAEL FIMOGNARI (4); SIMON & SCHUSTER BOOKS; SIMON PULSE; KATHERINE TEGEN BOOKS; SHUTTERSTOCK…