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Radio Ink Magazine January 6, 2020

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why mentors matter

Last month’s focus on tomorrow’s radio superstars included a roundtable discussion with managers about mentors who had influenced their careers. That feature reminded me of some of the professionals who have left a lasting impression on me and impacted my career. A few you may know, some you won’t. Some have been bosses, others associates and peers. Learning comes from many people who collectively write your personal book of wisdom. A smile will open doors. Home from college for the summer, I was looking for an internship at a radio station. Someone put me in contact with the late Ray Spahr, who at that time was the sales manager for WHIO radio in Dayton. They didn’t have any openings, but I will never forget his parting words: “Keep your smile. A…

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kpis, channel alignment, and lead generation

Key Performance Indicators are used for measuring departmental performance within a company. The goal of KPIs is continual improvement. The subtle danger of KPIs is that they can lead to prioritizing efficiency over effectiveness, and short-term objectives over long-term. In a successful company, it takes every department working together to increase top line revenues. But when departments are held individually accountable for department-specific criteria, teamwork goes out the window. A business owner recently asked me, “Who is responsible for lead generation?” Before I could answer, one of his branch managers said, “Selling is a numbers game. Double my sales opportunities and I’ll make twice as many sales.” I asked, “Who is responsible for lead generation in a restaurant?” “The marketing department,” said the branch manager. Looking across that group of 20 branch managers from different…

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be in the top 1% of sales

Are you the top revenue producer on your team? How about in the market? Here are eight tips that can help you produce more income for yourself. Everyone wants to be a winner. In business and sales, it’s all about stringing wins together. It can be a small victory, such as picking up the phone and having the courage to make the call, or it can be securing a new business meeting to help a client solve one of their pain points. Perhaps you asked for a referral from a satisfied client to find a win, or you sold a service contract or another product to a current client. I believe all these small successes lead to big wins! It’s the energy and excitement you feel when you have accomplished a goal…

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turning january green

If you’re like most salespeople and managers in radio, you probably experience a good deal of “the blues” in January as your clients and prospects are slowly dragging themselves back from the madness of the holidays. You are just waiting for them to wake up, get in gear, and pay attention to your perfect, discounted deal. After all, they put you off until after the holidays, so now they should listen to you, right? Maybe not. Let’s rethink that approach. First, January can and should be anything but a “dead time.” Since business is most likely quiet for your clients and your prospects as well as it is for you, it’s the best time to get their attention. They’re probably as eager as you are to start seeing customers and orders…

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how to defend against ransomware

Ransomware is one of the fastest-growing threats to the commercial broadcast industry. Ransomware targets businesses and government networks, as well as home users. An attack can lead to disruption of business operations, temporary or permanent loss of sensitive data, and financial loss due to the cost of restoring business operations and critical data — along with potential reputation damage. Ransomware may direct a user to click on a link to pay the demanded “ransom,” but the link itself may be malicious and could lead to additional malware infections. Some ransomware displays intimidating messages, such as: “Your computer was used to visit websites with illegal content. To unlock your computer, you must pay a $100 fine.” “You only have 48 hours to submit the payment. If you do not send money within provided time, all…