Radio Times 2-8th October 2021

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animal magic

Ever since his earliest days at the BBC, David Attenborough has been at the cutting edge of innovation. As a programme-maker and presenter (and controller of BBC2, when he ensured it was the first channel to embrace colour TV), he has always embraced new technology. When he began his BBC career in the 1950s, most television involved cameras the size of Daleks that could never leave the studio. Still, they produced images deemed wondrous at the time. Likewise, as he later began travelling the world, filming on location with baggage trains of kit, the results of months-long expeditions captured on spools of film packed in metal canisters would wow audiences with sights they could never have dreamt of seeing. That footage can appear primitive compared to the natural history films we are…

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this week 2—8 october 2021

WHAT I’M WATCHING… JOHN SERGEANT ‘A House through Time has been ‘captivating,” says the former political correspondent. “David Olusoga turns an everyday occurrence like moving house into gripping history. I find the horrors of The North Water oddly satisfying – becalmed as I am on a comfortable sofa.’ The birth of New Labour — p18 YINKA SHONIBARE ‘When I’m having my dinner I end up watching Grand Designs,” says the artist. “Most of the time I watch with horror. I think about what they’re doing to themselves, trying to build something they can’t afford to pay for.’ The Summer Exhibition — p28 HANNAH JACKSON ‘I loved Clarkson’s Farm so much,” says the Red Shepherdess. “Hats off to Jeremy Clarkson. In one programme he has allowed people to see exactly how much goes into farming, what you have to…

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do mention the war

THE INSPIRATION FOR Blackadder Goes Forth, the First World War comedy in which I played Private Baldrick to Rowan Atkinson’s Captain Edmund Blackadder, didn’t appear from nowhere. It came out of education – and I fear that kind of education is disappearing fast. Ben Elton, who co-wrote it, knew a lot about the First World War, and so did Hugh Laurie. Stephen Fry, of course, knows something about every war that’s ever been fought in the world, and probably most other worlds, too. But since we made it, in 1989, the vision of what should be taught in schools and universities has contracted – and that’s a real problem, because if a country doesn’t know its history, it’s likely to repeat its mistakes. We’ve just withdrawn from a 20-year war in…

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from the rt archive… 2–8 october 2004

WHAT WE WATCHED There were rumours in the press that Michael Palin’s Himalaya was set to be his final travel series, but what did the Python-turned-explorer have to say about this speculation? “Every time I’ve finished a journey, I’ve sworn it will be my last. The fact that Himalaya will be the sixth I’ve done may suggest chronic indecision or just plain lying, but the truth is quite simple: I have no willpower.” In the end, though, Palin made two more trips for the BBC (New Europe in 2007 and Brazil in 2012) before jumping ship to Channel 5 in 2018 to make a two-parter that saw him travel to North Korea. WHAT YOU SAID “Delightful, clever, up-to-the-minute” was the verdict of Maria Ryan from St Austell in Cornwall on a new series…

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up close & personal

The Mating Game Sunday 8.00pm BBC1 SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH became an activist on climate change relatively late in life. Off and on screen, in documentaries such as A Life on Our Planet, he has warned that a lack of action on global warning would lead to disaster. But in his sumptuous new BBC series, the naturalist returns to his first love – the joy of wildlife. Narrated by Attenborough, The Mating Game is a five-part series exploring a challenge faced by “almost all animals on Earth – the need to attract a partner”. The spectacular series unpicks the varied strategies employed to find a mate, whether flirting and stealing the limelight (singing and dancing), violence (fighting off rivals), or deception (tricking a potential mate into thinking you bear gifts). Now 95, the broadcaster…

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‘fascism didn’t die with adolf hitler’

Ridley Road Sunday 9.00pm BBC1 WE DON’T MAKE dramas about Jewish heroes in this country,” says actor and screenwriter Sarah Solemani. “We don’t know what that looks like, or where it sits in popular culture, because we like the nerdy-comedy weak Jew, or we like the Holocaust victim, but less so the unpleasant criminal thug Jew – and that’s what I wanted.” And to play Soly Malinovsky, the “criminal thug Jew” in her BBC1 drama Ridley Road, there was only one man for the job: Eddie Marsan. “I called him and said, ‘I’m going to make this character and don’t take this the wrong way, but it can only be you,’” she laughs. “He loved it and was in from day one, which was amazing. Everyone who came on the show had a…