Radio Times 16-22nd October 2021

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a monster hit

SOME DRAMAS ARE inspired by real events, others by eternal questions. But what about Succession, the Sky series about a ruthless American tycoon and his dysfunctional family? Is it real life dressed up for dramatic effect? Or is it a drama about the human condition that tangles with emotions as old as a Shakespearean tragedy? A paranoid and enraged patriarch who wants to manipulate his children to fight for his succession? Where have we heard that before? As this week’s cover star Brian Cox tells us, his experience of playing King Lear on stage at the National Theatre was his way into understanding the role of Logan Roy, the media mogul who is the stand-out star of Succession. But did he also root his performance in reality? After all, there’s no shortage…

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this week 16—21 october 2021

WHAT I’M WATCHING… MEL GIEDROYC ‘I loved the drama Time,” says the presenter. “I watched it weeks ago but it has really stayed with me. The White Lotus is the next thing I’m about to watch.’ “I really miss Perks” — page 24 ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG ‘I’m loving The White Lotus and I’m hanging on for the new series of Succession,” says the presenter. “I have picked two shows about bad people, but they show the deviousnesses we’d all have if we lived in those worlds.’ My Iceland — page 142 BERNARDINE EVARISTO ‘I really like the Netflix comedy drama The Chair,” says the writer. “It’s the first TV drama I’ve seen that catches some of the issues around academia and does it in a very funny and meaningful way. I also love Sex Education, which is also on…

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bring back bath night!

THERE ARE SO MANY things in the world we think we can’t change. When you turn on the news or read about what’s going to happen – or not happen – at COP26, you can feel so powerless. For young people especially, it’s quite traumatic to think there’s nothing that you can do about what’s going on. But when it comes to sustainability and the environment, you can do something; and knowing that you’re making a change, that you’re making a difference… well, that’s great for your mental health as well as the planet’s health. Because if we are going to save the planet then we have to be aware of the power of mini, almost unnoticeable, changes we can make – like shaving two minutes off the time you spend under…

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from the rt archive… 18—24 october 2008

WHAT WE WATCHED Bond is currently back in cinemas but, in 2008, it was still early days for Daniel Craig, who was talking up his second James Bond film, Quantum of Solace: “It’s fast as hell. It’s like a whack in a face and I think that’s what we need.” The production of this follow-up to Casino Royale had been blighted by a screenwriters’ strike, the result being that RT branded the storyline “nonsensical” in its review. And Craig did admit at the end of his interview that he wouldn’t want his third outing as 007 to be as breathless. “Next time we’ll do something more lyrical,” he said. The far superior Skyfall arrived four years later in 2012. WHAT YOU SAID Tony King’s grooming of Whitney Dean on EastEnders (BBC1) had undoubtedly…

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‘i think scottish independence will happen in my lifetime’

Succession Monday 9.00pm Sky Atlantic THE ROLE THAT HAS made Brian Cox a major TV star of the 2020s – family-feuding media tycoon Logan Roy in HBO’s Succession - fulfils a prophecy by a fellow Scottish actor who became a TV star of the 1970s. Fulton Mackay (Mr Mackay, strict prison warder to Ronnie Barker’s Norman Stanley Fletcher in Porridge) was a great mentor to young Cox in his early career and the pair became close friends. “One day, Fulton said to me,” says Cox, slipping into a perfect impersonation as actors can, “‘Brian, Brian, stop worrying about becoming a star! Forget ambition and just concentrate on being a good actor.’ It was the best advice I ever had because I realised it was about putting in the work. If you do…

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meet the family

1 KENDALL ROY JEREMY STRONG As Logan Roy reaches 80, second eldest son Kendall looks set to be named his successor as CEO of global media giant Waystar Royco. A recovering drug addict and a key pawn in Logan’s power games, Kendall ultimately rebels and publicly denounces his father. 2 TOM WAMBSGANS MATTHEW MACFADYEN Oleaginous Tom is very relieved when he and Logan’s daughter Shiv finally marry in season one, though he’ll never adjust to her desire to have an open relationship. His few allies include Greg, whom he bullies and uses as a fall guy in Waystar Royco’s cover-up operations. 3 GREG HIRSCH NICHOLAS BRAUN “Cousin Greg” is the grandson of Logan’s estranged brother, Ewan. He may seem wet behind the ears but Greg is as ambitious as his relatives, making rapid progress at Waystar Royco —…