Radio Times 20-26th November 2021

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the beatles reborn

WE SHOULD BE used to Peter Jackson working wonders with our national culture. Twenty years ago the New Zealand-born director brought Tolkien’s supposedly unfilmable Lord of the Rings to the big screen. Then, in 2018, he gave miraculous life to long-dead Tommies when he took black-and-white newsreel footage from the First World War and re-worked it in vivid colour for They Shall Not Grow Old. Now he’s taking on arguably Britain’s greatest 20th-century cultural totem – the Beatles. Jackson has edited down over 57 hours of long-abandoned film footage shot over the first weeks of the band’s final year together in 1969 and re-purposed it as landmark television. The result, three two-hour documentaries, is a day-by-day diary of what happened in January 1969 when the youngest Beatle, George Harrison, was still…

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this week 20—26 november 2021

WHAT I’M WATCHING… SATHNAM SANGHERA I’ve been enjoying the new series ‘of Antiques Road Trip on BBC1,” says the journalist. “It’s my go-to show for relaxation. The subject matter has nothing to do with my work, it teaches me things and nothing bad ever happens on it. Soothing.’ The legacy of the British empire — page 20 CRYSTELLE PEREIRA I’ve been watching La Casa de ‘Papel [Money Heist] on Netflix,” says the Bake Off contestant. “It’s a Spanish crime drama and I watch it in Spanish, so I tell myself it’s educational. I can only watch it in small doses because I become too emotionally invested in the characters!’ Bake Off — page 14 PETER JACKSON Like everyone ‘else in the world I recently watched Squid Game,” says the filmmaker. “Last night I watched the Stanley Tucci series…

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good tidings of great joy

IN 1979 THE COVER of the Radio Times Christmas issue featured a beautifully snowy postbox that looked like Santa; the neat and resonant visual metaphor was about the postbox as the receiver and distributor of gifts, the Christmas cards that the wise men and women of that year would be writing and sending in their millions. In the years since then the handwritten Christmas card has slipped down our Yuletide agenda to such an extent that the Financial Times recently suggested we don’t send cards but give the money to charity instead. That’s a shame, I think, because I come from a family of Christmas-card writers. Around this time of year my dad would get his address book and his box of cards out and begin the annual ritual of what he…

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from the rt archive… 23—29 november 1996

WHAT WE WATCHED They’d been a staple part of Sky’s TV schedule for years, but this was the week that The Simpsons made their debut on terrestrial television. And long-time fan Louis Theroux was singing the praises of Springfield in RT, telling readers, “You are like slaves delivered from bondage into a promised land flowing with Duff beer. In time, you’ll come to wonder how you ever coped without your weekly half-hour holidays in Simpson Land.” Weekly wasn’t quite accurate, though — fast forward to 2021 and Matt Groening’s animated family now can be seen nightly on both Channel 4 and Sky Showcase, while the series itself is now in its 33rd season. WHAT YOU SAID BBC1’s comedy drama The Hello Girls had won over Lita Fowler of Hampton Magna, near Warwick, who…

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‘that was the beatles. that was us’

The Beatles: Get Back from Thursday Disney+ BY THE TIME Peter Jackson bought his first Beatles record in 1973, the band had already broken up. He was 12 and on his way to buy a model airplane when his eye was caught by an LP cover with a picture of four men peering down a staircase. When Peter asked his parents – who were born in England – about the Beatles, they said they had been good, but then there were beards. In those pre-internet days in New Zealand, information about defunct groups was hard to come by, but Peter persisted until they were his favourites. The boy who eventually had a collection of everything by them, including bootlegs, grew up to be a massively successful film director. So successful that Apple…

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crunch time!

The Great British Bake Off: the Final Tuesday 8.00pm C4 CRYSTELLE The 26-year-old Londoner only began baking three years ago. Now, after reaching the semi-final, the client relationship manager isn’t looking back… Why did you apply for Bake Off? I’ve loved cooking from a young age. I used to watch my mum in the kitchen, but as time went on, my cooking expanded to baking. This was my first time applying to the show, and I actually did so with the mindset that my application would get rejected, and I’d apply again the following year once I had more experience. But then I got on! And panic struck… You’ve only been baking for three years – what gave you the confidence to try now? My dad is the one who really inspired me to apply. He…