Radio Times 27-3rd December 2021

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winter warmers

AUTUMN MEMORIES MAY be hanging on, but like the last stubborn leaves on the trees, they’ll be gone any day. Winter is with us and with it the promise of a feast of television for Christmas. For this issue, David Tennant’s Around the World in 80 Days leads our pick of 25 of the best programmes coming your way over the holidays. In his new take on a classic tale, Tennant’s Phileas Fogg is an adventurer with rather modern sensibilities as he travels the world to win a wager. Read how he followed the route of Fogg’s original race against time – without getting much further than Romania and South Africa – on page 8. Having found your bearings, sit back and enjoy the prospect of the 24 other gems that we…

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this week 27 nov—3 dec 2021

WHAT I’M WATCHING… ALASTAIR CAMPBELL ‘I’ve been watching Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts,” says the journalist, “and it’s not just because I was on it. Celeste was one of the other sitters when I was on and she said that it was like being in a warm bath all day. ’ Take a hike for your health — page 22 CHARLOTTE GREEN ‘At this time of year I’m gripped by Strictly Come Dancing,” says the voice of 5 Live’s football results. “I think John and Johannes are the team to beat. My other favourite is Impeachment: American Crime Story on BBC2, which is gripping.’ A great voice for radio — page 117 PADDY MCGUINNESS ‘I absolutely love This Time with Alan Partridge,” says the presenter. “I must have watched both series at least 15 times.…

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how to beat a pandemic

WE ARE LIVING through the second pandemic of my lifetime. As governments rally to fight threats posed by Covid-19, I’m moved to reflect on the wildly different response to the first – Aids, which has now reached its 40th year, and is being commemorated this World Aids Day on 1 December. Globally, up to one million people every year die from an Aids-related illness, but had more decisive action been taken 40 years ago maybe we wouldn’t have been faced with this situation. However, the picture is not as bleak as this figure suggests. Medical advances mean that those living with HIV can take just two pills a day to ensure that they live life normally. And it is impossible for someone who is correctly following treatment to transmit the virus…

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from the rt archive… 30 november—6 december 1991

WHAT WE WATCHED What had possessed Esther Rantzen to don skin-tight leather leggings and an outrageous orange wig? As it turned out, the outfit was another of her ingenious disguises for Hearts of Gold, which was back for a new series on BBC1. In the past, Rantzen had masqueraded as a cleaning lady and a loo attendant to present recipients with awards, but being a punk was, she admitted, more liberating: “There is something about shiny black leggings that brings a strange gleam to people’s eyes and I think I may leap into leather again if the occasion calls for it. I’d recommend it to any respectable mum used to wearing conventional clothes.” WHAT YOU SAID The third and final series of Making Out had come to an end on BBC1 and AP…

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25 treats for christmas

1 Around the World in 80 Days BBC1 UP, UP AND AWAY! A HOT-AIR BALLOON WORKSHOP IN PARIS “Fogg’s hot-air balloon is so iconic in its links to this story — it lives in people’s imaginations — so it would have been a huge disappointment if we didn’t sail off in the balloon at some point. Yet, interestingly, it’s not in the original novel.” GENTLEMEN ONLY: THE REFORM CLUB, LONDON “Our Phileas Fogg is quite different in many ways from Jules Verne’s,” says David Tennant, “but he still spends most of his days at the Reform Club, a gentlemen’s club in Pall Mall. He seems to have an uneventful life surrounded by other middle-aged men. But one day he reads this article in the newspaper about how it’s now possible to get round the…

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top of the bill

2 Gummidge Worzel BBC1 Did Worzel work his magic on you as a child? I remember Jon Pertwee as Worzel Gummidge, so there’s a residual nostalgia for it. I loved it as a kid. And I think Mackenzie [Crook] has done a brilliant job in capturing the magic and bringing Worzel Gummidge into a contemporary setting. This script was also well written and extremely funny. But it also has a real sweetness to it. It’s very charming. How does your character fit in? I play Mr Peregrine, who is the owner and proprietor of Peregrine’s Fair. I appear in the episode when Worzel and the kids visit the fair, as Worzel recalls a tale about a magical organ that was played one evening. We filmed a scene where the magical organ music starts one night.…