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ROVA Six: April/May 2018

ROVA is a print and digital magazine about traveling the roads of North America: the insightful stories, the spectacular images, and the people who make up this vibrant, growing community.

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from the editor

I love the excitement of travel as much as the next gal. Discovering new places, meeting like-minded people, and belting out songs with abandon while you barrel down the interstate—what’s not to love? But while road travel provides the thrill of the new and a good opportunity for a singalong to the hits of the ’90s, it’s the freedom that’s to be found out there that really gets me going: the ability to think freely, with enough space, both physically and mentally, that I can properly be me. That constant reach for freedom was the inspiration behind this edition of ROVA (and, let’s be honest, every edition we’ve had so far!). Adventure Six is the anthology of a wildly wonderful group of nomads and storytellers, and their different takes on an…

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rova in your words

Winner of a one-year subscription I came across Adventure Four recently while I was looking for inspiration at the grocery store magazine rack and I was floored to find your magazine! I read it cover to cover as soon as I got home. The stories within these pages are such an inspiration and I loved reading about everyone’s experiences from their unique perspectives. I often find myself road-tripping solo and it was wonderful to read about others who do the same. — Cate W I love this magazine. The articles are relevant, fun, and inspirational; unlike some others that just seem to be selling you something. Congratulations to all those involved in this quality periodical. — Diane C I was cruising the local bookstore, [checking out] all the magazines I normally don’t have interest in,…

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rova recommends

Disc days There are about a million outdoor games you can play on your RV adventures—think cornhole, ladder ball and lawn darts—but nothing beats the simplicity and nostalgia of Frisbee. If you don’t have space in your RV for a flat plastic disc or ring, you have bigger things to think about than outdoor games. Get purging! Outdoor Adventure Quest We know you guys are all perfectly capable of choosing your own adventures (you read the books, right?), but if you’re happy to take some guidance in exchange for potential prizes and fun, check out the Outdoor Adventure Quest app. FYI: if you’re not in the mood for hiking, climbing or off-roading, there are brewery and winery challenges, too. The Colorado quest takes place June 22–24. outdooradventurequest.com Sparkle, baby! If there’s a drink that embodies…

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why the road?

Jessy Living the “simple” life is actually quite tough. I’m challenged daily, and there’s tremendous growth in that. This lifestyle is unpredictable, wild and outright unbelievable at times, but it feels like I’m finally really living. I will feel proud of my life when I die; I’m sure of that now. Instagram: @a.girl.and.her.commander The Garcias Life is what happens in those in-between moments; those times between the chaos of work, school, and schedules. We want to foster a lifestyle that focuses more on these life-living moments than our hectic to-do lists. Every month, we spend a few days traveling in order to get away from the busyness of life and just be together as a family. Instagram: @thekinfolkadventure Danielle and Tommy We believe that the size of your home matters less when your backyard has no limits.…

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living an authentic life

Until a few years ago, I thought the concept of authenticity only really applied to things, like works of art, antiquarian books, or that super-rare pair of Spock ears that definitely came from a Star Trek movie set. Recently, though, I’ve become more aware of a whole different concept of authenticity—how it relates to our lives, experiences, and the quest for la dolce vita. Authenticity is a bit of a buzzword at the moment, but it’s certainly not something that is new to our perceptions of a life well lived. Existential philosophy (and who doesn’t want a bit of ex-phil in their road trip mag?) has been looking at the concept of authenticity for hundreds of years. All of the big names have taken a swing at what authenticity means to…

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the road traveler’s guide to free camping

There’s a lot of mystique around free camping. Maybe it’s because anything that’s free sounds too good to be true, or because popular social media posts often feature picturesque camping spots with no location tag, making them seem out of reach. The good news is that this type of camping can be yours, too, if you’re up for the challenge and responsibility. This guide provides the practical knowledge and tips that you need to find free camping spots, so the next time you want to explore more off-grid, you’ll be ready! What exactly is “free camping”? Free camping, dispersed camping, boondocking, dry camping: these terms are all applicable to camping outside of established campsites, without services like water, toilets, electric hookups or campground hosts. It’s a primitive state of affairs. That said,…