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ROVA Seven: June/July 2018

ROVA is a print and digital magazine about traveling the roads of North America: the insightful stories, the spectacular images, and the people who make up this vibrant, growing community.

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from the editor

Can you believe that it’s summer already? Wasn’t it just snowing yesterday? I imagine you guys out there, basking in the strengthening sunshine, throwing open the windows (or winding them down, or unzipping them) and planning your warm-weather adventures. I see you exchanging stories of great places to visit, offering advice and being each other’s cheerleaders in this crazy road-tripping life that you all lead. That’s why, in this edition, we wanted to focus on you, the people behind the wheel—the culture, the connections and the cajones that got you to where you are. At ROVA, we believe that community is at the heart of this lifestyle. It’s why we tell your stories—because you’re doing incredible things, and you all have something to say. Adventure Seven is packed full of your words…

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rova in your words

I love your magazine. My wife and I are close to “retiring” and we dream of hitting the road. We read ROVA cover to cover! Your magazine is truly unique—we feel like “telling stories” works so much better for us than “selling RVs” (which many other publications in this realm do a lot!). —Doug M Adventure Six came in the mail yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks and congrats on another terrific issue. Fine travel and lifestyle articles, super photography and finish. —John M I came across your magazine at a supermarket stop. I was on the way home from discussing my purchase agreement for a Little Guy Max trailer… I am not particularly spiritual, but I do take this as a sign to proceed with the purchase, seek new roads, and…

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rova recommends

Kick back and chill Have you ever spotted someone at the beach or in the park, reclined on a pocket of nylon-wrapped air? Did you think to yourself, ‘That person really has their life together’? Well, here’s your chance to feel similarly good at things—grab yourself an inflatable lounger and get relaxing this summer. These loungers pack down into a ridiculously small bag, and you can use them on land or in the water. We love the snazzy designs of the Chillbo Baggins variety, which also illuminate, in case you forgot your lantern. chillbo.com The Sunshine State in stories Fans of Lauren Groff (Arcardia, Fates and Furies) will know that her writing is intricate and captivating. This collection of stories, Florida, uses the Sunshine State as its central character—a wilderness populated by a…

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why the road?

Chelsy and Rob We jumped on the road to reset. Our lives had become about working and spending money to feel better about how much we worked. With no plan other than the end goal of homesteading, we’ve found our days filled with adventure, new friends, and wonderful places. Instagram: @theoutpostgang Britta and Will With our busy lives, every moment together is magical. We wanted to utilize those moments to live simply while exploring the beautiful backdrops of the country. The road gives us a sense of freedom away from our daily career grind. It opens a new world of adventures, and provides a picture-perfect memory around every turn. Instagram: @brownsdopelittleadventures Miché Vanlife is for my survival, but I try to live my best life while doing it. I am a gender-queer, first-generation Mexican American. I transformed…

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do more than just explore

At first, the news made us feel like we had reached a dead end. We had no idea how to reroute. So, we defaulted to the things we love most: travel and adventure. RVing full-time and exploring our country seemed like the perfect distraction from the news, and a way that we could find joy while putting a pause on life decisions for a bit. So, we set out and made the effort to embrace our detour—not knowing that it would provide more than just a distraction. The benefits that we expected from our RV lifestyle were realized almost as soon as we first put rubber to road: living more minimally and intentionally, feeling more inspired, deepening our relationship with nature and with each other, and personal growth. It’s been incredible…

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the art of travel

here’s something about the outdoors that inspires the artist in all of us. It could be the fresh air, or the majesty of nature. I’m not really sure, but whatever it is, it’s been happening since time immemorial. Some of the oldest paintings in the world, in caves of Europe and Asia, had artists depicting their interactions with nature more than 30 centuries ago. Closer to home, some of the oldest surviving indigenous American artwork, found in a Tennessee cave, is believed to be more than 6,000 years old, and depicts wild dogs, serpents and other animals. This deep connection with the land that the indigenous population continues to have has led to natural motifs being featured heavily in their art until the present day. Much more recently, European settlement of North…