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ROVA Eight: August/Septebmer 2018

ROVA is a print and digital magazine about traveling the roads of North America: the insightful stories, the spectacular images, and the people who make up this vibrant, growing community.

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from the editor

If you’re not discovering something on a road trip, you might be doing it wrong. Virtually the only way to not make a discovery on the road is if you drive with your eyes closed and earplugs in, which no road safety expert would ever recommend. Discovery is a wonderful concept, and it can happen in tons of ways! External discovery is endlessly rewarding—you find previously unknown places, like-minded people and oddities galore. In the United States, for example, a jaunt across the country might teach you that there’s a typo in the Liberty Bell (Pensylvania), or that in Longview, Washington, squirrels cross the street on bridges built especially for them. On the flip side of discovering the world around you is internal discovery—often a by-product of the good ol’ road trip.…

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rova in your words

My wife and I have all of the ROVA Adventures, and even at 58 and 62 we are young at heart and love the inspiring adventures. We had a camper when our girls were growing up, and I admit that ROVA inspired us to recently purchase a new camper and start our own roving adventures. Keep up the wonderful magazine. – Ken and Cindy N I picked up the latest issue and I have to say I’m kind of stunned, you must’ve read my mind! I’m going on a cross-country loop of the United States on my motorcycle; I plan to do some free camping, and I’ll be passing through Utah, Nevada, Oklahoma and Kansas, which were all mentioned in Adventure Six! Keep up the great work; ROVA is a wonderful magazine! –…

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winner of a one-year subscription

I am wrapping up a year deployed in Afghanistan, and I wanted to offer that sometimes a magazine is much more than just something to read. I found Adventures Five and Six of ROVA, and they were so much more than a good read, or relevant information on travel—in many ways, they were a bridge to my family, thousands of miles away. As I read, I found myself dreaming of future travel with my kids and bride—the places to go, the memories it would build, the smiles it would produce. I found myself somewhere else with the people I love the most. I found myself everywhere... but here! Thank you for putting together a journal that is as dedicated to family and friends as it is to travel; a journal…

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rova recommends

Beyond breaking point It takes someone with a lot of grit and heart, and perhaps a generous helping of insanity, to attempt to break the world speed record for thru-hiking the 2,160-mile Appalachian Trail. Made to be Broken, the documentary of Karl Meltzer’s third—and first successful—attempt to break the record reveals a lot about endurance, pain, personal drive and ultimate achievement. And the Trail itself is one of the most spectacular film settings you could ask for. redbull.tv Poppin’ campfire treats If you believe that cheese and spicy things are two of the greatest gifts to humanity, 1. You are intelligent indeed, and 2. You’re going to love this. To make campfire jalapeno poppers, cut the tops off some jalapenos; scoop out the innards; smush a mixture of cream cheese, cheddar and chili flakes…

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why the road?

Renee My mind had become a place I didn’t recognize anymore. Unhappiness and fear had arrived as a manifestation of my younger self’s expectations. Being on the road, alone, is my way of releasing the chokehold that had been on my life for the past few years. This is my time to rediscover and reclaim my psyche; to live more freely and embrace the unknown. Van life is my Happiness Project. Instagram: @ren.rover Jeremy and Norm My whole life I have had a sense for adventure, but I was stuck at my old job and couldn’t get out and explore like I wanted. I owned my house, but being tied down to one spot isn’t appealing to me! One day I realized that I need to take control of my life and make me…

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three days in the desert

We were in a part of California that no one talks about—miles from the ocean, far from picturesque—when our ignition blew. We’d been driving through massive fields of CAFO feedlots and Driscoll’s strawberries. It smelled like cow dung for miles, and on the dark horizon we could see the shadows of cows standing still in close quarters. The further north we got, the more the fields of cows morphed into empty oil fields. The sound was like a pop beneath our feet; loud like a blown tire. We were in a place called Kecks Corner, a few hours north of Los Angeles. It was pitch dark, and we’d taken a wrong turn onto a small road trying to get to I-5. We checked the tires and looked under the hood,…