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ROVA Twelve: April/May 2019

ROVA is a print and digital magazine about traveling the roads of North America: the insightful stories, the spectacular images, and the people who make up this vibrant, growing community.

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from the editor

I’ve been doing random stuff my whole life—a bunch of travel, a variety of jobs, too many ridiculous hairstyles and a whole lot of learning—because things just get a little bit boring when you’re not changing it up. Today, change is on the minds of many people. So many of us are examining our lives more closely, and if we find things that aren’t serving us as well as they could be, then we’re altering our approaches, our ideologies and even our physical circumstances to create a different narrative for ourselves. Travel and adventure are the wizards of change, delivering an ever-rotating slideshow of landscapes, a set of challenges that will see you adapting come hell or high water, and the time and space to really figure out what works for you…

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Editor: Gemma Peckham gemma@rovamag.com Advertising Sales Executives: Richard Kirby richard@rovamag.com Rick Straface rick@rovamag.com Designer: Abby Schmidt Contributors: Natalie Chetboun, Laura Preston, Marc Norman, Emma Longcope, Jess Mott Wickstrom, Andy Wickstrom, Robert Gray, Miguel Machado, Kane Grose, Kitiara Pascoe, Amy Roost, Joel Forde, Christina Stetson, Lindsey Danis, Andrew Larson, Mari Kossman, Shane Folke, Ted Clyde, Melinda Wright, Laura Hughes, Megan McCullor, Paulie Borichevski. Cover Image: Nathalie Linge, Instagram @cedar.stream, website www.wearecedarstream.com. Contents Image: Christina Stetson, Instagram @coolhandrobyn, website www.stetsonphoto.com. EMG President: David Haratsis david.haratsis@executivemediaglobal.com…

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“rova in your words”

I was missing the first two issues of ROVA and tracked them down through different sources because I knew this was a magazine I would keep and enjoy for years. I have NEVER saved ANY magazine before. No, not even National Geographic. I’m somewhat of a minimalist, but your magazine is in the “keep” category! Valerie R Your issue was probably the first magazine I have ever read cover to cover. Even your ads were so tastefully done that I actually read them. I want to compliment you and your staff for doing such a wonderful job of putting out a magazine that is so enjoyable to read. Thank you. Bob J I was heartened to read the article “Are We There Yet?” by Kate Oliver. It was beautifully written, compelling and the layout…

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rova recommends

Let the winter out A long songwriting career has seen rock chanteuse Sharon Van Etten in various guises. On her latest offering, Remind Me Tomorrow, synth-pop styling is woven into her rock roots, overlaid with vocals that can’t help but sound devastated, even on pop bangers like “Comeback Kid.” This is the perfect “winter is over” album—it seems full of pent-up energy looking for a release—kinda how we feel after a long, cold season indoors. sharonvanetten.com Getting wild in the southwest It’s been all over the news lately—the Super Bloom! The rains of the southwest’s generous wet season have trickled their way underground, awakening a frenzy of colorful desert flowers (also called “germination stimulation”, which is possibly the best phrase you’ll read today). Look forward to a spectacular show throughout the southwest this spring,…

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why the road?

William, Tanya, Noah and Naya Our reason for taking this trip is captured right here in this photo. The four of us together, those sweet little faces, the opportunity to slow down for a bit and shed all of the excess. For this, we roam. Instagram: @forthisweroam Nathalie and Louis We hit the road to find a new place to call “home.” As we have traveled, we’ve redefined what home means. Home is being with each other on the open road, experiencing new things. Yes, we still hope to find a physical place to call home, but in the meantime this tiny living, traveling lifestyle feels just right. Instagram: @cedar.stream Lonnie and Guntars Seven years in New York City had us longing for a change—we ached for exploration, adventure and the solitude of unadulterated nature. The idea…

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inspired by life on the road

After graduating from New York University with a degree in art history and painting, what do you do? Well, if you’re Laura Preston, you borrow your boyfriend’s mom’s 34-foot 1986 Airstream Excella and embark on a road trip across the United States. In February 2013, Preston and her then boyfriend, now husband, John Ellis, first hit the road. Soon after, they launched an online experiment: The Democratic Travelers. Living and working full time in the Airstream (Ellis as a web designer/developer and Preston as a virtual executive/personal assistant), they chose their travel destinations based on the suggestions of anyone who voted through their website. The project took them to 39 US states, and they were selected as two of National Geographic’s Travelers of the Year. Although the pair’s original intention was…