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APRIL 2019

The magazine’s readers may live in the city, but their hearts are in the country. SA Country Life offers a unique mix of travel, lifestyle, heritage, conservation, green living and food and wine, while the property and accommodation classified pages are used by those looking for unique getaways, weekend escapes or their own place in the country. The magazine is a welcome escape from the rat race and reminds the reader that life is to be enjoyed.

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editor’s note

I’m still reeling from Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s ‘sow the seeds of renewal and growth’ Budget Speech. I only picked up snippets. TL;DR. As expected, Eskom was the BIG RIP. TBH the man of the moment looked AMAZEBALLS. However, I am rather annoyed by our BOUGIE politicians. SMH Contrary to your suspicions, my mind hasn’t gone AWOL, but with 1 April coming up I thought we could fool around a bit. With words, of course. And to show that we know our TOTES and RANDOS from our ABBREVS.BIG RIP, AMAZEBALLS, BOUGIE, even TL;DR are slang that can all be found in the Urban Dictionary, some also at oxforddictionaries.com. The newest additions to the dictionaries were dominated by delectable food terms, as well as totes, rando, abbrevs (totally, random person,…

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Dale Morris About 15 years ago, Dale Morris, originally from the UK, got tired of the bad weather and lack of elephants there and moved to South Africa. Since then, he has become a regular photo-journalist for COUNTRY LIFE and has produced dozens of features for us over the years. His passion is wildlife and wild places, and his travel features to places far and wide always aim to encourage readers to appreciate nature. Recently Dale decided his kids were becoming too sedentary, and set off with his family on the stunning, five-day, 65-kilometre Chokka Trail in the Eastern Cape, that everyone couldn’t get enough of. Read Chokka Lekker on page 20. Nancy Richards A clairvoyant once told Nancy Richards that her future was behind…

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winning letter

Out of the AshesI have always admired this house, featured in Obie Oberholzer’s Parting Shot (January 2019) as I pass along Clarens Drive, and was pleased to see that, although it had clearly been surrounded by flames, it is still standing, as pretty as ever.I have attached a photograph of the house as it is now, without the two sisters smiling in front of it. Sadly there are no flowers, but I’m sure these will be back in full force next spring. As for the girls in Obie’s photo, I too wonder what happened to them. I do hope you find out.We live in Betty’s Bay and were grateful to be spared during the devastating fires early in January that destroyed so much of the area, and that this…

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Jacqui Parker your letter has won you a magnum of Retief Reserve signed by the four Retief Cousins. Add this full-bodied, award-winning Cape Blend to your collection, or share it with family and friends over a hearty meal. Valued at R1 500. www.vanloveren.co.za…

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your letters

Coincidence? I Think NotA smile came over my face as I read Chris Marais’ article Some Kind of Magic on the Karoo (February 2019) and specifically his reference to the book 100 Proofs That Earth Is Not A Globe by EL Venter.It reminded me of a lecture I attended about 50 years ago by the late Sir Patrick Moore, the famous British amateur astronomer. During question time, he was lambasted by a member of the Flat Earth Society (to boos from the rest of the gathering). In Sir Patrick’s inimitable rapid-fire style, he immediately replied to the questioner saying that, of course, he was perfectly correct and Earth was indeed flat, and then proceeded to substantiate this with numerous examples (to rousing cheers from the audience). Perhaps Sir Patrick…

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april diary

KAMERS/Makers Sandton South Africa’s biggest celebration of handcrafted, passionately made, Proudly South African products takes place at St David’s Marist, Inanda. No mainstream here. Just stunning, innovative homeware, fashion, beauty, jewellery, food, music and much more. kamers.co.za, facebook.com/kamersvolInstagram @kamersvol / #KAMERS2019 26 April-1 May Stars of Sandstone Steam & Heritage Festival Ficksburg The spectacular Sandstone Estate near Ficksburg, with its world-renowned, 26-kilometre, narrow-gauge railway plus its airstrip, is the setting for this annual celebration of all the steam-driven vehicles and machines that have been restored to pristine condition by Wilfred Mole and his team. A variety of transport is on show, from vintage aeroplanes, military vehicles, trek oxen, old tractors and steam lorries to traction engines, locomotives, and old buses and cars. Old tractors and…