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star wars: the last jedi

The burden of legacies is a mixed blessing that is hard to come to terms with. That which inspires people can end up dominating what they do, and so they are perpetually in the shadow of their forebears and only produce inferior echoes and pastiches of what came before. The most talented filmmakers are the ones that are able to properly synthesize their inspirations into something new, combining disparate parts into a unique whole that carries a singular voice while still touching on the familiar. The latest installment in the “Star Wars” saga, “The Last Jedi,” finds characters at a crossroads between living in the old dynamics and forging ahead with something new and unseen. Similarly, writer/director Rian Johnson was tasked with making something that felt familiar to other “Star Wars”…

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music reviews

After hitting it very big with their debut album and the song “Kids,” MGMT dedicated themselves to making albums that would confuse and annoy people looking to hear more expansive, radio-friendly tunes like “Kids.” Both 2010’s Congratulations and 2013’s self-titled record were informed by Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden’s love of obscure psychedelia, oddball lyrics, and off-kilter strangeness. That they called in Sonic Boom to produce the former and Flaming Lips cohort Dave Fridmann to helm the latter says a lot about where the duo’s minds resided. They weren’t looking to top the charts; they wanted to do something weirder. By the time they started making their fourth album, the band had seen some changes and their record label was allegedly upset they couldn’t write another “Kids.” Whether it was…

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cars & bikes 10. aston martin one-77 (220 mph)

The Top Ten Fastest Cars In The World Right Now Having a great need for speed lads? Well, this top ten list that we have you today is perfect for you. Take note that that everything that we are going to feature today will talk only about one thing and one thing only: The fastest cars ever built. So with no further ado let us go satisfy your cravings for hot and speeding cars with our top ten list. 9. PAGANI HUAYRA (230 MPH) Outstanding and outrageous speedy performance that beats any racing car. That is what Pagani Huayra is all about, with its smooth acceleration capacity, you will never go wrong with this car. 8. ZENVO ST 1 (233 MPH) This high performance super car from Zenvo is famous for generating a top of…

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travel & money

…or 30’s, because it is never too late to start following the financial tips that we are going to list down here! It is practically normal for a lot of bros to struggle getting their financial groove until well into their thirties, but with our ever fluctuating and undependable economy? It is never too early to start being financially smart, is what I say! Hence, to help you out with that, here are some important financial decisions that you should make as early as possible. HAVE AN EMERGENCY SAVINGS First job, first bunch of paychecks. Finally, freedom from the ‘rents. It really is exciting to spend your money. Your OWN money. I’ve been there too. If I remember it right, I was just excited to get approved to that car loan – that…

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stunning perfection sarah stephens!

Australian bombshell Sarah Stephens need no further introduction. Let her smokin’ hot pictures do the talking. As you can see, the moment you lay eyes on her, you can barely hold your ground. She has this incredible sex appeal that everyone can’t help but get attracted to. Her sexy figure and stunning beauty makes the rest of the hotties rather mediocre compared to her. But then again, there is no need for comparison. Over here, we appreciate all kinds of beauty. But it just so happens that she is present, stunning everyone, making them pay attention to her and only her. Take a look below.…

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gadgets & gear

Welcome back amigos! We are here at Brosome today for another gear related article, specifically for our Fooled Ya series where we feature gear that look like other gear. For those who were not here the last time, feel free to visit that gear article for our feature of the M Grills C4, a portable grill which looks exactly like an ammo box. Today, we are going to feature another gear. This time, it’s a laundry bag which looks like a legit punching bag. You’ve probably already seen a lot of laundry bags which somehow look like a punching bag, but Suck UK’s Punch Bag Laundry Bag is the real deal. For starters, people wouldn’t even notice that it’s a laundry bag unless they get too close and smell your stinking…