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Shooting Times & Country 19-Jun-2019

Since its launch in 1882, Shooting Times & Country Magazine has been at the forefront of the shooting scene. The magazine is the clear first choice for shooting sportsmen, with editorial covering all disciplines, including gameshooting, rough shooting, pigeon shooting, wildfowling and deer stalking. Additionally the magazine has a strong focus on the training and use of gundogs in the field and, because it is a weekly publication, the magazine keeps readers firmly up-to-date with the latest news in their world.

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rich inheritance

Last season, after a good morning on a farm syndicate, I sat down for lunch next to an 86-year-old. He had been perched on his shooting stick all morning, wielding his side-by-side with ruthless efficiency. He told me he had been part of the syndicate since he was a teenager. He recalled back then the bag was made up of grey partridges and hares and he didn’t come across a pheasant until he was at least 30. What interested me most was his potted history of how prosperity among farmers has been married to the fortunes of shooting. When farmers have spare cash, syndicates spring up and when agriculture does badly, they fold. Our countryside is a colourful place full of history, traditions and eccentric characters. Every time I am at a shoot,…

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common sense at last

Anew set of general licences has been issued by Defra, following the outcry over their revocation by Natural England after pressure from campaign group Wild Justice. The new licences have been welcomed by shooting and countryside organisations, but problems remain over shooting on protected sites. “Users will need to ensure they comply with the conditions of that particular licence” The move marks a return to the previous three-licence structure. The new WML GL34 licences control carrion crow, jackdaw, jay, magpie, rook, Canada goose, Egyptian goose, monk parakeet, ring-necked parakeet, sacred ibis and Indian house-crow to protect wild birds and flora or fauna. The new WML GL35 licences control carrion crow, jackdaw, magpie, feral pigeon, rook, Canada goose and monk parakeet to preserve public health or public safety. Control of carrion crow, jackdaw, magpie, feral…

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which tory gets the vote?

Across the country, the Tory leadership race is hotting up. Shooting Times looks at which candidate would be best for fieldsports. From the outset, Dominic Raab’s credentials don’t look good as he is a member of the Blue Fox organisation, also known as Conservatives Against Fox Hunting. Shooting Times contributor Richard Negus agreed, saying he opted for “Boris Johnson because he is an arch libertarian and may well have had friends when he was at Eton who enjoyed beagling with the college pack. However, Boris’s new girlfriend Carrie Symonds is head of campaigns at environmental campaign Vibrant Oceans and he is said to be influenced by her. “ Rory Stewart has also been a popular MP of a rural constituency and has previously spoken out in favour of fox hunting. Sir Nicholas Soames,…

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keepers to miss game fair for bbc’s countryfile live

For the first time in 15 years, the National Gamekeepers’ Organisation (NGO) will not have a stand at the Game Fair. This is the first year, bar one, that the NGO has missed the Game Fair since 1958, though it will be at the two BBC Countryfile Live shows. Chairman Liam Bell said: “It’s a case of budget. We need to target our limited resources where they are needed. Countryfile at Blenheim has been one of our best shows and this year we wanted to have a presence at Countryfile Live, Castle Howard, as well. “Hopefully we will be able to do all three shows in future,” he added. Askham Bryan College, Harper Adams University, BASC and the Countryside Alliance will be at Countryfile Live. BASC commented: “Countryfile doesn’t look like a traditional…

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to do this week

DOG Defra is encouraging those planning to take a gundog shooting abroad after 31 October to reread the official advice about travelling. If the UK leaves without a deal on 31 October, owners of dogs will need to ensure the animal has a blood test at least 30 days after its last rabies vaccination and will have to wait three calendar months before travelling. After November you will need to contact your vet at least four months before travelling – so if you’re going shooting in France with your gundog in November you’ll need to be talking to the vet by early July. Read the advice at www.gov.uk/ take-pet-abroad. CHECK The season will be here before you know it. Check the tyres on your vehicle are up to the job. If you’re stalking in…

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rspb case costs taxpayer £90,000

The extraordinary cost to the taxpayer of the failed legal challenge to the hen harrier brood management scheme has been revealed in a Freedom of Information Act release. The scheme, which was given the final go-ahead this week, aims to remove hen harrier chicks from grouse moors, rear them in captivity, then release them into the wild. It is one part of the hen harrier action plan which aims to turn around the species’ fortunes in England. The RSPB and Dr Mark Avery made a joint legal challenge to the scheme. They claimed that it was unlawful because of the disturbance and harm it would cause the birds and because alternative options had not been exhausted. However, in March, a High Court judge dismissed the case. “It’s utterly bizarre to try to halt…