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Shooting Times & Country

Shooting Times & Country 11-Dec-2019

Since its launch in 1882, Shooting Times & Country Magazine has been at the forefront of the shooting scene. The magazine is the clear first choice for shooting sportsmen, with editorial covering all disciplines, including gameshooting, rough shooting, pigeon shooting, wildfowling and deer stalking. Additionally the magazine has a strong focus on the training and use of gundogs in the field and, because it is a weekly publication, the magazine keeps readers firmly up-to-date with the latest news in their world.

United Kingdom
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1 min.
let’s get plucky

While having dinner in Norfolk, an urban friend who’d been thumbing through Tim Maddams’s Game: River Cottage Handbook No.15 asked me why we need to hang pheasants. My brief explanation piqued his interest and, for the next hour or so, he asked me everything from how many people a partridge can feed to the best way to cook a Canada goose. The following morning after breakfast, I went out and plucked a hen bird and a woodcock that I had shot the previous day. “Take these with you,” I said to him as we packed up for the drive back to London. Some days later, he texted me a picture of his flatmates gathered around their kitchen table enjoying the birds, with the simple caption: “Thanks pal. It was delicious.” In response, I told…

2 min.
lanark wildlife threatened by snh licence withdrawal

Leadhills estate in South lanarkshire will no longer be allowed to use the general licences to control birds. The decision byScottish Natural Heritage (SNH) follows a series of alleged wildlife crimes committed on the estate. Explaining the decision to restrict the use of the licences Nick Halfhide, SNH’s director of sustainable growth, said: “There is clear evidence that wildlife crimes have been committed on this property. “Because of this, and the risk of more wildlife crimes taking place, we have suspended the general licences on this property for three years.” “Leadhills is no longer a major grouse moor so the loss won’t have much impact on shooting” The statement did not list the incidents being referred to, but in recent years there have been a series of alleged offences on the estate, including the…

1 min.
three years to halt decline

Three years is enough time to turn round declines in farmland birds, according to the GWCT. The classic ‘three-legged stool’ of habitat management, predator control and supplementary feeding can reverse declines in the birds with remarkable speed, says GWCT Wales director Sue Evans. According to recent figures, farmland bird numbers have declined by 56 per cent since 1970.Changes in agricultural practice, including the shift away from mixed farming, the loss of hedgerows and hay meadows and a shift towards autumn sowing of crops, are blamed. Talking at the Commons Graziers Gathering last month, Ms Evans claimed that research conducted by the trust showed “that the three-legged stool approach can produce staggering uplifts in bird numbers alongside maintaining farm yields. “Previous schemes have focused on habitat alone with little to show for years of…

1 min.
basc joins fowling network

BASC has joined the cross-border Waterfowlers’ Network, a co-operative of organisations set up to strengthen conservation measures for migratory waterfowl in Europe. The network consists of organisations Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Germany and the Netherlands, which will work together on data collection and sharing and restoring habitats along the birds’ migratory routes. Network organiser Claus Lind Christensen said: “The project is about safeguarding our wildfowl in a changing world, but also about securing hunting opportunities for our descendants. “Waterfowlers’ Network will seek to collaborate with stakeholders to co-ordinate and strengthen conservation efforts and attempt to fill any missing gaps in order to witness success.” Matt Ellis, head of science at BASC, said: “History has shown us that you cannot legislate wildfowl into abundance; success comes from the ground up. With that we are delighted…

1 min.
to do this week

OBSERVE Be aware of potential wildfowling bans. Now that the weather is getting cold and the big flocks of migrating ducks and geese have arrived, wildfowling is going full force. However, fowlers should be aware that during prolonged periods of cold weather a temporary wildfowling ban may be introduced. A restriction can be voluntary and promoted by BASC and wildfowling clubs or it can be a ‘statutory restriction’ introduced by a government minister. Either way, it must be observed. MAINTENANCE Keep vehicles in good order. Cold wet weather can sap vehicle batteries, leaving an embarrassing and difficult problem on a shoot day. If you have any concerns ensure you have jump leads ready to get older vehicles going on cold days. If you need them frequently, consider replacing the battery or having a mechanic…

2 min.
shoppers give game thumbs up

Sales of venison in Waitrose are up 60 per cent compared with last year, according to figures released by the company. Searches for game and game recipes on the supermarket’s website are markedly on the increase too. “With familiar cuts, game is no longer a daunting prospect” Waitrose is well known for its strong range of game products including joints, meatballs, mince and burgers. Last year Waitrose & Partners became the first UK supermarket to add venison liver and woodpigeon to its shelves. Searches on Waitrose.com have also revealed a boom in interest in game with searches up 36 per cent for pheasant, partridge up 43 per cent and pigeon up 12 per cent. A recipe for pheasant breast with apples and crème fraîche is proving particularly popular, with searches up 638 per…