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Shooting Times & Country 15-Jan-2020

Since its launch in 1882, Shooting Times & Country Magazine has been at the forefront of the shooting scene. The magazine is the clear first choice for shooting sportsmen, with editorial covering all disciplines, including gameshooting, rough shooting, pigeon shooting, wildfowling and deer stalking. Additionally the magazine has a strong focus on the training and use of gundogs in the field and, because it is a weekly publication, the magazine keeps readers firmly up-to-date with the latest news in their world.

United Kingdom
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beyond veganuary

It probably hasn’t escaped you that we are currently in the throes of so-called veganuary. I hope I’m not about to offend any vegan readers but the whole thing looks like a bit of a corporate con. Last weekend I even came across a shop selling ‘vegan pork’ and ‘vegan chicken’. Your guess is as good as mine. Last Tuly, while wandering round a wheat field picking pigeons I’d been decoying, I was suddenly struck by how many vegan-friendly sandwiches the crop might end up in. ‘Vegan-friendly’ — except two of us had killed 400 pigeons because the pesky birds were making serious inroads into the farmer’s profits. By the time you take into account pesticides, deer management and the creatures killed by farm machinery, I would wager that it’s impossible to…

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time for gps to stop holding shooters to licence ransom

Anew service has been launched to help put applicants for firearm and shotgun certificates in touch with doctors. BASC members who have been told they must provide a doctor’s verification of the medical details in their application can use the service to find a doctor who can help. Bill Harriman, BASC’s director of firearms, said: “More than a dozen police forces are now ignoring Home Office guidance and enforcing GP involvement, with even more looking to move in that direction. “The shooting community is in a catch-22 position, with the GP holding the applicant to ransom and the police not progressing the application. “The system is on its knees. BASC’s new service provides a valuable stop-gap for our members until a complete solution can be sought. “More than a dozen police forces are ignoring guidance…

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gloom over salmon season

Expectations are low as the salmon season reopens across Scotland. The Helmsdale and Thurso were the first to open, with fishing beginning on 11 January. The Tay followed today (15 January). The Tweed and the Dee begin their seasons on 1 February, with most other rivers, including the Spey, opening 10 days later. The last few rivers, including the Nith, open on 25 February. A shift towards 100 per cent catch-and-release on major rivers is likely over this season and next. Mandatory catch-and-release was introduced for spring salmon across the country in 2014. Outside the spring months, the numbers of salmon voluntarily released by anglers have increased dramatically in recent years — 93 per cent of rod-caught salmon were released in 2018, an 86 per cent increase in 25 years. Late last season officials…

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an egg-to-table audit scheme

The British Game Alliance assurance scheme can now run from egg to table following the launch of its Game Farm Audit scheme. The audits have received the backing of the Game Farmers’ Association (GFA), the British Veterinary Poultry Association and UK shooting organisations. GFA chairman Dominic Boulton said: “The GFA supports this new initiative and has been involved with the development of the scheme. “We encourage all game rearers, whether GFA members or not, to participate in the audit and demonstrate their commitment to all that it stands for. “Against the backdrop of mounting political and anti-shooting pressure, this scheme represents a huge opportunity to protect our livelihoods.” The audit process will include recommendations on mycoplasma testing. Mycoplasma gallisepticum, also known as ‘bulgy eye’ or ‘swollen head’, is becoming a more common problem for game…

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to do this week

RESPOND Defra’s consultation on trophy hunting is closing on 25 January. Ideas under consideration include a ban on the import and export of all hunting trophies. Shooting organisations are calling on members to respond opposing option three, which would ban all trophy imports and exports, and to back option four, which would leave the situation unchanged. DOG A regular worming schedule is important to maintain the health of your dogs. The Kennel Club recommends that dogs are wormed at least every three months. If you simply cannot get your dog to eat a worming tablet, speak to your vet about topical treatments or chewable dog-biscuit wormers.…

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events diary

18-19 JANUARY LADIES’ INTRODUCTION TO WILDFOWLING WEEKEND Latchingdon, Essex events.basc.org.uk/ events 20 JANUARY WALES LADIES’ GAME DAY Coed Coch, Dolwen, North Wales po.st/Walesladies 31 JANUARY DERBYSHIRE REALLY WILD DINNER & AUCTION Thornbridge Hall, Longstone Lane, Bakewell, Derbyshire gwct.org.uk/events 31 JANUARY BASIC METALLIC CARTRIDGE RELOADING Baronscourt estate, Tyrone po.st/metalreload 7 FEBRUARY GWCT ESSEX SPORTING BALL Braxted Park estate, Witham, Essex georgejones@ newneyhall.com 19 FEBRUARY PREDATION CONTROL LAW & BEST PRACTICE COURSE Near Fakenham, Norfolk gwct.org.uk/events…