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Tatler Singapore

September 2020

For 30 years, Tatler Singapore has been the ultimate authority on high society and the luxury lifestyle; defining and covering the world’s most important, influential and exciting people, products, parties and places.

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around asia

TATLER HONG KONG On the cover of Tatler Hong Kong are property tycoon Cecil Chao and his daughter Gigi. The duo discusses rebuilding their relationship after Cecil sparked a global media storm in 2012 by publicly offering US$65 million to any man who could convince Gigi, once described as the “most famous lesbian in Asia”, to marry him. tatlerhongkong.com TATLER INDONESIA Justin Lim, director of the multi-pronged, globe-spanning Hemera Group, talks about pivoting his businesses in Southeast Asia in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He is planning to open Covid-19 testing labs in Indonesia and glove and mask factories in Malaysia, among other projects. tatlerindonesia.com TATLER MALAYSIA On the cover of Tatler Malaysia’s September issue is acclaimed rug designer Omar Khan, whose creations can be seen in luxury hotels and designer stores around the world.…

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seize the day

Over the course of this year, there have been days that felt like forever, but the months seem to have passed faster than a bullet train. In the blink of an eye, we are now in September, almost at the end of a roller-coaster year. Throughout it all, there has been a collective embrace of nostalgia—many of us, myself included, wistfully look back to simpler days be it our childhood or a memorable holiday—a natural inclination as we seek comfort during this unsettling time. When we speak to the influential individuals in our Tatler community, however, the conversation inevitably moves to that of the future and how to create a better tomorrow especially when conventional wisdom no longer applies. In our Legacy issue, we survey the way family businesses are addressing…

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SEE THE STILETTO HOUSE This stunning residence, which made the cover of Tatler Homes Singapore, is playfully named because of the slim columns rising from its porch resembling the heel of a stiletto. THE LOWDOWN ON LOCAL BEAUTY We’ve rounded up our favourite homegrown beauty brands that are making us proud locally and internationally—do you know all 19 of them? RIDE THE WAVE Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and brimming with an abundance of wildlife, our country’s offshore islands have a lot to offer. Here are five islands to explore on your next trip out to sea. Follow us on social media @tatlersingapore…

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KAREN TEE Karen Tee finds joy in sparking inspiration and positive action through her work. Her love for writing is only surpassed by her love for yoga, which is why she considers the mat her second home. In this issue, she interviewed Parag and Ayesha Khanna for the cover story (p.172). MARK WILLIAMS & SARA HIRAKAWA Husband-and-wife team Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa first met while attending the Rochester Institute of Technology. Their photographs have appeared in Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Rolling Stone. They have shot numerous high-profile actresses and TV stars, including Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman and Oprah Winfrey. For Tatler, the couple photographed South African model and writer Maye Musk, who is also the mother of tech titan Elon Musk (p.192). GRACE MA Singapore-based writer Grace Ma has been covering the latest…

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5 IDIR DAVAINE: SNEAKY TREASURES Delve into the colourful world of French artist Idir Davaine who returns for a solo exhibition with nine paintings on canvas and paper. Inspired by his own collection of visuals, Davaine explores various fluid and distorted forms and invites the audience to interpret the hidden narratives behind each work. Organised by Cuturi Gallery at Artspace @ Helutrans, till September 20. Call 8182 0214 to make an appointment. cuturigallery.com 5 THUS HAVE I SEEN BUDDHIST FILM FESTIVAL 2020 The fourth edition of the biennial film festival moves into the digital sphere to showcase how Buddhism is taught and practised worldwide. This year, it spotlights 16 films from eight countries, including Hope Frozen, a documentary on the youngest person to undergo cryo-preservation following her death from brain cancer. Till September…

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the next move

GROWING ROOTS When Santha Bhaskar first joined Bhaskar’s Academy of Dance in 1955 after her marriage to the late KP Bhaskar, who founded the company three years prior, she had to quickly adapt to conducting dance lessons. That did not come easy for the Kerala-born dancer had no teaching experience. “I had no idea how to teach,” she notes in a Zoom interview with granddaughter Malini Bhaskar. “Learning dance and music was a way of life for me growing up. I never liked it, but my father wanted me to learn the art form and thought I was quite talented at dancing. When I came to Singapore and was asked to teach [dance] by my late husband, I simply performed in front of my students and asked them to learn through…