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Soap World #287

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ed’s letter

The already complicated love lives of the Forresters and friends take on a new twist when Steffy orders Wyatt to get rid of Quinn or their relationship is over! We celebrate 60 years of Aussie drama with a look back at some of our favourite and most iconic TV moments. After five years on our screens we will miss Winners & Losers — check out the final-season scenes with your fave characters. There is a surprise romance on Neighbours while on Home and Away former lovers Kat and Ash could be headed for a reunion. Lots of great viewing coming up on all our daytime soaps and regular Aussie dramas plus lots of other shows. Don’t forget our puzzle pages and all our other fun sections. Enjoy this issue.…

6 min.
the goss !

Eileen sticks with Housewives * After much speculation about her status on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Young and the Restless star EILEEN DAVIDSON (Ashley) has finally confirmed that she’s returning for the Housewives upcoming seventh season. “I decided that if I am going to be doing it then I’m really going to do it,” she said. “I am opening up my life even more and being more real. I want the real me to be shown and not a facade.” Davidson also revealed that she’s going to be starring in the upcoming film adaptations of the novels that she’s written. B& star ‘blacklisted’ Former star of The Bold and the Beautiful ANTONIO SABATO JNR (ex-Dante) claims that he’s been blacklisted by Hollywood for his vocal public support of Republican presidential…

3 min.
working with the best

* Rising star GEORGE H. XANTHIS admits he was star-struck getting to work with international success story NOAH TAYLOR and Orange is the New Black actress YAEL STONE on SBS miniseries Deep Water. The talented actor and comedian, who has appeared in drama The Principal and sketch show Open Slather, plays Iranian political exile Rohan. His character is a suspect in a violent murder case being investigated by detectives Tori (Stone) and Nick (Taylor). They later realise the crime has connections to unsolved cases. “They’ve been amazing — I’m such a big fan of both of theirs,” adds Xanthis. “I love looking at someone like Noah’s career, for example, and seeing how diverse his roles have been and someone who has done stuff in Australia but also overseas. That’s something that…

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love killer

Liam tells Steffy: “You have to come back to me and I’m not taking no for an answer.” Despite remaining steadfast in her commitment to Wyatt and their marriage, Steffy knows that the union is tentative at best as her lingering feelings for Liam and her unresolved hatred for Quinn continue to overshadow her happiness. Arriving in Monte Carlo for the Spencer Summit, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) has two objectives in mind. She wants to forget about Quinn (Rena Sofer) and wants Liam (Scott Clifton) and Wyatt (Darin Brooks) to work and live in harmony so they can all get along and move forward with their lives. Unfortunately for Liam, that’s easier said than done as he witnesses Steffy being monopolised and celebrated by the European media. Irked that Wyatt is parading her…

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dividing the spoils

Katie frets that if she pushes Bill too far, he’ll retaliate by not only leaving her with nothing but also fight her for custody of Will. Divorce is the only option left open to Bill Spencer. Despite returning a kidnapped Will to Katie, Bill decides that their marriage is definitely over and that the only way to force an alcoholic Katie to get the help she needs is to divorce her quickly. After declaring to Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) that he only loves her and won’t be going back to Katie (Heather Tom), Bill (Don Diamont) advises his wife that he wants to end their marriage as painlessly as possible. Katie is shocked when Bill gives her a settlement document and urges her to sign it immediately. He thinks he’s being generous…

3 min.
passion & fire

From the way she speaks to him, Ash would never suspect what Kat really thinks of him — and vice versa. HOME AND AWAY ON SEVEN Passion has a way of changing all the rules and making decisions for the people caught up in its crossfire. In Summer Bay, Kat (Pia Miller) and Ash (George Mason) are one such couple. Only a few months ago, their ill-fated romance was a disaster from the moment they first laid eyes on each other, through to the day they decided their affair was destined never to work out. But in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, true passion rears its head yet again between these lost lovers — and this time, it seems like it will not let up until its job is done. Kat and Ash have…