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Soap World #288

Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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1 min.
ed’s letter

We are loving our local soaps and dramas at the moment with lots of twists and turns to keep us intrigued. The suspense in Summer Bay continues with Nate torn between keeping Billie’s baby secret or revealing her lies to VJ and Leah. Will he keep mum and for how long? Baby dramas for two of our couples on Neighbours with surrogacy proving more challenging than any of them expected. More trouble on the homefront for The Bold and the Beautiful’ Steffy and Wyatt when she decides to walk away from him. Will this be the end of this young couple? We reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets from A Place to Call Home. Check out the latest gossip and have fun with our puzzles. We hope you enjoy the issue.…

8 min.
the goss !

Leading lady out of Nashville * Ahead of its fifth season premiere, Nashville has suffered a major blow with confirmation that its lead star CONNIE BRITTON (Rayna) will leave the series during the season. According to reports, Britton’s Rayna will only appear in 10 of the planned 22 episodes. Nashville, which was saved from cancellation earlier this year, will premiere season five in the US on January 5, 2017. Nashville airs here on Showcase. DEPAIVA’S REAL-LIFE BATTLE KASSIE DEPAIVA’ current return to Days of our Lives as Eve Donovan has been thrown into disarray with the shocking news that the actress has acute myeloid leukaemia. Revealing the news on her website, DePaiva wrote that “during the 3 week July hiatus [from Days] I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. And have spent 6…

4 min.
steffy walks out on wyatt

A shattered Wyatt begs her not to go but Steffy feels his promises to control Quinn always amount to nothing. Angered by the news that her grandfather Eric is now living with the despicable Quinn, Steffy throws down the gauntlet to her remorseless mother-in-law, telling Quinn that she’ll abandon her marriage to Wyatt if Quinn doesn’t leave Eric. Thinking that Steffy is bluffing, Quinn refuses to walk out on Eric and the happiness they’ve found, believing that she and Eric and Steffy and Wyatt can all be happy. Quinn’s (Rena Sofer) attitude is the last straw for an exasperated Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) who returns home to Wyatt (Darin Brooks) and explains to him the ultimatum she gave to his mother. A shocked Wyatt hopes that Steffy was only frightening his mother…

4 min.
nate faces a dangerous dilemma

Nate learned a long time ago not to trust a word that Billie says, but this time, he takes pity on her. If there is one thing Nate knows for sure about Billie Ashford, it’s that the young woman he sees as the blonde minx is trouble. She’s already tried to previously ruin his life, but he just narrowly managed to escape her clutches. Since then, Nate (Kyle Pryor) has known that danger is a woman named Billie (Tessa de Josselin). But the Summer Bay doc is about to find himself torn, in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, between his professional role as a health physician and as a friend to VJ (Matt Little) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou) when he makes a shocking discovery about Billie’s baby. For months, Billie has continued the…

2 min.
who’s your daddy ?

DOCTOR DOCTOR WEDNESDAYS AT 8.30PM ON NINE Ajax has grown up thinking Hugh doesn’t care about him, even in the context of being a brother. Life has changed dramatically for Hugh, a Sydney surgeon banished to the country to work as a GP after he became increasingly reckless in the operating theatre. But nothing has been more life changing than the revelation that he is the father of Ajax, the boy Hugh’s mother fostered from the age of six. It came as a big shock to Hugh (Rodger Corser) who has always struggled to think of Ajax (Matt Castley) as his brother and treat him like family. Now that Hugh knows Ajax is not only family by blood but also his son it has given the egotistical doctor much to think about. Realising he…

2 min.
surrogacy plan takes over

Sonya’s quest to help Steph and Mark have a baby is taking a huge toll on Toadie. The loyal husband and friend has voiced his support for the surrogacy plan though inside he is deeply conflicted. Toadie now realises he wants another child with Sonya but he might have missed his chance. At first, Mark (Scott McGregor) and Steph (Carla Bonner) turned down the amazing offer from Sonya (Eve Morey) so Toadie (Ryan Moloney) was considering telling Sonya that he wanted to try for another baby. Before he could talk to Sonya, Mark and Steph changed their minds and now it’s full steam ahead with the surrogacy. The first big hurdle is a meeting involving Sonya, Toadie, Mark and Steph, where they are bombarded with questions to make sure that all parties…