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Soap World #289

Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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1 min.
ed’s letter

Former lovers Steffy and Liam reunite on upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful following her marriage break-up with Wyatt. Will this time be happily ever after for the star-crossed duo? Back in Summer Bay, Tori has feelings for two men… will she choose Nate or Duncan? A scandal is set to erupt on Neighbours when Angus kisses his teacher! Meanwhile a revenge plot is brewing on A Place to Call Home and not many escape unscathed! Catch up on what’s ahead for your favourite characters and all the latest from behind the scenes of the soaps. Great prizes are up for grabs in our Win pages, plus entertain yourself with our great puzzles. Have fun and enjoy this issue of Soap World!…

8 min.
the goss !

Dynasty SET TO RULE AGAIN Famous for its outrageous fashions, spectacular catfights and a she-devil named Alexis, 1980s super-soap Dynasty is poised to return to TV screens in 2017. The CW network in the US has green-lighted a pilot of the proposed reboot to be written by Gossip Girl creators JOSH SCHWARTZ and STEPHANIE SAVAGE, and executive-produced by ESTHER and RICHARD SHAPIRO, the creators of the original series. However, there will be some differences. The reboot will tell the story of Fallon Carrington, the daughter of billionaire Blake Carrington, who will oppose her father’s plans to marry Cristal (not Krystle, as in the original) Jennings. In the new version, Cristal will also be Hispanic, adding a more diverse flavour. Days heroes come home Two of the most popular leading men on Days of…

3 min.
steffy & liam: back together !

‘Wyatt and I are over,’ Steffy says. ‘I’m free.’ For months, Steffy and Wyatt’s fragile marriage has rested on a knife edge waiting to be severed completely as Quinn’s antics govern her son and daughter-in-law’s future at every turn. Steffy’s recent decision to walk out on her husband unless Quinn left Eric has backfired badly leaving her resolute in forcing her mother-in-law out of her life. Nevertheless, a struggling Wyatt still clings to hope that his marriage can be salvaged. If only he can find a way to banish his mother. After constantly failing to keep Quinn (Rena Sofer) under control, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) is finally given the answer he needs. Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and the Forresters evict Quinn from the mansion and fire her from the company, given the illegality of…

1 min.
don’t discount ivy

Throughout the roller-coaster ride that has been the Liam/ Steffy/Wyatt love triangle, Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) has become the forgotten fourth party whose love for both men seems to have been swept aside. Since returning from Australia, Ivy’s old feelings for Liam have rekindled and when she hears that Steffy is returning to Wyatt (to give him one more chance), she spies another opportunity to get her man. Sympathising with Liam’s upset over the reunion news, Ivy advises him to forget about Steffy and suggests that he reunite with her instead. However, Liam can’t forget about Steffy and finding some dresses that Ivy has pulled from storage only exacerbates his resolve to win her back. Spying the unique wedding ensemble that Steffy wore when they married for the first time on an Aspen…

2 min.
sasha faces a dilemma

Sasha reiterates that he’s a good, upstanding man who’s a devoted father to his child. In Caroline’s absence, Sasha has become a close friend and supportive confidante to Thomas and slowly a fresh and fun rapport has developed between them. Despite his sadness at being separated from Douglas, who’s in New York with Caroline, Thomas’s feelings for Sasha have blossomed, especially during the crisis over Eric and Quinn’s wedding and Eric’s subsequent brain haemorrhage. Worried for his grandfather’s health, Thomas (Pierson Fode) tenderly thanks Sasha (Felisha Cooper) for her support but the close moment is interrupted by Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) and Douglas’s return home. Watching as Thomas rushes to cuddle the baby, Sasha tenses at the sight of her love rival and awkwardly welcomes Caroline back. Feeling like an intruder on the…

4 min.
torn between two lovers

Tori adores Duncan for all his sweet affection but she also has a special chemistry with Nate. When Tori first arrived in Summer Bay, all she wanted was to find a true and lasting love, with a man she could rely on when times got tough. Little did she ever think that fate had a double whammy planned for her, when it delivered two very different men to her — one the big and hunky Nate, the other the cute and sensitive Duncan. Nate (Kyle Pryor) and Duncan (Benedict Wall) have both carried on a merry dance with Tori’s (Penny McNamee) heart over the recent tumultuous months. In the wake of his marriage disaster to Ricky, Nate was so fragile he was not sure what he wanted any more, but he knew he…