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Soap World No. 304

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ed’s letter

Kicking off the new year with a sneak preview of the best of Aussie TV coming our way in 2018 plus we celebrate 30 years of Home and Away ! Our favourite Summer Bay drama has been on air for three decades and we take a stroll down memory lane to relive some of the best scenes. The Bold and the Beautiful turns up the heat with a sexy storyline featuring Katie and her younger lover Wyatt. Meanwhile, Steffy and Bill give in to their sizzling attraction and can’t forget about it. Will there be lasting consequences? Great summer reading in this issue with all the updates on the soaps as well as behind-the-scenes gossip. Plus terrific prizes up for grabs and fun summer puzzles. Enjoy the issue!…

8 min.
the goss !

B&B’s Donna may be back There are strong indications that The Bold and the Beautiful’s missing-in-action Logan sister, Donna, played by JENNIFER GAREIS, could be appearing in upcoming episodes. Recently, KATHERINE KELLY LANG (Brooke) shared an image from the soap’s shoot for its Christmas episodes and the picture shows Gareis standing behind Lang. Interestingly, Gareis was also pictured beside AARON D. SPEARS who was recently put on contract as Justin, who is also Donna’s ex-husband. B&B’s Christmas episodes will air in Australia from late February. PAGING DR LAURA After appearing regularly as Days’ Laura Horton from 1993 to ’99 and then intermittently in 2003, 2010, 2013 and 2016, JAIME LYN BAUER is returning to the soap to film at least one more episode, which is scheduled to air in mid-2018. The star reported on…

2 min.
fantasy frolics

A lingerie-clad Katie answers her door to Wyatt, who’s dressed as a pizza delivery man! There’s no doubting that Katie and Wyatt’s relationship is as strong as ever but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need some extra spice from time to time. Given their already playful sex life, some fantasy role-playing is always a good source of the required spice. Putting the idea into practice, a lingerie-clad Katie (Heather Tom) answers her door to Wyatt (Darin Brooks) who’s sporting a fake moustache and dressed as a pizza delivery man! He’s come to delivery Ms. Logan’s “extra-large” and exclaims “mama mia!” upon spying her attire. Feigning dismay at having no money for the order, Katie wonders how she should pay him. Wyatt responds by kissing her, leaving his moustache clinging to her lips.…

1 min.
thanks … for what?

Liam risks making waves by admiring Sally’s dedication and cherishing her friendship. Thanksgiving dawns and the Forrester, Logan, Spencer, Spectra and Avant families are finalising plans to celebrate the holiday together. With Pam and Charlie in charge of the kitchen, Eric and Quinn play hosts to their guests. However, the threat of Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) crashing the occasion worries Eric (John McCook) and Quinn (Rena Sofer) and as everyone arrives, Quinn takes her stress out on Katie (Heather Tom) reminding her that while she welcomes her, not every day is Thanksgiving. Once they’re seated at the table, Quinn shows displeasure at the sexual innuendo Katie conveys to Wyatt (Darin Brooks). With everyone saying something nice to the person seated next to them, Liam (Scott Clifton) risks making waves by admiring Sally’s (Courtney Hope) dedication…

9 min.
aussie drama preview

NEIGHBOURS There’s an uneasy time coming up in Ramsay Street for longtime favourite STEPH (Carla Bonner). She had hoped her return to Erinsborough in recent years would give her the peace she so desperately wanted after so many tough times, but the truth is it’s been hard work every step of the way to be back. Having survived the recent opening of Flame Tree Retreat, and the constant interference of her well-meaning mum LYN (Janet Andrewartha), Steph hopes that it now will just be easier days ahead with her hunky young lover JACK (Andrew Morley) by her side. But Steph knows something is just not right, and it concerns the relationship between Jack and PAIGE (Olympia Valance). As the father of baby GABE, Jack will now always be connected with Paige — whether…

5 min.
where it started

A small beachside community. A young couple from the city wanting to make a new start. A group of foster children from the wrong side of the tracks that needed help and love. They were the three main ingredients that a network executive and a drama scriptwriter had in mind in late 1987 as they began work on a new series they hoped would capture a nation’s heart, and be a response to the juggernaut of Neighbours that dominated the TV screen on another network. The TV executive was Alan Bateman, who wanted a teen-themed drama to attract a new generation of viewers. The scriptwriter was Bevan Lee, who had already created drama gold on the earlier hit Sons and Daughters . It was up to Lee to take the rough outline of…