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Soap World #290

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ed’s letter

It’s been a great year for the Aussie soaps and dramas, with a slew of new shows as well as our old favourites. Read our look back on the most memorable onscreen moments for shows including Home and Away, Neighbours, Winners & Losers and A Place to Call Home. The US daytime soaps never disappoint with a high dose of on-again, off-again romances, including the upcoming marriage break-up of Steffy and Wyatt on The Bold and the Beautiful ... looks like it’s a case of lover swap as Steffy reunites with Liam while Wyatt casts his eye on Ivy. Lots of other great news to entertain you in this issue plus our regular Win pages with terrific prizes up for grabs! Enjoy the issue and have a wonderful festive season!…

9 min.
the goss !

The Moustache’s memoirs The Young and the Restless star ERIC BRAEDEN (Victor) will release his long-awaited autobiography, I’ll Be Damned, in February. Chronicling all aspects of the actor’s life, including his Hollywood career and home life, it was the German-born star’s childhood experiences that proved most gut-wrenching to write about, he says. “It was an emotional ride,” Braeden reflects. “One inevitably lives life on a daily basis and sometimes you don’t take time to reflect, and when you do look back upon certain periods in your life [you] discover deeply buried emotions. The most interesting and sometimes upsetting was childhood and youth, growing up in the most cataclysmic war of all time. The first years in America were interesting but tough times.” Wink at a wedding Weddings are always special on soaps and…

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‘steffy is home!’

Steffy displays her ring finger tattooed with the wedding band and tells Liam that the tattoo artist is removing it. Steffy’s mother-in-law from hell, Quinn, has finally driven her out of Wyatt’s life and their marriage is over. Steffy has reunited with Liam and despite accepting that Wyatt was as much of a victim of his mother’s treachery as she was, she can no longer think about what could have been between them. She’s escaped from Quinn and happily cuddles up to Liam, knowing that she’s safe in his arms. All she wants now is a divorce. Liam (Scott Clifton) couldn’t be more thrilled. Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) return to him has been a long time coming and he’s anxious to make love with her. Despite the feeling that she’d be cheating on…

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zende sleeps with sasha

Nicole rushes on to the jet and finds them naked and entwined between the sheets. History is repeating itself and Zende Forrester is unhappy about old demons being dredged up. His girlfriend Nicole is seriously considering acting as a surrogate mother again to give her sister Maya and Maya’s husband Rick a sibling for little Lizzie. Zende feels that Maya and Rick are asking too much. Nicole has already given them the ultimate gift, he believes, and he doesn’t want them taking advantage of her again. Confiding his feelings in Sasha (Felisha Cooper), Zende (Rome Flynn) is grateful for her staunch support of his opposition to the idea and takes her advice to persuade Nicole (Reign Edwards) not to get pregnant with a baby that isn’t their own. Tentatively broaching the subject…

15 min.
drama in 2016

HOME AND AWAY There were shocks aplenty in Summer Bay this year with storylines kicking off with the investigation into who killed Charlotte King (ERIKA HEYNATZ). But the murderer wasn’t revealed until mid-year. It turned out to be Josh (JACKSON GALLAGHER) who was supposed to be blind at the time though his brother Andy (TAI HARA) took the rap at first. Josh later confessed and was sentenced to a long stint in jail but on the way out of the courtroom he and Andy made a daring escape and are now on the run. Two lives were lost when a caravan exploded during a party. Oscar (JAKE SPEER) died at the scene while Hannah (CASSIE HOWARTH) passed away later due to a bleed on the brain. There were also horrific injuries with…

4 min.
first the ladies

Away from the cameras, the two veteran stars of the rival soaps have nothing but high praise for each other. In the kingdom of Aussie soaps, only one King reigns — and that’s Summer Bay’s Ray Meagher. But when it comes to the queen, there are actually two female monarchs who share the crown — Home and Away’s Lynne McGranger and Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne. The two veterans have been ruling the roost on their respective shows for over two decades — and show no sign of abdicating. Lynne first joined Home and Away as Irene Roberts in 1992, while Jackie first appeared as Susan Kennedy on Neighbours in 1994. But this is where the matter of who is entitled to hold the record as the First Lady of Aussie Soap becomes a…