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Soap World #292

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10 min.
the goss !

B&B/Y&R crossover * Another character transfer between The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless is in the works. B&B’s JOHN MCCOOK is briefly moving over his character Eric Forrester to Y&R’s Genoa City for a meeting with Eric’s ex-lover LAUREN FENMORE (Tracey Bregman). Exact details about the rendezvous aren’t known but speculation is that Eric may assist Lauren with the current financial crisis affecting Fenmore’s, her department store retail empire. Viewers can see Eric’s Y&R episodes here on Arena in June. Twin Peaks RETURNS A date has been set for the new Twin Peaks series. It will be available exclusively on Stan with a two-hour premiere on May 22. The iconic show is an 18-hour series and once again directed by DAVID LYNCH. Set 25 years after the town…

4 min.
liam & steffy separate !

Eric says he wants Steffy to move into the mansion with him, Quinn and Wyatt, as it’s ‘inappropriate’ for her to live with Liam. The dream of being chief executive of Forrester Creations is leaving Steffy vulnerable to the calculating manipulations of Quinn, who’s convinced Eric to blindly support his granddaughter’s ascension to the position of power. In considering the offer, Steffy unintentionally drives a wedge between her and Liam, risking their recent reunion. Convinced that Quinn (Rena Sofer) is only offering her the job to manipulate her into saving her marriage to Wyatt (Darin Brooks), Liam (Scott Clifton) begs his lover not to be swayed by the arguments. He says she has to reject anything that the unstable and unpredictable Quinn offers her in order to protect herself and their relationship. If…

4 min.
the worst of enemies

What is most concerning is that Mick has escaped from hospital, and is expected to return to Summer Bay. There is a storm brewing in Summer Bay right now, and when this storm finally breaks, two lives will never be the same. The storm involves two people, the very best of friends who have been by each other’s side through every rough turn in their lives. But all that is about to change. Summer Bay matriarch Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) and her bestie Leah Patterson-Baker (Ada Nicodemou) have for almost two decades had the kind of friendship that other people have envied. Strong, loyal and utterly dependable. Most importantly of all, their friendship has been based on honesty. There is little these two women don’t know about each other and when the…

2 min.
good girl goes bad

Love can’t conquer all, as Piper and Tyler have found out since defying their families to be together no matter what the cost. Already their union has led to Piper moving out of home and Tyler losing his job at the garage. Now the couple is flat broke and struggling to keep their love alive amidst the harsh realities of living out of home. And the stress is about to set Piper down a dangerous path. While Piper (Mavournee Hazel) and Tyler (Travis Burns) have managed to find some accommodation at Leo’s (Tim Kano) Backpackers Hostel in exchange for free labour, money is still a big issue. Piper has no cash to replace her tattered uniform or buy the school supplies she needs. Her parents, however, continue their strong opposition to…

1 min.
love triangle set to sizzle

After stolen kisses with both Paul and Gary last year, Terese remains torn between her feelings and fears about embarking on something more with either. But both men still carry a torch and are turning up the heat as they look for any opportunity to woo the hotel owner. Gary (Damien Richardson) first gets his chance to impress with a barbecue that turns into an amateur sausage-making competition. Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is invited as well as Paul (Stefan Dennis) who decides it’s a good opportunity to suss out if there’s something happening between Gary and Terese. When Gary’s sausages turn out to be a hit, Paul gets uncomfortable at the attention Terese gives Gary. Paul decides to fight fire with fire and host his own barbecue with sausages he secretly bought from…

2 min.
pressure tested

The tension rises as the kitchen becomes a disaster zone and George struggles to keep his cool. There’s plenty of potential for George and Fiona to become a couple but there are challenges on many fronts as they explore the possibilities of being more than friends. As the pair get to know each other better the pressure mounts when a small get-together becomes a full-blown dinner party. Will George and Fiona escape unscathed? It all starts when Woody (Rick Donald) surprises George (Erik Thomson) by installing a dishwasher. To celebrate, George and Fiona (Michelle Langstone) decide to have Woody and Tracey (Emma Leonard) round for a meal. But once the Weld gossip mill starts to churn, as it so often does, the simple evening turns into a dinner party so big that George…