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Soap World #295

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ed’s letter

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Bold and the Beautiful it was only fitting that Australia’s most watched daytime soap would mark the occasion with a spectacular location shoot featuring breathtaking scenes from Sydney Harbour and a soap wedding. We share some beautiful pics of Steffy and Liam’s marriage and an update on the nuptials. We know the road to romance has always been a rocky one for Roo and upcoming episodes reveal more heartbreak, on Home and Away. Aussie TV’s golden girl Lisa McCune chats about her new role on ABC’s The Warriors. We have lots of great reading on all our fave soaps and dramas plus puzzles and terrific prizes up for grabs. Enjoy this issue and stay safe.…

1 min.
why she’s leaving

* Departing Days of Our Lives star ARIANNE ZUCKER (Nicole) has opened up about her decision to leave the soap after 20 years. The actress has admitted that the decision was a long time in the making, saying that, “two years ago, I was contemplating making the shift. The first time I left [for two years, 2006-08], I didn’t even know if I wanted to act. So this time, I finally figured out who I am and what I am and what I want to do, and I absolutely love acting. “I thought, ‘Well, I have a great job’ but you always want to have a back-up plan. I just want to go off and try new things. So I made sure I dotted all my i’s and crossed my t’s and…

9 min.
the goss !

A BOLD NEW OPENING * While celebrating its recent 30th anniversary, The Bold and the Beautiful took fans by surprise by unveiling new opening credits for the occasion. On March 23, the day of the anniversary, B&B debuted a new opening, which is very different to the previous one but pays tribute to the show’s original opening from 1987. Unlike the previous credits, which used green-screen technology to digitally create a fashion show and included actor and character names, the new credits are actually an updated version of the original ones. Executive producer BRAD BELL says: “Well, when you hit 30 years, you think about the history of your show, and this is really a treat for all those people who have stayed with us since the beginning who remember the original…

4 min.
a sydney wedding adventure

From the moment she agreed to Ivy’s suggestion to marry Liam in a “destination” wedding in Australia, Steffy has been determined to ensure that the nuptials capture her spirit of adventure and the elements of surprise that have always featured throughout her life. Preparing for their imminent flight to Sydney, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton) kiss and cuddle lovingly and thank their guests for flying Down Under with them. However, a playful Steffy isn’t about to reveal any of the huge surprises she has in store, not even to an inquisitive Liam who doesn’t push because her ability to shock and surprise him has always fuelled his attraction to her. Relaxing during the flight, Steffy is confident that nothing will go wrong with this wedding although she confides to…

5 min.
roo at the crossroads

Over the coming weeks, Roo will be shaken to the core and find her very future hangs in the balance. The one thing Roo Stewart has become an expert at in recent times is keeping secrets. This woman is on the run from a whole range of things in her life, and so is used to keeping the truth about her world close to her chest, not wanting anyone to know too much about what is going on. Most recently, Roo (Georgie Parker) has been keeping mum about her romance with hunky younger man James Mayvers (Tim Ross). She was determined that no one would know what’s going on with James until she has decided how serious it is, in the hope of escaping another humiliating relationship collapse. Truth be told, Roo has…

3 min.
a dangerous obession

Elly finds out her teaching history is being investigated and fears what they might discover. Conniving and callous, Finn and his ruthless career ambitions have no bounds. The teacher came to Erinsborough High with a clear mission — become school principal and win Elly’s love. To do it he has to take down Susan but as she cottons on to his devious ways Finn will go to dangerous lengths to achieve his goal. While always passionate about rising to the top of his profession, Finn (Rob Mills) has had extra incentive to speed up the process. He has a brain aneurysm that could burst at any moment and kill him. So Finn moved to Erinsborough to achieve his dreams of running a school and getting Elly (Jodi Anasta) back. Both parts of the…