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Soap World #296

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12 min.
the goss !

Where’s Caroline? * Caroline Spencer Forrester may not have been seen on The Bold and the Beautiful since October 2016 but that doesn’t mean fans won’t get to see her again, says her portrayer LINSEY GODFREY. Speaking about her role, Godfrey says that while Caroline is in New York for now, “I’m always excited to come [back] and play, whenever they’ll have me,” hinting that her character’s stories are far from over. Soap stars’ new roles * Former Y&R star JUSTIN HARTLEY (ex-Adam) who currently plays Kevin on the hit primetime drama This Is Us, is to appear in the upcoming film A Bad Moms Christmas. He’ll play Ty Swindle, described as “a fit and handsome firefighter by day who doubles as an erotic dancer at night”. Meanwhile, former Days hottie SHAWN CHRISTIAN…

4 min.
fashion queens at war

Steffy calls Sally disgusting and smugly taunts that she’s shown Thomas the criminal that she is. Blushing bride Steffy’s Australian wedding to Liam was the picture of perfection, except for one thing, the irritating presence at the gathering of her fashion rival Sally Spectra, who revelled in being Thomas’s date for the occasion. The memories of her harbourside catfight with Sally are still raw in Steffy’s mind as she chastises her brother for inviting Sally to the wedding. Despite respecting Thomas’s desire to find love, the woman he’s dating is a Spectra and in Steffy’s mind simply cannot be trusted. Livid at Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) attack on his personal life, Thomas (Pierson Fode) defends Sally (Courtney Hope) and ignores Steffy’s warning that Forrester Creations can’t risk history repeating itself in allowing…

2 min.
‘let’s have a baby

Seeing Lizzie blossoming into a beautiful little girl has an emotional impact on Zende. * For a long time, Zende Forrester has passionately resisted all suggestions of having a child of his own. The emotional turmoil that he endured throughout his then-girlfriend Nicole’s surrogate pregnancy with her sister Maya’s baby dissuaded Zende from all involvement with babies. But now that he’s happily married, Zende’s attitude is changing. Revelling in his new marriage, Zende (Rome Flynn) is still aglow with memories of his fairytale reunion and wedding to Nicole (Reign Edwards) as they excitedly dive into their new lives as husband and wife — and colleagues at Forrester Creations. Not even a disagreement over Coco’s (Courtney Grosbeck) presence at the company divides them. Despite Nicole’s growing friendship with Coco and her belief that Coco’s…

4 min.
‘who is this man ?’

His behaviour has run the gamut from sweet and sensitive to wildly unpredictable. Two years ago, Marilyn and John were the picture of married perfection, as the very-much-in-love couple exchanged vows and rings in one of the most romantic weddings Summer Bay has ever seen. But that day and the love they showed off to the world now feels like ancient history as the reality is this marriage is now foundering, and it seems nothing will save it from smashing onto the rocks. The recent months, with John’s (Shane Withington) various medical challenges and battles with the law after being revealed as the bushfire arsonist, have changed the way Marilyn (Emily Symons) looks at her husband. While she once promised to love him until death do they part, Marilyn now wonders if they will…

2 min.
tragedies of the heart

Joan faces another tragedy when her baby Laura is struck with pneumonia As the new girls of Stanton House grapple with their futures, the romances of those we’ve come to know and love over the years are proving rocky. Life has certainly thrown some dramatic curve balls at Joan, Viv and Martha lately and their ability to get through these tough times will certainly test their strength. Joan (Jessica Marais) has had it hardest of all in recent times. With Jim (Matthew Le Nevez) on the run, Joan gave birth to her daughter Laura all alone. But in the struggle to get used to being not only a new mum but a working mother Joan is unaware of a horrible twist of fate — her baby was accidently swapped with another. And…

2 min.
the truth about rita

Rita’s delusions are becoming dangerous with the naive nun-in-waiting refusing to accept treatment. * There has been plenty of drama and intrigue surrounding the newcomers at Stanton House but the unique situation of one of the girls has everyone baffled. And when Rita refuses treatment for her difficult pregnancy the shocking truth of the situation leads to an explosive confrontation. Each of the girls who has moved through Stanton House has had a story to tell but none as unusual as Rita’s (Darcie Irwin-Simpson). It isn’t often that a nun moves through the halls of the home for unwed mothers but in Rita’s circumstance she has nowhere else to go. Quiet and shy, Rita has struggled to accept what is really going on with her. Church Mouse, Debbie’s (Sophia Forrest) nickname for Rita,…