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Soap World #297 Special

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8 min.
the goss !

Y&R VETERAN AXED After 14 years playing the iconic, popular and sometimes-disturbed Kevin Fisher on The Young and the Restless, GREG RIKAART has been fired from the show. He is filming his last scenes this month and his exit is expected to air in August. Reasons for Rikaart’s dismissal are unknown. “Fourteen years ago, I booked a two-week long gig on The Young and the Restless,” he said in an Instagram post. “In my wildest dreams, I could never have imagined what it would turn into: a career-defining experience that has brought me so much happiness and fulfillment. At the moment it is unclear what lies ahead for Kevin and I, as we will be saying goodbye to Genoa City for a while. I am sad to leave a place I hold…

4 min.
nz & uk soap latest

HOMAGE TO THE PAST “Good afternoon. Shortland Street Accident and Emergency Centre,” were the first words spoken on the first episode of New Zealand soap Shortland Street when it premiered 25 years ago on May 25, 1992. To celebrate the show’s silver anniversary and that iconic moment, the soap has brought back Marj Neilson Brasch, the character who uttered the inaugural line for the anniversary episodes that will air here in Australia in late June. Actress ELIZABETH MCRAE , who plays Marj, has returned alongside other beloved characters Nick and Waverley Harrison, and others, for the 90-minute special episode that is said to feature a “cataclysmic event”, according to producer MAXINE FLEMING . STREET’S STAR SIGHTINGS Possibly three new arrivals are about to descend onto the Coronation Street cobbles. Rumours are swirling that the popular…

5 min.
family fashion feud

Sally urges Thomas to run away from her as fast as he can, but to her shock, Thomas pulls her into an embrace. Chaos reigns in the executive suites at Forrester Creations as Sally Spectra is slapped into handcuffs and arrested for stealing the company’s design collection to pass off as the property of Spectra Fashions. Everyone is so stunned by the turn of events that they fail to see the massive family feud that’s brewing on the sidelines, not only between Forrester and Spectra but also within Forrester’s own ranks. Alone with Sally (Courtney Hope), a brokenhearted Thomas (Pierson Fode) can’t hide his humiliation as he begs her to explain why she betrayed him, his family and their own relationship. He’s heartened as she sincerely pleads with him to understand how much…

5 min.
something’s gotta give

Kat thinks Ash has become obsessed with Luc, and she just cannot understand that connection to the child. It was clear from the very beginning that Kat had mixed feelings about becoming a mother figure to baby Luc. Clear to everyone, except Ash. Ever since the day he went for custody of the baby, what should have brought Kat (Pia Miller) and Ash (George Mason) even closer together has created a deep division between them. And in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, in the wake of Luc’s recent health crisis, what becomes painfully clear is just how very different is what these two people want out of life, and the strain that is now placing on them. For Ash, as the baby’s uncle, he now considers the top priority in life is the…

2 min.
torn young lovers apart

Her brother Marco will take her to marry Paolo, a man her family has promised her to. While the men and women of Kings Cross Hospital deal with heartbreak after heartbreak, one love story has continued to defy expectations. Italian immigrant Elena and her Australian beau Ed are determined to be together but the odds are against them. Elena (Danielle Catanzariti), one of the Stanton House girls, will soon give birth and be forced to hand her baby over to the State. When she does, her brother Marco (Jerome Velinsky) will take her to marry Paolo (David Soncin), a man her family has promised her to, in order to clear a massive debt. That is far from what Elena wants. The shy teenager wishes to be with Ed (Travis Jeffery), who she met…

1 min.
my big mistake

Matron knows the walls are closing in on her and it’s only a matter of time. Matron’s epic mistake in the labour ward returns to haunt her when Joan is given reason to believe her baby was swapped. Though Matron has known for quite some time that she put the name tag on the wrong newborn she has vowed never to reveal the truth. It is a secret that has tormented Matron (Mandy McElhinney) for some time now. But never was she more rattled than when Laura, the baby that Joan (Jessica Marais) thought was hers, died suddenly. Joan was completely and utterly devastated. Even though Matron watched the heartbreaking situation unfold she said nothing and instead tried to destroy the evidence. But Joan has seen the autopsy report conducted on Laura and…