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Soap World #298

Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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7 min.
the goss !

Drake goes grey * Usually black-haired Days of Our Lives favourite DRAKE HOGESTYN (John) has stunned family, friends and colleagues by allowing his hair to go naturally silver. It’s a decision that the 30-year Salem during months-long hiatus from the soap last year after suffering debilitating on-set injuries. “I’m looking kind of down the line here at life’s cycles,” he says. “This last year has been a real eye-opener about how fragile life is and how life can go south in a hurry, so this is me and I’m owning it.” Y&R alum plays killer Former The Young and the Restless star, MILES GASTON VILLANUEVA (Luca) has joined the cast of new eight-episode primetime drama, Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders, which chronicles the killings of wealthy socialites JOSE and KITTY…

2 min.
bliss bombshell

Brooke feels Ridge could get hurt trying to protect Quinn. Lost in their love bubble, newlyweds Brooke and Bill return from their honeymoon happier than ever but they’re soon given cause for concern upon hearing that someone wants Quinn dead. Naturally, that concern weighs heavily on Brooke who frets that Ridge will be caught in the crossfire. Awkwardly reconnecting with Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) smooths his ruffled feathers about all he’s been through in their recent relationship and turns her attention to his feelings for Quinn (Rena Sofer), believing that the murder attempts against Quinn have only amplified Ridge’s real feelings for her. He denies it but Brooke feels he could get hurt trying to protect Quinn. Later, Brooke is relieved to hear that the apparent shooter Sheila (Kimberlin Brown)…

2 min.
thomas breaks his ties

Steffy accuses Sally of using her brother. Ignoring her, Sally declares she truly loves Thomas. * Now that Thomas has stepped in to financially save Sally and Spectra Fashions from certain ruin, he has much to answer for in the eyes of the Forrester family who are hurt by his betrayal and want him back in the fold. Much to Ridge, Steffy and Eric’s disappointment, Thomas rejects their offer and returns to Sally, telling her that he’s honouring his investment with Spectra and her, and they’re staying together. Naturally, Sally (Courtney Hope) is thrilled but Saul (Alex Wyse) is broken hearted by the decision. He’s just offered Sally his own money, designs and the promise of an equal partnership in the company he loves. But Sally, buoyed by Thomas’s (Pierson Fode) promise that…

5 min.
the unlikely lovers

They both know they shouldn’t and that it will probably never work, but that’s hardly enough reason to halt the budding romance between Tori and Ash. Everything about this situation right now is so very wrong — and they know it. Both Tori (Penny McNamee) and Ash (George Mason) are on the rebound from their respective troubled love affairs and just need to spend some time on their own to work out what they want in their lives, now and into the future. But as will unfold in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, this would-be romance is about to be given a red hot go and could make Tori and Ash the most unlikely of Summer Bay lovers in years. Not that it will be easy. They could not be more different…

2 min.
shock couple alert

Things really heat up when they get caught out by the sprinkler system in the park In what might be one of Ramsay Street’s most unlikely match-ups ever, Jack and Steph are developing feelings for each other and sealing it with a kiss. The attraction catches both by surprise leading them to wonder whether they should explore their attraction further. The pair can’t help being in each other’s orbit at the moment. It means their friendship is growing but it’s also providing plenty of opportunities for their connection to heat up into flirtatious banter. Jack (Andrew Morley) is helping Steph (Carla Bonner) with a project for Sonya (Eve Morey) and it goes so well they head to The Waterhole to celebrate. Their fun evening lights a match under their sexual tension as the pair…

1 min.
fighting back

An unknown hater has thrown Piper’s life into turmoil attacking her online after a video she made opposing what she sees as the sexist portrayal of women in video games. They have hit her through the internet and are now making scary threats in real life so it’s time to make it stop. With a theory about who is behind the horrible incidents, Piper (Mavournee Hazel) is determined to get the evidence she needs to prove who it is. Elly (Jodi Anasta) suspects it was one of the teachers at school who is known for holding a grudge. She thinks it is Wayne Baxter (Jon Bryden), who also assisted devious teacher Finn (Rob Mills) until he realised what Finn’s intentions were. Wayne has also had some awkward run-ins with Elly so it…