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1 min.
ed’s letter

It’s happily never after for Thorne and Katie who are headed for divorce in emotional upcoming scenes of The Bold and the Beautiful! Thorne decides to pull the plug on his ailing marriage and it looks like Bill may be there to step in for a reconciliation with his ex! Hope’s increasingly drawn to baby Phoebe , still unaware the newborn is the daughter she believes died at childbirth – the baby drama’s keeping us glued to our screens. Elsewhere, it’s all happening over on Ramsay Street when the bride-to-be sleeps with her sister-in-law! And check out the latest on Bad Mothers, Secret City and Ms Fisher , plus our update on the shows we’re loving across the various streaming platforms. Scott Clifton chats about what’s ahead for Liam ,…

1 min.
stars at large

New kid on the blocks You know, CHRIS PRATT, when you’re nervous about trying to impress your new squeeze’s dad – and he happens to be man mountain Arnie Schwarzenegger – maybe playing with Lego isn’t the best look of all time. Just sayin’... Why it’s called high school You’ve spent way too much time on jumping castles and trampolines when you get around like this, VANESSA HUDGENS! High time for you to bounce! Walk of shame Thought the walking dead were pedestrians on their phones bumping into you? No! JEFFREY DEAN MORGAN and NORMAN REEDUS confirm it’s the losing Super Bowl team Happy days! Either BRYCE DALLAS HOWARD is The Pudding’s Woman of the Year or The Wizard of Oz remake’s taken a twist! They’re very Close! Aww! SIR PIPPIN OF BRADFIELD couldn’t wait backstage while GLENN CLOSE…

3 min.
over & out!

Yep, it’s over – Thorne has a Valentine’s Day bombshell for his wife after deciding that enough’s enough and he can’t play second fiddle to the figure of Bill always looming large in the rear-view mirror. He’s sure tried his best, but he just can’t compete any longer… The day of love starts out promisingly enough. True to her recent promise to Thorne to dedicate more time to him and their marriage – after he expressed his misgivings about how much family time she’s spending with Will and Bill – Katie seizes upon Valentine’s Day as the perfect evening for a little romance. She wants to thank her husband for his patience and understanding over their complex family dynamics, but also to let him know that her love for him is…

2 min.
cruel crime’s taylor made!

Reeling in the wake of losing her granddaughter – and the crazy news that Steffy has adopted a baby girl at lightning speed – Brooke’s smelling a rat! Adoption usually goes at a snail’s pace, dragging on for months, if not years, so Steffy getting a child signed, sealed and delivered virtually overnight just doesn’t add up. “Brooke’s unnerved to think that unstable Taylor could’ve procured the baby by underhanded means” Last time she spoke to Taylor, Brooke wasn’t shy about airing her misgivings. Lost in her blissful grandma bubble, Taylor brushed it off, instead profusely thanking Reese and his “divine intervention” for giving her and Steffy such a beautiful gift... However, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) can’t escape another inquisition as Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) visits his newest granddaughter and, despite being thrilled for…

2 min.
brave to the end

Diagnosed with severely advanced ovarian cancer, Sonya remains a pillar of stoic strength, eagerly wanting to live the rest of her life to the fullest, spreading peace and harmony wherever she goes. That spirit quickly rubs off on Susan, who works wonders brokering the peace between Toadie and Karl over the issue of Sonya’s delayed diagnosis. Unexpectedly, Sonya’s (Eve Morey) aura also motivates Paul (Stefan Dennis) into making a gesture which surprises but also touches everyone around him, and especially the struggling Rebecchis. In the face of all this positivity, life does intrude when Nell (Scarlett Anderson) is harassed by a male classmate for wanting to be an astronaut when she grows up, something he says she’ll never achieve because she’s a girl! Predictably incensed at the boy’s sexist naivety, Sonya’s…

2 min.
something blue…

Emotionally gutted by the inner demons that are individually pulverising their minds, Elly and Mark are struggling to remain completely invested in their wedding plans, even as their big day draws ever closer. Unaware of each other’s internal conflict, Elly continues swallowing the knowledge of Chloe’s romantic passion for her, while Mark conceals his heartache over Sonya’s illness conjuring marital doubts in his mind... Consoled by yet another of his visits to ex-fiancee Kate’s grave, Mark (Scott McGregor) battles to articulate his feelings, berating himself for lying to Elly (Jodi Anasta) about his whereabouts when he should be attending a wedding meeting with her. Finally, he’s able to lay open his pain to Kate, unaware that Elly’s overhearing every word, having finally tracked him down amid fears he isn’t committed to…