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1 min.
ed’s letter

We were saddened and shocked to learn of the tragic death of a true TV icon in Luke Perry earlier this month. We pay special tribute to the late Beverly Hills, 90210 star from page 24. The shocking baby scandal continues to unfold onscreen on The Bold and the Beautiful – with Steffy looking to escape all the drama by taking the kids and leaving the country. We’re on the set with Melody Thomas Scott to celebrate her remarkable four decades on The Young and the Restless! We salute her – we sure couldn’t imagine the show without Nikki’s shenanigans! Elsewhere, check out all the latest and what’s coming up on our favourite Aussie soaps, plus all the shows you must see on streaming platforms. We also catch up with Joel…

1 min.
stars at large

Getting carried away Yeah, we know – we also wanna tell the buoyant ALLISON JANNEY she’s too late for the Mary Poppins remake but we don’t want to burst her balloon! Don’t stand so close to me Well done to BEN AFFLECK for looking after his health lately, but his close talking has CHARLIE HUNNAM thinking he could use a mint! Welcome Matt – he’s back in school Now this is a question that MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY can answer when he drops in to a Texas high school. Q: “How many people saw Sahara ?” A: “One!” It sure floats their boat Reigning on their own parade are the stars of Neighbours , who celebrated Mardi Gras in Sydney with their own Ramsay Street float. The show made TV history with last year’s wedding – they’re inclusive party…

3 min.
so long , steffy!

While the addition of adopted bouncing baby girl Phoebe (really Hope and Liam’s daughter Beth) into her family fold has been a joy, single mum Steffy hasn’t found it all plain sailing. She may be reasonably content with her lot in life but Hope’s bizarre insistence her marriage to Liam must end so he can reunite with her and be a hands-on dad to the girls creates turmoil... Although Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) maintains she doesn’t want Liam, there remains a fantasy notion of reconciling with him if she makes the move! Caught between Hope’s (Annika Noelle) fragility and Liam’s (Scott Clifton) frustration in wanting to stick at his marriage, Steffy confides her domestic upheaval in a supportive Taylor (Hunter Tylo). It’s obvious that Taylor believes Steffy and Liam should never…

2 min.
heart starters

* Well, there’s sure been a whole lot of troubled water that’s flown under the broken bridge of Katie and Bill’s relationship in recent years – and when she sued her ex-husband last year for full custody of their son Will, reconciliation was not on the cards! Since that battle ultimately ended with him being granted generous access visits with his son, Katie has witnessed a new, gentler and much more emotionally available side to Bill… More recently, Katie’s (Heather Tom) annulment from Thorne (Ingo Rademacher), and Will’s (Finnegan George) frisson of excitement over his parents being together more often has softened her stance towards him. Adding to that is the upbeat, romantic outlook of Katie’s sister Donna (Jennifer Gareis), who remarks often and loudly to Katie that it’s her firm…

3 min.
three's a crowd!

Lately, the perennially hapless Gary Canning couldn’t be happier, having finally won back Amy’s affections! He’s also convincing her to quit working for her morally ambiguous father Paul and return to her professional roots as Erinsborough’s handywoman. He’s so thrilled with his change in fortunes that he’s now furtively plotting a very special surprise for the woman he truly adores. Thankfully, Amy (Zoe Cramond) is oblivious to Gary’s (Damian Richardson) plans, but Paul (Stefan Dennis) is on red alert, furious at Gary for manipulating Amy against him and out of his employ. Unnerved by Gary’s covert behaviour, Paul stalks his every move, confident he’ll expose more of his dodgy schemes – and when he spies an engagement ring on Gary’s person, a horrified Paul takes immediate action to derail the romantic…

4 min.
zero to hero?

Stirring from his months-long coma, Finn Kelly’s slow recovery from the injuries he sustained when Susan pushed him off the cliff is having a massive, and hugely unsettling, impact on the lives of his various victims! Most notably, Susan has been seriously swayed into believing the claims that Finn’s struggling from amnesia and can’t recall his crimes. Feeling responsible for Finn’s condition, Susan empathises with him, experiencing a maternal pull that makes her want to comfort and nurse him back to health! What? Nevertheless, Susan (Jackie Woodburne) is haunted when Finn (Rob Mills) tells her he forgives her for injuring him! Starting to see Finn as a victim, with the knowledge of his supposedly traumatic childhood and early adulthood, Susan grapples with whether it’s fair to hold a grudge against him…