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1 min.
ed’s letter

On the one hand it’s rather heartwarming to see Bill and Katie on the cusp of their romantic reunion on B&B, especially considering the previous enmity over access to Will. Now he’s at the heart of their reunion! However, with Flo on the brink of dropping the ultimate truth bomb on Hope, and about to find out who her real father is, no-one’s going to stay happy for too long! Speaking of secrets and lies and baby dramas, wedded bliss is unravelling rapidly for Mark and Elly on Ramsay Street, with the pregnant bride struggling with her dreadful deception! Elsewhere on the local front we preview season seven of gritty prison drama hit Wentworth, the returns of SeaChange and Harrow – starring hunky Ioan Gruffudd – and the quirky-sounding Five…

1 min.
stars at large

Having a ball and a bevvy Sports fan ETHAN HAWKE sure looks like he’s living the dream here – taking in a Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks b-ball clash... while nursing a soothing beverage! Q: Does it get any better? A: Nope! Shades of night fever... When you want A-list star power for the opening night of Saturday Night Fever in Sydney, who you gonna call? H&A’s JAMES STEWART and SARAH ROBERTS Mad hatter’s tea party Sure, tons of dodgy stuff goes on in Genoa City, but Y&R’s civilised enough for CHRISTIAN LEBLANC to stop for a refreshing Earl Grey Top gear When you put the old team of KITT and DAVID HASSELHOFF back together, your risk a parking fine Whose round is it anyway? What a coincidence! KARLIE KLOSS and ASHLEY GRAHAM are at the same game in…

3 min.
embraced with open arms

“Bill’s longing to be a good father to Will makes Katie fall in love with him all over again” Over the past few weeks, Katie and Bill’s strengthening, rekindled friendship has been the subject of a great deal of interest from their dearest and nearest. In fact, they all seem hellbent on pushing them headlong into a full-blown romantic reunion. While these two have been understandably cautious – she, for one, is only newly single – and have taken things at a snail’s pace on a slow and cautious path towards reconciliation, one particular little matchmaker has done their absolute darndest to ensure these two end up on the fast track to romantic love. Much to the duo’s increasing amusement, their personal Cupid recently revealed themselves when the reconciling lovebirds were surprised…

2 min.
strained relations

Late last year Dean made the cathartic decision to track down his biological father after an item in his troubled mum’s belongings led him to believe the man wasn’t aware he existed. Then, after confirming that ex-AFL footy star Rick Booth was indeed his biological father, Dean nervously met him -- only to discover that Rick wanted nothing to do with him! Explaining that he never knew Dean existed, Rick paid him off to go and never come back after he’d threatened to reveal their connection to the sportsman’s daughter Kayla. Since then, Dean’s heard nothing… nada... zip. However, Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) recent emotional upheaval in dealing with the nightmares of aiding and abetting Colby (Tim Franklin) in covering up Ross Nixon’s murder have prompted him to reconnect with his recovering…

3 min.
wrong steer!

A long time ago, Terese Willis made a vow to put her wild-child exploits as a teenager in the Northern Territory far behind her. So far she’s been successful in forging a respectable and rather conservative new lifestyle, but of late her saucy affair with the much younger Leo and now her relationship with the morally questionable Paul has revived her old bad-girl attitude. It’s about to get worse! Pleasantly surprised when her former sister-in-law Gemma (Beth Buchanan) pays her an impromptu visit, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is taken aback when Gemma expresses her wish for her wayward daughter Roxy (Zima Anderson) to move to Melbourne, and live with Terese! Seeing Roxy’s flirtatious rowdiness at The Waterhole, Terese hesitates to welcome the loose cannon, but finally agrees to a trial period when…

2 min.
under siege!

Dreading the final day of Finn’s court hearing, his many victims sweat on the judge’s verdict as to whether he’ll be jailed to be revealed. Once Elly gives the court a much less vitriolic assessment of the impacts of his crimes on her than she intended, shockwaves echo around the courtroom as the judge hands Finn a noncustodial sentence! Instead, he’ll be released into strictly monitored supervised housing. With all halfway houses full and with no family members living fulltime in Australia, Finn ends up on Ramsay Street, courtesy of his half-brother Shaun pressuring Elly to propose the amnesiac devil-doer live with the Kennedys! Say what? No sooner have Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan (Jackie Woodburne) made Finn (Rob Mills) comfy than they incur the wrath of several neighbours, most notably…