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1 min.
ed’s letter

Let the love games begin as Thomas pulls out all the tricks to woo Hope away from Liam – even enlisting an absent Steffy in thrilling eps of The Bold and the Beautiful. All hell breaks loose on Ramsay Street when bride Elly is forced to confess her infidelity and reveal that the baby she’s carrying is the result of a drunken one-nightstand! Is this the end of her brief marriage to Mark on Neighbours? In Summer Bay Ziggy’s enduring her own emotional dramas and has turned to booze and a certain boy to help ease her pain. On the inside, the friction between inmates will escalate into all-out war on Wentworth – it could be a bloodbath! We catch up with the ever-charming Jon Hamm and chat about life…

1 min.
stars at large

Snap chat Real-life besties and GoT siblings MAISIE WILLIAMS and SOPHIE TURNER throw shapes – hey, they’re on top of the world and can do no wrong! Mall or nothing It was so lovely having DREW BARRYMORE in town but, sheesh, doesn’t she get emotional? She was overwhelmed by fans at the Sydney shopping mall launch of her cosmetics range Action stations! Crying out for someone to make waxworks of them, ROBERT DOWNEY JR and JEREMY RENNER act like they’re in the world’s biggest movie, Avengers: Endgame. Oh... Treat yourself Looking like he’s no stranger to Drew’s beauty products, WILL SMITH goes all metro, revealing his skincare regimen: eye patches and hydrating glove... whaaaat? Pyramid scheme Did you know that LIONEL RICHIE adores The Bangles? And his absolute fave is “Walk Like an Egyptian” – tune! Play ball! If JAMIE FOXX is…

4 min.
hold onto hope!

No longer prepared to just sit back and play the grieving widower for Caroline, a woman he’d long stopped loving before she died, Thomas is now taking a leaf out of his father Ridge’s legendary playboy handbook. He’ll no longer pretend to just be a supportive friend and confidant to a struggling Hope, who’s still mourning baby Beth death. He’s made it clear to friends and family that he’s passionately in love with Hope and intends to do everything in his power to ensure he wins her love! Yep, that includes destroying her marriage to Liam! Rebuffing everyone’s constant reminders that Hope (Annika Noelle) is a married woman, and therefore off-limits, and buoyed by his son Douglas’s (Henry Joseph Samiri) growing bond with Hope as a maternal figure, Thomas (Matthew Atkinson)…

2 min.
friend zone

Burying the scandalous fact that Finn’s half-brother Shaun Watkins fknocked her up during their regrettable one-night stand earlier this year is becoming harder for an overwhelmed Elly. Her husband Mark’s very suspicious of her nervous behaviour and her demeanour only worsens after she’s forced to confess the paternity bombshell to an inquisitive Finn! He promises to hide her secret... but Elly’s relief promises to be shortlived. Sincere enquiries from Finn (Rob Mills) about her fragile mental health gnaw away at Elly (Jodi Anasta) until she finally breaks down and admits every sordid little detail of the horror show to Mark (Scott McGregor). Disgusted as each insidious lie spills from her lips, Mark has a few choice words for his wife, leaving their marriage in turmoil! With Mark shutting her out to…

2 min.
back in business?

Last year, Chloe became so entangled in the passionate whirlwind that was her Cash for Company transaction-turned-relationship with wealthy vintner Pierce Greyson that she almost lost control of her emotions. After initially believing he was only interested in paying her for sex, she became so close to Pierce that she opened up to him and confessed her Huntington’s Disease diagnosis, strengthening the bond between them. But, in time, Chloe felt smothered and ultimately abandoned Pierce on a skiing weekend! After Pierce left town, Chloe took a while to recover but has now moved on in a casual relationship with housemate Kyle Canning. Pierce (Tim Robards) is now further from Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) mind than ever before... which makes her totally unprepared for the news of his totally unexpected reappearance in…

2 min.
this means war!

The resounding echoes of Rita’s brutal actions, in mercilessly murdering Marie’s henchwoman Drago to spare her little sister Ruby’s life, are pulsating dangerously through the corridors of Wentworth Correctional Centre. And since that fateful, terrible moment, Marie and Rita’s personal circumstances have forever anticipation of her release, Marie’s now emotionally adrift and trapped in a living hell with only one safe cushion to support her: Allie (Kate Jenkinson), the former prostitute she once employed who remains her only friend. Clinging to Allie doesn’t heal all Marie’s wounds. She’s still desperately craving justice for her son and wants to play the changed in the blink of an eye. Awaiting news of her ultimate fate, Marie (Susie Porter) was shattered to learn her conviction for the manslaughter of a poor medico who couldn’t save…