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1 min.
ed’s letter

After enduring agonising months of an emotional storyline tugging at all our heartstrings, it’s happiness for Hope and Liam when they finally learn that their precious baby daughter is alive and well after all! The couple reunites in upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful after discovering this joyous news – I think we’re all a bit relieved – however, it may not be happily ever after for them if Thomas and Steffy have their way. Elsewhere, there’s tons of drama and turmoil on the local soaps with a bitter family feud escalating on Neighbours, while over on Home and Away Irene finds herself living in abject fear of what’s to come for her. Read up on what’s ahead on all our favourite hit soaps and dramas, and to…

1 min.
stars at large

Lion around It’s swings and roundabouts as Saved by the Bell fave MARIO LOPEZ and daughter Gia enjoy The Lion King’s hospitality... Kelly gets her kicks Soap faves CHRISTIAN LEBLANC and BETH MAITLAND use lots of pregnant pauses as they clown around with KELLY KRUGER and she counts down to bub No.1! Give us a Chris! Don’t you know that headlocks are all the rage among heroic actor types these days? So JEREMY RENNER and CHRIS EVANS get to grips with one another at Comic Con... Big fans get a big hand! Wow! CHRISTINA AGUILERA forgot to dress for Paris Fashion Week and just dashed to the show in whatever she had on! How embarrassment... Rebel Alliance Sure looks like The Force is strong in REBEL WILSON. Is this the sort of high-tech weapon her character/s will be wielding…

4 min.
joy at last!

Flabbergasted by the outrageous story he’s hearing, Liam pieces it together with irrefutable proof! Hope’s a bride in deep despair as she struggles to come to terms with the fact that she’s tied the knot with her stepbrother practically overnight. Worse, she’s still in love with Liam, and in mourning for her “lost” daughter Beth. Adding to her dismay is pressure from her husband to consummate the marriage, and stark warnings from her cousin Flo not to trust him! In her heart of hearts, Hope wishes she had Liam there to make all her pain and confusion go away... What Hope (Annika Noelle) can’t know is that Liam (Scott Clifton) is doing exactly that, striving to piece together the truth and reality of his recent suspicions about Beth’s true fate. Armed with…

3 min.
family feud!

NEIGHBOURS WEEKNIGHTS 6.30PM ON 10 PEACH An outspoken Roxy has caused her Aunt Terese, and the residents of Ramsay Street, endless headaches from day one, but now she fears she’s burned one too many bridges after blatantly accusing Gary of assaulting Paul! Gary’s innocence has been proven and, riddled with guilt for not getting her facts straight, sheepish Roxy is keeping a low profile in Erinsborough. What Roxy (Zima Anderson) doesn’t know is that Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is privately yearning to help her niece, still believing she has the ability to turn the wayward teen’s life around. Extending an olive branch, Terese invites Roxy to move back into the Willis house – but when the embarrassed girl dismisses the idea, she earns a severe tongue-lashing from a rather flabbergasted Harlow (Jemma Donovan)!…

2 min.
vanishing  act

A true matriarch, Sheila Canning will make waves within her family circle if that’s what it takes! Her attitudes, opinions and actions are usually for the greater good of protecting or helping her children and grandchildren – but lately she’s taken a step too far. Despite her devastation over Gary being accused of bashing Paul, Sheila’s made the grave maternal mistake of not fully believing her son is innocent. And as a result, she’s still paying her penance for her moral stance, and feels like an outcast. Sheila (Colette Mann) is hoping she’ll have one ally in her corner when her boyfriend Clive (Geoff Paine) returns from his business trip, but to her dismay, he reacts badly to Gary’s (Damian Richardson) news that his mother has turned against him and…

2 min.
price of fame

LES NORTON SUNDAYS 8.30PM ON ABC Flat-sharing with a big-time advertising executive like Lozza can have its benefits – as Les discovers when Lozza loses the lead for her upcoming beer commercial. Unable to find a replacement, she wastes no time seizing upon Les’s joke that he has an “opening in his schedule”. There’s no time to lose, so Les and Lozza head to Queensland for the shoot in a pub. Unfortunately, in his trademark style, Les (Alexander Bertrand) turns the commercial into a dramatic disaster and Lozza (Kate Box) is almost hysterical at the thought of her entire livelihood going down the gurgler... After calming down, Lozza pleases Les when she salvages the campaign – even better, her ingenious move not only saves the day and her bright career, complete with a…