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Soap World No. 299

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8 min.
the goss !

PREVIEW: NICOLE’S LAST DAYS Departing Days of Our Lives star ARIANNE ZUCKER (Nicole) has provided a few hints on Nicole’s final months in Salem. “Through the whole process of where Nicole’s going, getting her baby back, there is some wonderful story that is told with some characters that I know fans have been wanting to see. It’s painful, but what I like about the story is that it’s a little more real. I like the fact that the story has some history to it and, hopefully, the fans will like that too. I think it’s owed to these characters,” she said. Zucker also confirmed that Nicole will have some final scenes with Alison Sweeney’s Sami upon her return. “It is short and sweet, but it’s funny. There’s just nothing like Nicole…

2 min.
has katie found love again?

Wyatt surprises Katie with a gift for Will, an encounter that soon turns into a lunch meeting. Months of unhappiness over Quinn and Ridge’s betrayal of Eric have finally given way to a fresh and happier new lease on life for Katie. After being cleared of trying to kill Quinn and accepting that she’ll never be a successful jewellery designer, Katie has accepted a publicity position with Forrester Creations, which just so happens to be Wyatt’s former role. Needing tips on how to make it successful, Katie (Heather Tom) asks Wyatt (Darin Brooks) to give her some advice and is pleased when her former stepson suggests that she use the imminent Spencer Summit in Monte Carlo to generate company. Strategising, they conclude that a fashion show, highlighting swimwear, is perfect and Wyatt…

1 min.
dangerous driving

Coco’s nervousness makes Brooke suspicious. At long last, teenage lovebirds Coco and RJ finally feel ready to take their relationship public as they make it official on social media and share a passionate kiss. To celebrate the milestone, RJ surprises her with his father’s classic convertible car. They’re going for the ride of a lifetime! With night approaching, Coco (Courtney Grosbeck) enthuses about her coolest boyfriend ever as they cruise the streets of LA in blissful ignorance of everything around them. Stopping to admire the view and take playful selfies, RJ (Anthony Turpel) and Coco take to the back seat to kiss before RJ offers to let Coco drive. Jumping into the driver’s seat, Coco quickly tries to share her exuberance on social media but the move is a massive mistake. Encountering an approaching…

5 min.
should i stay or should i go?

It’s no secret that the man Marilyn married just two years ago and the man John is today are worlds apart. Sometimes in life, you just need to read the signs of what is going on around you to get a tough reality check. That’s where the glorious Marilyn Chambers is right now. Nothing in the Summer Bay beauty’s life is working out how she wants it to. Every way she turns, there’s another hurdle. Every effort she puts in turns into another disappointment. And, in almost every case, most of the problems have just one source — her marriage to John (Shane Withington). Which is why, in the coming weeks, Marilyn (Emily Symons) will find herself at a turning point. After more than a year of uncertainty about life with John, Marilyn…

2 min.
in love with the enemy

Amy feels like she is betraying her father – and also worries about whether or not Nick has truly changed There is a sexy spark between Amy and Nick, but she’s been wary of the former doctor given his brutal history with Paul. However, the more Amy gets to know Nick the deeper she falls for him and it’s not long before they are locking lips. Amy’s (Zoe Cramond) attraction for Nick (Damien Fotiou) reaches fever pitch when they cross paths at the hospital. She’s there with Jimmy (Darcy Tadich), who’s getting a check-up, while Nick is now a volunteer. As the pair chat Nick begins to open up to Amy about his desire to connect with patients on a deeper level. though he is struggling. Amy offers some advice and it’s not…

1 min.
big little lies

When Dipi finds a condom wrapper after Yashvi and Ben innocently fall asleep on the couch, she jumps to the wrong conclusion. It sets off a chain of events that has Yashvi embellishing the lie that she had sex with Ben just to be popular. Word gets out at school that Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) and Ben (Felix Mallard) hooked up when Ben tries to let Yashvi know that Dipi’s (Sharon Johal) confronted Susan (Jackie Woodburne) about it and is on the warpath. This exchange is overheard by Freya (Adele Wilson), who suddenly wants to hang out with Yashvi. Loving the attention, Yashvi lets the rumour stand. Later she is hanging out with Ben, who is giving Yashvi’s sister Kirsha (Vani Dhir) a music lesson. Yashvi gets her hands on Ben’s phone and…