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Soap World No. 300

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1 min.
ed’s letter

The claws are out on The Bold and the Beautiful when Sheila and Quinn decide they both want a piece of Eric . The warring women are so desperate to win over the Forrester patriarch that they’ll do whatever it takes … may the most scheming villainess win! All’s fair in love and war and especially on the soaps as we see in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, where unlikely lovers come together. The Wrong Girl’s Lily fears her relationship may be in jeopardy when an old flame of her boyfriend resurfaces. We catch up on where we left off with A Place to Call Home and look forward to what’s about to unfold. Lots of intrigue and romance on the soaps and dramas plus the juicy gossip. Enjoy…

11 min.
the goss !

ANOTHER DAYS VILLAIN RETURNS Salem is about to have its hands full with yet another baddie returning to Days of Our Lives in the next few months. Hot on the heels of the news that Y&R’s EILEEN DAVIDSON (Ashley) would be reprising her popular role of the villainous Kristen DiMera and possibly some of the Banks quadruplets, comes confirmation that LOUISE SOREL is returning to show as bad girl Vivian Alamain later this year. It’s not yet known who, what or why brings Vivian back to Salem following her last departure in 2011 when she left for India on the arm of her old friend Ivan to become a Bollywood movie star. HELLO AGAIN, KEVIN Fourteen-year Y&R veteran GREG RIKAART (Kevin) who was sensationally sacked from the soap just weeks ago is already making a…

5 min.
the battle to be queen

Sheila’s temper snaps as she physically attacks Quinn, resulting in a vicious catfight. Intense fear is pervading the Forrester family as Eric remains isolated from Quinn and his children. He’s secretly holed up in a hotel with the opportunistic Sheila as he licks his wounds over the breakdown of his marriage following the revelation of Quinn and Ridge’s affair. Quinn and the Forrester family are deeply concerned that Sheila will take advantage of Eric’s vulnerability to poison him against them for her own selfish ends. Sure enough, Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) is revelling in being Eric’s (John McCook) friend and confidante as she happily supports him through the crisis, convincing him that Quinn (Rena Sofer) and Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) betrayal should never be forgiven or forgotten. She’s thrilled when Eric accepts her comforting…

4 min.
forbidden love

Brody being a little wild and dangerous is the thing that makes him even more attractive. There’s nothing more electric than a young couple playing with fire, and when it comes to the sparks flying in the new love affair between Brody Morgan and Ziggy Astoni, these two are treading into dangerous territory. This is forbidden love, and in upcoming episodes of Home and Away, it’s about to become far more illicit when the young lovers do everything to keep their secret away from the Morgan and Astoni families. Brody (Jackson Heywood) and Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) know they are courting danger that could ruin not just their lives but also those of the people around them. Top of that list is Ziggy’s over-protective dad Ben (Rohan Nichol), who has not liked Brody from the…

1 min.
ben in battle

* Summer Bay newcomer Ben is about to face a conflict on two fronts. Not only is he fighting to keep his daughter Ziggy away from Brody, but he has also created an enemy in local favourite Leah (Ada Nicodemou). The battle lines have recently been drawn between this pair over a deal that simply would not work. Leah has since blamed Ben for ruining everything, despite his protestations it was not all his fault. As one of Summer Bay’s central figure, it’s not a good idea to cross Leah — a woman of untold influence and strong connections. She has also lived through enough let-downs and disappointments to not be anyone’s pushover. Which she will make very clear to Ben in the coming weeks, when she lets him know he has made a…

2 min.
an old flame on the scene

As Toadie approaches he is shocked to see Sam and Sonya hanging out together They were once one of the strongest couples on Ramsay Street but now lies and betrayal seem to have destroyed Toadie and Sonya’s happy marriage. And slowly but surely they have been getting closer and closer towards reconciling but an old flame of Sonya’s might change all that. Toadie (Ryan Moloney) has no idea that when he starts therapy to work through the issues that caused much of the problems in his marriage that he is actually meeting with a man from Sonya’s (Eve Morey) past. Later Sonya is working at the nursery when she catches a glimpse of a familiar looking man. Back at home while sorting through old photos she remembers the guy is Sam (Alex Tsitsopoulos).…