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Soap World No. 302

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1 min.
ed’s letter

After months of keeping their affair secret, Katie and Wyatt care caught almost mid-act by a scheming Quinn ! And she’s not too happy about the discovery, on upcoming episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful. Lots of drama too on the other soaps: On Neighbours Paul is shocked to learn his fake fiancée may have developed real feelings for him; On Home and Away a bitter custody battle could tear apart a popular couple; Salem’s Sami is determined to find her missing son, on Days of Our Lives; and Billie finds herself drawn to a new man on The Secret Daughter. Plus all the latest gossip from behind the scenes, prizes, movies and hours of puzzle fun for you to enjoy!…

9 min.
the goss !

Soap star politician She might play B&B’s biggest villain, but KIMBERLIN BROWN (Sheila) hopes to become a politician after announcing that she’s running for the US Congress. On Facebook, Brown recently confirmed that “I’m thrilled to announce that I’m running for Congress in California’s 36th District.” A long-time political activist, Republican Brown is urging fans to learn about her campaign at her website: B&B recasts Thorne * In a wildly shocking move, The Bold and the Beautiful has recast the iconic role of Thorne Forrester, deciding to let WINSOR HARMON go. He has played the Forrester son on and off since 1996. Australian actor and former General Hospital star INGO RADEMACHER (Jax) has landed the role, announcing that he’s signed a contract to bring Thorne back to LA on a permanent basis.…

2 min.
bed buddies busted

Suddenly Wyatt emerges and Quinn gasps in horror, “no, no, no!” Months of sexy rendezvous between Katie and Wyatt depended on the condition that their new-found romance be kept under wraps at all costs, particularly to spare the feelings of Wyatt’s mother and Katie’s arch-enemy, Quinn. Keeping the secret has worked for the lovers, but that all changes when Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) notices them enjoying a flirtatious lunch while working in her new job at Il Giardino restaurant. Intrigued, Sheila keeps a close watch and grins to see them sharing a sneaky kiss. She wastes no time telling Eric (John McCook) of the liaison, hoping the development will unnerve Quinn (Rena Sofer) enough to endanger her marriage. Needing confirmation of the claim, Eric visits Katie (Heather Tom) and silently watches from the doorway…

1 min.
home is where the heart is

It was a massive, life-changing decision when Zende and Nicole accepted the offer to move to Paris so Zende could take a role in the Forrester International offices – one that caused more than a few misgivings for Nicole. She suspected Maya had masterminded the offer to separate her from little Lizzie and the deepening bond they shared. Now, weeks later, Nicole (Reign Edwards) has returned home to visit her parents and takes the time to update Eric (John McCook) and Rick (Jacob Young) about her new life in France. Zende (Rome Flynn) is doing very well in his new position and she’s settling into European life slowly but surely. They are pleased for Nicole. But when she eagerly asks where everyone is, it’s clear she’s missing being around family, friends and…

5 min.
the fight of ash’s life

What this battle is doing to Ash is bringing out his old killer instinct. Ash has done everything to change his life over the past year. He became guardian parent to baby Luc, finally removed himself from the toxic relationship with Kat and is now finally with Tori, a woman who seems headed in the same direction where Ash wants to be going. His angry, violent and troubled personality has steered Ash (George Mason) in the wrong direction for so much of his life, but he has been certain he was looking to a new future. Until now. The thing that unsettles everything is the arrival of Mick (Kristian Schmid). In upcoming episodes of Home and Away, Ash is about to discover that the seething rage and fury he has done his best…

2 min.
tangled web of deception

If Paul doesn’t do something quickly, he will be the victim of his own game-playing. Paul may soon regret faking a romance with Courtney just to get back at Terese. The much younger woman has practically got the whole thing organised, while Paul is freaking out that the arrangement has gone too far. That’s because Paul (Stefan Dennis) is starting to have doubts about what he’s done. He’s worried that shacking up with Courtney (Emma Lane) means he will lose his chance at real love. But Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) hasn’t come calling despite cancelling her wedding to Gary (Damien Richardson), which makes Paul furious, and that anger is driving Paul to continue with the Courtney charade. There has been a little spark between Paul and Courtney, but her request that they make their…