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Soap World No. 305

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ed s letter

The lives of our faves on The Bold and the Beautiful are racing along! Now news of Steffy ‘s pregnancy and paternity puzzle are no secret from Liam and Bill and the two men are in turmoil, turning to violence! And as their actions hurt everyone, Liam walks out on Steffy. How will she cope? We’ll certainly be glued to the screen to find out. Meanwhile, on Home and Away, get set for an intense feud as Ash seeks revenge on Robbo ... and on Neighbours, here comes trouble! Izzy is back and nothing will be the same again. Check out our “Five of the Best” feature too, looking back at our much-loved Aussie shows. Plus there’s the latest gossip, our Golden Globes red carpet special, puzzles and more. Enjoy…

9 min.
the goss !

Love blooms in Salem * Jennifer Horton Deveraux ( MELISSA REEVES) is getting a new love interest on Days Of Our Lives, and she’s set to put pressure on Eric to finally be upfront about his feelings for her. ANDRE KHABBAZI has signed on to play Dr Shah, a medico at University Hospital who’ll soon declare his feelings for Jennifer. Interestingly, the actor previously appeared as Shah in an August 2017 episode of the soap in scenes involving Tripp. Khabbazi is familiar with soaps, having played Alec Moretti on Y&R from 1997-98 and Oscar Ruiz on Sunset Beach from 1997-99. BRYTON’S INTRUSIVE NEWS A new film, The Intruders, created by GREGORI J. MARTIN, the honcho behind online soap sensation The Bay also stars several recognisable soap faces. Current Y&R star BRYTON JAMES plays…

4 min.
baby debacle

Bill roars that Liam has to think of his child and stay with Steffy. “You’re pregnant” are two words that usually engender ecstasy and excitement in prospective mothers, but for Steffy Forrester those three syllables only dredge up dread. Suddenly, her mind is flooded with flashbacks of the night she had sex with her father-in-law, Bill. Liam’s enthusiastic response to the news only makes her more uncomfortable. Watching Liam (Scott Clifton) tenderly talk to her tummy and saying “it’s ours” leaves a tearful Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) heartsick as she succumbs to a daylight nightmare in which she gives birth to her child and Liam angrily confronts her with the screaming baby – bearing Bill’s (Don Diamont) face! To add to her turmoil, Bill marvels at being a grandfather when Steffy tells…

2 min.
does love ring true?

Assistant jewellery designer Ivy Forrester may be surrounded by many handsome men in her workplace at Forrester Creations, but she’s never had great success on the romantic front. Giving her all to relationships with Spencer brothers Liam and Wyatt hasn’t worked either, as the obstacles to her happiness have always proved insurmountable. A brief marriage to Liam (Scott Clifton) two years ago was nothing more than a deportation-dodging exercise for Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer), who knew that Liam loved Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). In time, Ivy hoped to make Liam love her instead, but ultimately set him free. She soon thought she’d found love with his brother Wyatt (Darin Brooks), but residual feelings for Liam and the interference from Wyatt’s mother Quinn (Rena Sofer) put paid to that. Not long after, Ivy…

3 min.
a deadly feud

As if there hasn’t been enough carnage and tears in Summer Bay recently, the community is about to be shaken by a brutal, bloody feud. It’s between Ash (George Mason) and Robbo (Jake Ryan) over the woman they both loved and lost, Kat (Pia Miller). Now she’s gone, both are completely shattered by her loss in a devastating car accident. But Ash’s vast grief has made him frighteningly dangerous as he plays the blame game and seeks to exact his revenge for losing Kat on the person he holds responsible – Robbo. Of course, it’s not just Kat for whom Ash grieves: his baby son was also killed in the smash, caused by Summer Bay newcomer Jasmine (Sam Frost). Ash figures that in losing both Kat and his child, he has double the…

4 min.
the three who could bring izzy down

Usually when someone from the past returns to Ramsay Street, there’s a homecoming party to welcome them back into the Erinsborough community. That is, unless that person is Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte). When the firebrand homewrecker makes her return appearance in Neighbours in coming episodes, it can only mean one thing. Trouble. And true to form, Izzy turns it on from the moment she sets foot in Ramsay Street. Within days the community is in the midst of one crisis after another and, just like the worst of the past, Izzy is right at the heart of all of them. There’s an accident, a secret deal, damning accusations, a financial bombshell, dangerous suspicions and a surprise announcement that will change all the rules for many of Ramsay Street’s denizens. The new Izzy who has come…