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Soap World No. 311

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the goss !

POWER PLAY * Votes have been cast in the initial stages of the US election campaign that could see B&B star KIMBERLIN BROWN (Sheila) eventually enter Congress. Kimberlin’s political ambitions have been bolstered by the 23 per cent share of the vote she earned in recent polls, making her the leading Republican candidate to advance to the midterms in November. She’ll face off against Raul Ruiz to become the US House of Representative for California’s 36th District. SEE YOU IN SALEM Fans of Days’ Shawn and Belle can look forward to more from their favourite couple with the news that BRANDON BEEMER (Shawn) and MARTHA MADISON (Belle) are once again reprising their roles. Taking to Twitter to confirm the news, Madison said, “Thanks for all the love y’all! @carlivatiron [head writer Ron Carlivati]…

2 min.
best of british

SUDDENLY A SON… Recent UK episodes of Emmerdale have charted the traumatic story of Charity Dingle’s repeated rape and abuse as a teenager at the hands of bad cop DI Bails. Now it’s been revealed that Charity fell pregnant with Bails’s child and although she’s long believed the baby had died at birth, in fact her son survived. This has paved the way for the introduction of Charity’s now-adult son Ryan Stocks. JAMES MOORE has been cast as the 27-year-old Ryan who, in a further twist, has ataxic cerebral palsy. Described as “feisty, funny and reckless, with an unquenchable zest for life,” Ryan will appear in eps showing here on UKTV next year. STREETS AHEAD Coronation Street cleaned up at the British Soap Awards, scoring six prizes including Best British Soap, Best Actor,…

4 min.
oh baby! liam’s done it again …

“Hope is patient and loving and they ultimately share a tender moment, bonding over the lifechanging news.” Wedding fever’s once again in the air now that Steffy and Liam have reconciled! But amid the heady excitement of all the preparations for the big day, Bill’s fired off new salvos to prevent the nuptials ever taking place, having lied to keep them apart. He’s cruelly blackmailed Steffy into calling off the wedding, threatening that if she marries Liam, he’ll ensure Taylor goes to prison for shooting him! That’s the terrible predicament Steffy (Jacqueline’s MacInnes Wood) finds herself in when Liam (Scott Clifton) returns home to her. He happily reports that while Hope (Annika Noelle) is upset about their break-up she now believes that his place is with Steffy and their daughter Kelly; she…

3 min.
‘i’m your wife!’

Not content with having turned Toadie’s life upside down over the past 18 months, Andrea Somers now drops a whole new bombshell – she is Dee after all! In upcoming episodes of Neighbours, Andrea (Madeleine West) finally comes clean and confesses to Toadie (Ryan Moloney) that she is indeed Dee, and never stopped loving him! A distraught Toadie has no idea what to think anymore! This is the second time Andrea has done this to him, but while he was overjoyed last time, this time he approaches her wild confession with wise caution. Andrea has been committed to a psychiatric hospital in Hobart. She’s heavily medicated and seems to be living in an imaginary world! When Toadie and Sonya (Eve Morey) head with Willow (Mieke Billing-Smith) to the hospital to check in on…

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meet the mother

* With the relationship between the Conway girls at an all-time low after the ordeal of being locked inside the shipping container, their mum Liz turns up in an attempt to soothe the troubles – and very quickly makes things so much worse. After Liz (Debra Lawrence) arrives in upcoming episodes of Neighbours, it’s soon obvious why things between the siblings are so bad. Liz is even more chaotic than Elly (Jodi Anasta) and Bea (Bonnie Anderson), and just needs to open her mouth to stir up problems! Liz is sure she’s doing the right thing by telling stories about what it was really like when the girls were growing up, but all she is doing is reopening old wounds. Things take a very bad turn when Liz reveals the truth about why…

3 min.
two sides to tori

* There’s going to be some changes around Summer Bay for one of the locals, and in this case it’s not before time! In upcoming episodes of Home and Away, there will be a very different Tori (Penny McNamee) emerging from the rubble of her recently shattered love with Ash (George Mason). Now that he’s gone and she’s alone again, don’t be too quick to assume poor Tori will be left devastated and shattered. If anything, this romantic upheaval is about to mark an important turning point which will have Tori emerging stronger than ever. Tori is about to chart a new course as a single woman in Summer Bay. After surviving three disastrous affairs in the past 18 months, with Ash, Duncan (Benedict Wall) and Nate (Kyle Pryor), Tori decides it’s now…