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Soap World No. 312

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the goss !

Mum’s the word for Mishael Weeks after wrapping her five-year stint as Hilary Hamilton on The Young and the Restless , MISHAEL MORGAN is expecting her second child. “YES I am pregnant,” she posted on social media. “And guess what… it’s a girl!!! Expectant big brother NIAM, who’s three in August, is also said to be excited! On the professional front, Mishael could soon be even busier again, too, with rumours that she may join General Hospital . The ol soap switcheroo? Could former B&B star LINSEY GODFREY (Caroline; above) be heading to Days sometime soon? That’s the word out of LA after the actress was spied auditioning at Days’ NBC studios. Other indications of a Salem relocation include Linsey now following the soap’s official Twitter account and also that of its stars…

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best of british

COUGAR FOR CORRIE A “cougar” lawyer is arriving shortly in Coronation Street’s Weatherfield in a bid to sweep a love-starved Sophie Webster off her feet, much to Sophie’s mum Sally’s chagrin. STIRLING GALLACHER, who recently appeared as the Mayor of Walford on EastEnders, is playing the role. In other Corrie news, MATT MILBURN is returning for another guest stint as footballer Tommy Orpington. Last seen in 2016 hiring Michelle as his wedding planner, Weatherfield County FC player Tommy will reappear later this year to help eight-year-old player Jack Webster cope with a life-changing foot amputation. And for fans wondering why cantankerous Norris Cole is yet to reappear on the cobbles after an extended absence, it’s because his alter ego MALCOLM HEBDEN is recovering from a massive heart attack and “groundbreaking” surgery.…

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steffy fits the bill

One little – but entirely fabricated – photo has finally given Bill Spencer his heart’s desire after henchman Justin sneakily snapped Liam and Hope in an intimate moment at the Hope for the Future fashion show! Bill thrust the image in Steffy’s face as proof that it’s time to end her marriage! Shaking with disbelief and anger, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) then reels as Bill (Don Diamont) reveals an engagement ring and asks her to marry him! He knows Steffy can’t help but feel affected by Liam’s (Scott Clifton) almost daily support and connection with Hope (Annika Noelle), and reiterates he’s the only man who can fully commit to her in mind, body and soul. Emotionally ravaged, Steffy can’t give Bill the answer he wants... and announces that she has to…

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five great reasons to detoxify your body.

It may improve your sex life Doing a detox is the best thing you can do for your hormones, especially if you are male. Sugar, alcohol and a high carb diet cause testosterone levels to plummet. Men with a waist circumference greater than 94cm, men with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes are at increased risk of low testosterone. This can cause low sex drive, erectile problems, low mood, increased risk of depression and anxiety, reduced muscle strength and stamina. For more info visit: Your brain will work better The food you put in your body will influence your mood and mental clarity. Sugar and artificial additives contribute to anxiety and fluctuating energy levels. If you eat a lot of carbs early in the day, you are more likely to experience an…

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boys’ big day

Along and winding road down the aisle beckons Aaron and David as they make history at the heart of Ramsay Street’s first same-sex wedding. It will, of course, be anything but easy as both David (Takaya Honda) and his fiancé Aaron (Matt Wilson) tackle a mountain of family issues to get to their big day. At more than one point, it looks like the whole thing is doomed! While the couple’s very much in love and determined to make their relationship legal, there are other forces at work that seem set to derail everything! And those forces, in the main, are David’s parents! He’s forced to deal with dramas created by his father Paul (Stefan Dennis) and mother Kim (Jenny Young). Paul’s been stirring up trouble for Aaron, demanding he become more financially…

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ramsay street rainbow

It’s the first same-sex marriage in an Aussie TV drama and comes in the wake of last year’s marriage equality vote and subsequent legislation in parliament. “Neighbours viewers have always loved a wedding, and it’s high time a gay couple had the chance to walk down the aisle,” executive producer Jason Herbison says. “The passing of same-sex marriage laws means all our characters, gay or straight, have the chance to celebrate their love, as it should be. “I can’t promise that David and Aaron’s journey to the altar will be smooth sailing, but they will make it to the big day – and we’re going to go big!” Adding significance of this landmark wedding is that the beloved Magda’s Szubanski guest stars in the episodes as marriage celebrant Jemima Davies-Smythe, who throws the ceremony…