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Soap World No. 313

Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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1 min.
stars at large

I beg your pardon? BLAKE LIVELY seems shocked and momentarily lost for words at director Paul Feig’s quip at the VMAs. They’ve teamed up in A Simple Favour Why does it always rain on me? JESSICA BIEL looks concerned the studio set may have sprung a leak in the roof during her chat with SETH MEYERS Reid all about it: it’s ‘Fin’ for Sharknado! TARA REID appears to have dressed as a maneater for the premiere of the final Sharknado instalment – please take a bow for these schlocky horror sharky flicks! Four on the floor Simon says, “Join me to unveil my Walk of fame star” and HEIDI KLUM, HOWIE MANDEL and MELANIE BROWN are happy to do just that to honour SIMON COWELL ‘And this is my juvenile chipmunk impression’ Funnylady of the moment KATE MCKINNON, killing…

3 min.
just married… finally!

“Liam has a surprisingly romantic evening in store and he and Hope make love, enveloped in their shared joy.” Excitement abounds in the Logan mansion as bride-to-be Hope prepares to become Mrs Liam Spencer! Her mother Brooke’s determined to make the day even more special when she opens the bedroom door to reveal Bridget, Hope’s older half-sister who’s flown in from New York for the ceremony! They’re soon joined by Donna and Katie and, as Hope squeals with delight, the five Logan women agree that nothing can stop this wedding finally going ahead. As Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), Bridget (Ashley Jones), Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Katie (Heather Tom) busily transform Hope (Annika Noelle) into a blushing bride, Taylor (Hunter Tylo) is across town, badgering Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) with claims that it’s…

2 min.
words of love

Hope: "Liam, I’m so happy right now standing here with you, with all the support of our friends and family. And knowing that this is just the beginning. We’re just going to get happier from here. When we start married life together, when our baby is born, so at the start of our married life, I’d like to remember and honour everything that brought us here because it wasn’t an easy road. But it led us to this moment. I am grateful for all of the lessons we learned and how we grew as people and as a family, and I want that to continue. So this is my promise to you, to have an open heart and an open mind, to have faith in you, and in us and in…

3 min.
secret millionaire

“Always full or suprises, Jemima then makes Karl and Susan an astonishing offer...” Disappointed after finding proof that he had a biological half-sister, only to travel to her apparent address in Echuca and find it abandoned, Karl was shattered to think his search for any relatives he had via his real father Ronald Davies-Smythe was a lost cause. That all changed when Jemima appeared in Erinsborough and railroaded her way into Susan’s duties as David and Aaron’s marriage celebrant! Amazed to meet Jemima (Magda Szubanksi) in person, Karl (Alan Fletcher) welcomed her with open arms – but Susan (Jackie Woodburne) withheld her emotions, still stinging from Jemima’s wedding hijack, her appalling hatchet job of the ceremonial speech, and the attack that led to a car being defaced with dog poo! Forced to…

2 min.
guilty pleasures

The agony of sharing lustful looks and furtive flirtations for weeks – while still openly resisting each other – has finally resulted in Terese and Leo giving in to their attraction and making love! It makes them late for David and Aaron’s reception! Flushed with romantic bliss, Leo soon felt guilty upon hearing Paul speak lovingly about his twin sons and told Terese that the fling had to stop – he couldn’t keep sleeping with her when he knew his father still had feelings for her! Agreeing to suppress their urges and act professionally while working at Lassiter’s together soon proves too difficult for the new lovers when Leo (Tim Kano) misconstrues Paul’s (Stefan Dennis) lunch with Jemima (Magda Szubanski) and reports to Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) that his father has moved…

2 min.
letter from mum

Hello, my darling Shay (Melina Vidler), From up here in heaven I can see that you’ve been dreaming of me lately and wondering why I’m crying. Well, sweetheart, that’s a question that only you can answer! I know that you’re uncertain about the future direction of your life but almost killing yourself is not the way to sort it out! You really need my help so that’s why I’m sending you a very clear sign about the future. Here it is! You know what you want to do with your life now so go ahead, embrace it, tell everybody about it and be the best and brightest person there is in Weld! Hugs & kisses, your Mum Laura (Tandi Wright) George, is that you? It’s me, Trish, your mother-in-law, over here in Australia! You have you…