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Soap World No. 314

Soap World magazine is the ultimate magazine for fans of daytime drama as well as local and overseas soap operas.

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stars at large

‘They’re a bit tight but then again my size is Mr Big’ Imagine if you went shoe shopping and SARAH JESSICA PARKER offered to find a pair of pumps in your size! And then took you out for a cheeky cosmopolitan to celebrate! Emmy glory at last for the Fonz! HENRY WINKLER has every reason to look so pleased with himself after snagging his first ever Emmy! We’ve loved him forever from Happy Days and Arrested Development but it was his star turn in Barry that won him the Best Supporting Actor gong Magic carpet You have to hand it to that ERIC MCCORMACK – he’s so calm in the eye of the storm that is his Walk of Fame star reveal. He certainly displays grace under pressure and unshakeable will. Black with shades of grey JACK…

3 min.
if looks could kill

Personally, Steffy may have lost her battle with Hope to secure Liam as a husband, but professionally she’s fought off her stepsister to win Ridge’s vote of financial backing for her Intimates Collection of lingerie over Hope’s socially conservative Hope for the Future catalogue. The outcome of the fashion face-off hasn’t gone down well at all with Hope, who believes Steffy brazenly manipulated her father into subsidising her racy rags instead of her own as a consolation prize for losing Liam. Strutting the Forrester Creations’ corridors as she finalising plans for her next collection and meeting with models, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is more assured than ever about her future direction. Her father’s vote of confidence in her has given her the impetus to forge ahead with her master plan to…

1 min.
models with fighting form

In December 1998, Brooke’s Bedroom, the precursor to Intimates, took centre stage to be launched at a press conference with brassy Brooke showcasing her sexy, skimpy offerings to the media via a live TV broadcast on the Fashion Channel. Labelling the “Tramp from the valley’s” parade as blatant debauchery, STEPHANIE (Susan Flannery) jumped onto the catwalk, hissed that the “show” was over, chucked a blanket over her “disgusting” daughter-in-law and pounced, trying to choke Brooke to death! It’s exactly the sort of behaviour that her near-namesake granddaughter Steffy has always wanted to emulate!…

3 min.
three become one

Eternally grateful to have the full support of lover Thorne as she prepares to wage war in court with ex-husband Bill for their young son Will, Katie is nevertheless shocked into momentary silence when Thorne drops to bended knee, produces a rock and asks, “Will you marry me?” Although touched by Thorne’s (Ingo Rademacher) talk of a “brighter future” for them and Will (Finnegan George), and of the unshakeable love he has for her, Katie (Heather Tom) cautions that they shouldn’t be impulsive, cheekily telling him that “you Forresters do get married an awful lot!” Persuading Katie to accept, Thorne reiterates that he does want them to face the judge as a united front, but he wants to marry her because he sincerely loves her. His future is with her and Will…

2 min.
thorne’s bunch of roses

THE FIRST MRS F: CAROLINE SPENCER (1988-89) Befriending the tormented Caroline (Joanna Johnson) after she was dumped by his cheating brother Ridge (Ronn Moss) and date-raped by Ron Deacon (Greg Wrangler), Thorne (Clayton Norcoss) married her in an intimate service in the Forrester living room, having ensured Brooke had stolen the letter Ridge wrote... declaring his love for her before they wed! THE SECOND MRS F: MACY ALEXANDER (1990-93) Hooking up with Macy (Bobbie Eakes), the daughter of Forrester Creations’ fashion rival Sally Spectra (Darlene Conley) after her mother’s failed bid to pair her with Ridge, Thorne (Jeff Trachta) fought off disapproval from both families to marry her in a grand ceremony that transformed her into a princess bride! THE THIRD MRS F: MACY ALEXANDER (1995-96) Divorced from Macy once, Thorne won her back after being exonerated of…

3 min.
drawing a line

“Seing Cassius beaten and handcuffed, Pipes seizes the moment to get a little closure on their relationship.” Holed up in an airport motel with Cassius, who’s preparing to flee to Senegal with his mother to avoid being prosecuted for murdering his father, Piper desperately pushes her boyfriend for answers about his strange behaviour. Feeling completely vulnerable with nowhere else left to run, Cassius breaks down and in a cathartic moment reveals everything to Piper… just minutes before police sirens sound in the distance. Finally arrested, Cassius (Joe Davidson) must tell the police the truth – but his reaction to the interrogation worries Piper (Mavournee Hazel) and the Brennan family. If justice isn’t served, Tyler, who’s rotting in jail for killing Hamish after Cassius framed him, may never be released! Thankfully Piper steps…