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1 min.
ed’s letter

A shocking and highly emotional baby tragedy unites former rivals Hope and Steffy in gripping scenes on The Bold and the Beautiful that will be certain to transfix fans! The longtime enemies bond over the devastating death of Hope and Liam’s lost little one, whom they name Beth . Consumed with guilt in keeping babydaddy Liam away during Hope’s labour, Steffy offers her comfort in her grief. On our local shows, a dramatic turn of events in the form of a deliberately lit fire threatens the life of Bea on Neighbours, while Sonya faces a serious health crisis. Elsewhere, check out our previews of new Aussie dramas Bad Mothers and The Heights . We look at what’s coming up for our favourite Salemites and in Genoa City and round up…

1 min.
stars at large

Bottle blonde PATRICIA ARQUETTE sure has the right idea here! She’s heading home with her Golden Globe and a bottle of posh fizz. Then again, she’s always been on the bubbly side... Winner by a nose OK, so audiences around the globe might’ve expected the 53rd remake of A Star is Born to win big, but LADY GAGA seems happy enough with the triumph for her co-write of its “Shallow” Penny for her thoughts Look, she’s sure not everyone’s cup of Milo, but we love The Big Bang Theory’s KALEY CUOCO. The perky star says what she thinks and wears her heart on her sleeve: go, girl! Shot at glory Hearty congratulations for a well-served win go to DARREN CRISS, who absolutely, er, killed it in the Gianni Versace instalment of American Crime Story . Looking pretty…

2 min.
the mourning after

Harrowing scenes unfold as baby Beth dies during a desperate, lonely childbirth in a Catalina Island clinic being ravaged by storms – Hope, Liam and their families are struggling to comprehend the senselessness of the waste of a little life... On their return to the mainland, Hope (Annika Noelle) is shell-shocked as she walks back into the cabin on Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) property to see it filled with piles of baby goodies and gifts for the newborn. Fondling the items in her daze, Hope can’t eat or do or think about anything else but the fact that she feels she’s failed as a mother and was unable to bring a healthy Beth home. She also stops a broken Liam (Scott Clifton) as he goes to pack up the baby stuff,…

2 min.
whole lotta love

“Steffy also feels guilty about keeping Liam in LA when Kelly only had a mild virus...” * Unaware of the tragedy that’s unfolded on Catalina Island, Steffy anxiously anticipates news of the birth – so naturally she’s utterly devastated when Ridge arrives with the awful news. Immediately recalling the pain of her own devastating miscarriage, Steffy instinctively knows that Hope will be brokenhearted; being robbed of a child will affect her and Liam for a very long time, if not forever. Steffy also feels guilty, particularly at having a living, loving and happy Kelly – but also for the gnawing fact that if she hadn’t detained Liam back in LA, supporting her through Kelly’s minor health scare, which turned out to be a mere virus, he would’ve been with Hope for…

2 min.
saving sonya

Sonya’s world is suddenly ripped out from beneath her when her symptoms – sudden, sharp pain and collapsing – are diagnosed as an ovarian cyst... that turns out to be cancerous! Even worse, Sonya’s cancer has already metastasised and her early prognosis is grim! Nevertheless, this lovely lady’s natural optimism and bravery shines through – and that buoys Toadie as she embarks on her first chemotherapy treatment. However, Sonya’s (Eve Morey) only wish – for her condition to be kept private for now – is almost immediately scuppered when David (Takaya Honda) stumbles across her on the oncology ward. She makes David promise to keep schtum, while Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) emotions are fraying as he struggles to adjust to the family’s new normal. His fears for Sonya’s health ramp up as…

2 min.
to bea or not to bea

The troubling events of 2018, specifically her life-and-death encounters with the evil Finn, have left Bea in a reflective mood. Bolstering herself with newfound self-confidence, she realises how much her job as a mechanic truly means to her. If she didn’t have it to fall back on over the past few months she may not have made it through the crisis! However, ill winds are starting to blow through the garage – and they may also blow her world apart... With Mark (Scott McGregor) and Elly’s (Jodi Anasta) wedding approaching, he’s due to leave his position as garage manager, making Bea (Bonnie Anderson) fret about changes that her new boss may implement. Ned (Ben Hall) strives to calm his girlfriend but neither of them foresee another threat looming... until Bea finds…