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MARVEL HAS UNDENIABLY defined the modern comic book movie universe. As a consequence, much of Shazam!, the latest effort from rival DC, feels clichéd, and not just by superhero standards. Good young protagonists facing adversity, otherworldly forces granting extraordinary abilities, bullies who ultimately get theirs—it’s all here. Shazam! even borders on outright theft with an end credit sequence straight out of Spider-Man: Homecoming. A wizard has been seeking someone pure of heart to carry his mantle and serve as champion, collecting the best qualities of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. He settles upon young loner Billy Batson, who, with one magic word and a bolt of lightning, transforms into a dude in a big red suit (formerly known as “Captain Marvel” but…lawyers) destined to do battle with an evil…

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SET IN THIRD CENTURY A.D. CHINA, Shadow tells the story of the uneasy truce held by the Pei and Yang kingdoms. Years earlier, the Pei kingdom lost possession of the city of Jing following a duel between Pei army commander Zi Yu and the formidable warrior Yang Kang. As the kingdom’s debauched monarch aims to maintain power by acquiescing to Yang Kang, Zi Yu plots to retake the lost city, an objective carried out with the help of a lookalike his family has been grooming since childhood. Directed by Zhang Yimou (House of Flying Daggers), a filmmaker known for his elegant visuals and bold use of color, Shadow’s palette is mostly restricted to black-and-white and skin tones. This look reinforces the theme of female vs. male power that runs throughout…

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test bench

The measurements here were made using CalMAN measurement software from Portrait Displays, together with Photo Research PR-650 and Klein K-10A color meters and a Fresco Six-G test pattern generator from Murideo/AVPro. HD (1080P)/SDR FULL-ON/FULL-OFF CONTRAST RATIO: unmeasurable In the Custom Picture Mode, with the Black level control on 50, Brightness on 40 (Max 50) Contrast on 90 (Max 100), Peak luminance on Medium, Gamma at -2, and a 10% full white window, the measured post-calibration peak white level was 165.5 nits (48.3 foot-lamberts). But even our professional-grade Klein K-10A meter gasped to register a black level, consistently reading zero for an unmeasurable full-on, full-off contrast ratio. In the Expert 1 Color temperature setting, the pre-calibration grayscale Delta E (white balance) values ranged from a minimum of 0.94 at 20% to 2.92 at 80%. Post-calibration…

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Down the Stream My disc library continues to grow rapidly even as the focus of home media shifts to the ever-popular streaming services. I don’t think I have to explain my continued reliance on discs, and that’s not the point of this letter. Basically, I’m met with frustration as a consumer and hobbyist. Here’s the main reason why I believe disc formats might disappear in the near future: TV makers and studios don’t care about how media is delivered as long as manufacturers can still sell TVs and Hollywood can receive residuals from streaming. After replacing my last Blu-ray player with Panasonic’s fantastic DP-UB9000, I began to look at the player market as a whole. My local retailers carry approximately three players, all of them low build-quality models that are missing basic…

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products of the year

EISA, or the Expert Imaging and Sound Association, is an organization representing 55 special interest magazines from 29 countries that cover Hi-Fi, Home Theater Video, Home Theater Audio, Photography, Mobile Devices, and In-Car Electronics. Each year, EISA expert group members, including editors from Sound & Vision and its sister publications Stereophile and, gather in Antwerp, Belgium to receive previews of the latest products, an extended process that culminates in a vote on which ones are worthy of the prestigious EISA award. The following award-winning products, some of which have been reviewed by S&V such as LG’s OLED65E9 Ultra HDTV and SL8YG soundbar, Pioneer’s UDP-LX500 universal disc player, Sennheiser’s Ambeo soundbar, and the SVS SB3000 subwoofer, represent the state-of-art for their respective categories. When a product receives an EISA award,…

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raising resolution

Q I have a vintage stereo and recently bought an Audioengine D1 external DAC so I can connect my laptop to it for music streaming. The Audioengine is probably a starter unit, but I’m just starting. The DAC supports decoding of 24-bit/96kHz signals via its USB input and 24-bit/192kHz via its optical digital input. Here’s my question: If I subscribe to Tidal HI-FI, should I bother with the optical connection to get 24-bit/192kHz playback? Much of what I read online seems to indicate that 24/96 is all I need, while other opinions state that I’m a moron if I don’t go for 24/192. What I’m trying not to do is buy a car that goes 170 mph when the speed limit is well below that. PHIL SMITH / VIA EMAIL A Your…