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Sporting Gun January 2016

Sporting Gun is the leading monthly magazine for clay, game and rough shooters. With editorial offices in the Lincolnshire countryside, it can justifiably claim to be at the heart of the shooting community. Monthly features range from gundog training to pigeon shooting, game shooting to wildfowling – along with sound, practical, advice on equipment and techniques to help the beginner, intermediate or experienced shot get more enjoyment from their sport. Sporting Gun is a must for anyone who invests time in and money on their shooting.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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2 min.
a warm welcome in cold weather

I hope you’ll enjoy our cracking issue over Christmas, though of course many of you will be out shooting. At least this will give you something to read during the long, dark evenings. We’ve got some great new faces to introduce to you this month. Rupert Blackwall has taken over from Jason Harris as our gun tester. Sadly for us, Jason’s business as a gunsmith needed more time. Rupert is also a gunsmith, and what’s more, he’s a passionate Shot, both with rifle and shotgun. He spends a fair bit of time in Latvia, taking stalkers out to find some huge stags, and between that and his gunshop near Charlbury, R.J.Blackwall’s, he’s kept fairly busy. We’ve also got a great new page with a quick and easy recipe, a practical tip of…

11 min.
castaway – the hunters’ version

“Come and stay in a luxury lodge on Harris,” the invitation said, “shoot a stag on Taransay.” As far as press trips go, it sounded lovely, but not out of the ordinary. And, being the dedicated journalist that I am, I accepted. I was one of six international journalists, so the first evening at the lodge passed easily, exchanging hunting stories over a delicious meal and good wine. The rest of the team was made up of representatives from the various brands of kit that we’d be testing, as well as a clutch of cameramen. Taransay lies just off the Isle of Harris, and is perhaps best known as the place that the series Castaway was filmed, which should have given me a clue as to what was in store. If I’d…

1 min.
the kit we used

•Binoculars – Leica Geovid Rangefinder – brilliant with the intergrated rangefinder, and didn’t get fogged up or lose too much visibility during the very wet weather. •Scope – Leica Magnus – Really clear and easy to use – all the dials have a nice positive grip. Good relief from lens to housing at each end which helps in bad weather. •Ammunition – Hornady – The stag dropped to the shot and worked nicely with the Sauer rifles, with all of us getting good tight groups. •Rifles – The rest of the team were using the Sauer 404 with synthetic stock, and I heard no complaints. I was using the very pretty Artemis, which has a stock that has been designed for women. Very comfortable indeed to use, and lovely wood. Spot on while…

6 min.
a cracking start

Any first day on a shoot is a particularly stressful event, and Matt Hardy and Patrick Boyle are happy to admit that they were petrified when they set off in the morning to host a day for their guests – all friends whom they met while at Cirencester Agricultural College. Both work for an agricultural consultantcy company that sets up crop trials for farmers and while working on fields in 2013, farmed by Andrew West on the outskirts of Stamford, they spotted great potential for a shoot. There are around 300 acres with no bordering shoots. The land has a well used footpath, the river Guash divides it, and it is regarded by most of the dog walkers in the area as open access land. Despite these problems, the topography lends…

6 min.
a sporting package

When I was tasked the with job of reviewing this rifle package, I knew that it was going to be as much of a fact-finding test as the rifle and sound moderator are new to me. Luckily, Kahles optics is a product that I have plenty of experience with. Kahles optics Many of you have heard of the company, but might not know the pedigree behind this manufacturer. Kahles, the oldest scope manufacturer in the world, started producing scopes in 1898. The company produced scopes through both World Wars, and was the first company to produce a variable power scope, a waterproof scope and implemented multi-coating to its glass. So, when I was given a Kahles Helia 5 in 2.4–12x56 as part of the package, I was relieved — this is a scope…

1 min.
rupert’s verdict

This Bergara rifle certainly has a place in the UK market, especially with a price of this black synthetic rifle retailing at £690. I was disappointed with the feed on this new demo model, but Ruag assures me that this is the first gun to have any problems like this. I think once the detachable magazine model comes out, it will be well worth looking at. The Hausken sound moderator is, for the price, really good value. It ticks the majority of boxes for the average stalker/ foxing rig for build good quality, weight, balance and noise reduction. Certainly a moderator to think about, at just £219. The Kahles Helia 5 is a well-rounded scope with a flexible magnification of 2.4 to 12, which is perfect from driven boar or shooting reds…