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Sporting Gun July 2016

Sporting Gun is the leading monthly magazine for clay, game and rough shooters. With editorial offices in the Lincolnshire countryside, it can justifiably claim to be at the heart of the shooting community. Monthly features range from gundog training to pigeon shooting, game shooting to wildfowling – along with sound, practical, advice on equipment and techniques to help the beginner, intermediate or experienced shot get more enjoyment from their sport. Sporting Gun is a must for anyone who invests time in and money on their shooting.

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United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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3 min.
come and say hello

“I want to create a magazine that continues to reflect your interests and keep you entertained” It is a pleasure to greet you from the pages of Sporting Gun as the new editor. I want to begin my inaugural welcome to the magazine with an invitation for you to join us at the first Field & Country Fair at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire. Organised by the publishers of this magazine and its sister titles, the fair is a celebration of all things good about British rural life. There will be shooting, fishing falconry and lots more. It’s a day out for all the family, and children under 12 get in free. It promises to be a great event and it would be good to see you there, so come by the Sporting Gun…

5 min.
going full-boar

“In an instant the adrenaline pumped into my veins making my heart rate soar off the scale” It is not unusual to find me sitting quietly in the countryside, scouring the scenery through a pair of binoculars. What is unusual is when the focus of my attention is herds of grazing impala, or nervous bushbuck venturing warily out of the thick bushveld. You will have guessed that I am not in the fields of my native Essex, but in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, where my wife Fran and I were spending a few weeks relaxing and shooting. We were returning to Douglas Vale Game Farm after a gap of seven years. It was good to see that the magnificent views as we bumped down the unmade road had not…

7 min.
does size matter?

“Even after 50 years of shooting, I love the renewed challenge of using a small-bore gun” It seems impossible to believe that no less than a decade has somehow skipped by since I last fired a 12-bore. Facing up to the challenge of switching tentatively to a gun just half its size hasn’t all been plain sailing, but what have I learned? I did not change to a smaller bore to have a lighter gun to carry. In fact, my 28 bore ended up an ounce heavier than my old 12 bore because it’s built on a 20 bore action and has a hefty chunk of lead in the stock to achieve the balance I like. As regular readers may remember, the whole point of down sizing was to avoid further complications to…

5 min.
a gun-and-a-half

When I heard about the Akkar Triple Crown Mammut (a triple-barrelled shotgun) I couldn’t help but smirk! All I could think of was Sergeant Harper from the Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell and how this sounded like the sort of gun he would be interested in. Triple-barrelled guns are unusual in the UK, but not that uncommon in the rest of Europe. Drillings – which are a combination of a shotgun and rifle, with at least one of the barrels being rifled – are used in Europe for driven hunting. They come in various combinations from two shotgun barrels and one rifled barrel or vice-versa. There are a few English gunmakers that have made drilling too, but often as a special order that disappears into a collector’s hands. The reasons why drillings…

3 min.
the hitman

Place: Cloudside Shooting and Country Club, Red Lane, Congleton, Cheshire. CW12 3QG Easy to find? This is one you will probably need to feed into your satnav because it isn’t signposted from the main A523 Macclesfield to Leek Road. Approaching from Macclesfield, after about four miles look for a right turn into Tunstall Road – it’s opposite a large sign for Old Smith Garage. Follow a winding uphill road for two miles then turn sharp left into Red Lane. 5 Disciplines: English Sporting, compact Sporting, English Skeet, Down the Line, automatic ball trap and universal trench. 8 Traps: A mixture of fully automatic Promatic, Laporte and Winchester traps. All Sporting stands are kitted out with card operated Promatic clay counters, which have a solo release facility if you’re shooting alone. 9 Target quality/variety: All…

6 min.
going on auto

“The semi-auto’s single barrel makes the front end of the gun much lighter and controllable” What do Marmite and semi-auto shotguns have in common? The similarity is that they both divide opinion! Some people love both, some won’t touch either. I think the Marmite division is truly just a matter of taste, but unfamiliarity and lack of awareness does contribute to some shotgun users having an unreasonable phobia where autos are concerned. I’ll nail my colours to the gunroom door here and say that, as a coach, I really like semi-autos. In fact I love ’em. Why? Simple: the auto’s single barrel makes the front end of the gun much lighter and more controllable – a really useful asset for beginners and slightly built individuals. Couple this with the lower recoil associated…